10 Totally Tropical Builds In The Sims 4: Island Living

It seems like there's always something new coming out for The Sims 4. The latest expansion pack that was released is called The Sims 4: Island Living and is set in a brand new, super tropical world where your Sim can meet a mermaid, become a conservationist, and befriend a dolphin. How cool is that?

Before they do any of that, though, they're going to need somewhere in the beautiful world of Sulani to live. Luckily, the Sims community is totally on top of it and have built some absolutely amazing tropical houses and other venues.

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10 This Pop Of Teal

This Island Living build was uploaded to Tumblr by StuckSimming. This house is definitely the perfect way for a Sim to enjoy the brand new world of Sulani! It's located right on the beach and has a fishing spot straight out the front door.

Off to the side, Sims have a fishing trap and a jet ski that will allow them to make the most out of their beachfront property, both when it comes to fun and functionality. It has a super open feel so that tropical breeze is sure to fill the whole house.

9 This Lush Home

Although houses on the beach are definitely one of the appealing parts of The Sims 4: Island Living, not every build that the Sims community makes are located on the sand! This build was done by SimmingMommy and is located in a lush, grassy area.

This house has a pretty simple exterior with huge windows and slatted doors that really give the Sim living here a view of the beautiful island around them. Off to the side, they have a picnic table and a grill where they can serve up some of the freshest fish around.

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8 An Open Ocean Property

MissRubyBird on Tumblr created this super tropical build. This Sims 4: Island Living build really takes advantage of a lot of the new, tropical items that were added with this expansion pack like the open doors and new exteriors. This house has a super open feeling and so much space to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Plus, there's even a ladder that leads from the deck straight into the ocean. Wow!

7 Space To Entertain

This beachy hut was built by Sims fan Sushi-Roll-Simz and would be such a perfect home for a mermaid or other resident of Sulani.

The inside of this beach home is just as colorful as the outside with a ton of super bright and fun decor. It's right on the ocean with sand in the front of the house and a ladder that leads into the ocean out back. Whether your Sim is in the house relaxing, or out in the ocean, they're sure to be happy in this house.

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6 A Creative Sim's Dream

DummyThiccSims built this Sims 4: Island Living home and it's totally perfect for a creative, beach-loving sim. It has an easel on the front and a little garden box down by the stairs, so being right on the stand won't stop a Sim that loves to garden.

It has ocean access and a super open, airy feeling despite being a slightly smaller home. This build also comes with The Sims 4's brand new "off the grid" lot trait, making it a bit of a challenge!

5 Bring The Sunscreen!

This house is perfect for a big family of Sims that want to live on the beach—just be sure to bring the sunscreen out since The Sims 4: Island Living introduced sunburns into the franchise!

CatSaar built this tropical home and put an extra level on the deck that has two lounge chairs, perfect for soaking up the sun and the beautiful Sulani weather. Plus, those functional floats over there in the ocean are just too cute.

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4 This Lush Hideaway

PeaceMaker-IC made this Island Living build, and it's so perfect for the new Island Living world of Sulani. The outside has a super colorful scheme with the new slightly shabby, worn out siding that was added with the new expansion pack.

This house is located right on the beach and has a bunch of different plants, trees, and flowers around it to really bring home the tropical, natural look of the build. With that view of the ocean out back, what Sim could say no to living here?

3 Direct Ocean Access

This ocean home was made by MellowSimss on Tumblr and is perfect for a Sim that loves to be out on the ocean. Whether that's a mermaid, which The Sims 4: Island Living introduced into the franchise, or just a regular Sim that can't get enough of being in the water, this house is perfect.

The wood tones and pops of teal make it feel super tropical, and the deck has a ladder that leads directly to the water where there's a boat ready for the Sim that lives here to get out and enjoy the ocean!

2 A Conservationist Hub

One of the new jobs that was introduced in The Sims 4: Island Living is the Conservationist career track! Being on the beach in Sulani makes it so easy for a Sim to want to clean up the beach, help protect the ocean life, and make the island a better place.

CatSaar built this venue, a research hub for Sims that are in the Conservationist career. Even though this isn't technically a house and it's a place for Sims to go to work on their professional lives, it's still totally tropical and so nice.

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1 Sulani's Best Night Club

There are so many really nice houses in Sulani that fans of The Sims 4: Island Living have built. While life at home would be amazing if we lived on Sulani and had the ocean just outside of our door, it's also a ton of fun to get out sometimes and have a little fun.

This night club was built by Pepperoni-Puffin and has an aquatic theme, making it perfect for the island of Sulani or any other world in The Sims 4. Not even a mermaid could resist partying here!

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