The Sims Might Have Had Plans For James Charles Until Very Recently

James Charles has been hitting headlines for all the wrong reasons recently, after a very public spat with his former friend and fellow beauty blogger Tati Westbrook. The dispute began towards the end of Coachella and has rumbled on ever since. It’s culminated in Charles losing more than 3 million followers, including The Sims.

It all began when Westbrook called James out for endorsing a rival supplement company to her own. It got personal when she went on to accuse him of “using his fame, power and money” in his personal relationships.

Accusations of being abusive will lose you followers very quickly, and The Sims is just one high profile account to quickly distance itself from Charles.

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The link between The Sims and James Charles was spotted by an eagle eyed Reddit user who goes by the name ThereGoesMinky. They took to the Sims subreddit to post a short clip of a man removing a pool ladder under the heading “Live footage of The Sims cancelling James Charles,” after noticing the game’s account has unfollowed the YouTube star.

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The clip is no doubt a reference to early Sims games. Removing the pool ladder used to mean sims would find themselves unable to find a way out of the pool, instead opting to swim until they peed themselves and expired.

While some just enjoyed the humor, many wondered why The Sims followed the beauty blogger in the first place. The reddit thread contains some speculation, including Charles potentially being added as a celebrity sim. However, it is just that, pure speculation. The link is so tenuous that not even Sims fan sites, famous for speculating about anything and everything, have picked it up.

The more likely explanation for the original follow was due to the known links between Maxis and Moschino, who threw a Sims themed party at Coachella packed to the brim with influencers. Charles could easily have come onto their radar through the fashion house collaboration, especially since he's publically declared his enjoyment of Sims speed builds.

While Simmers are still eagerly awaiting more details about the promised upcoming content one things for certain, it’s highly unlikely to be a James Charles collaboration.

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