Sims Team Announces New Community Stuff Pack Theme

After a week-long vote the Sims community has decided that theme for the pack will be Arts & Crafts.

Earlier this month the Sims 4 team announced that they were beginning the process of developing another Stuff Pack based on community feedback. Previously this idea was trialed by SimGuruGraham and led to the development of the Laundry Day Stuff Pack.

This time the process has been refined and votes are taking place via the forums, social media, or through the games menu. The first vote was on the subject of pack theme and the results are now in.

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We were given a choice of five themes; Arts & Crafts, Self-Care Routines, Fun-Tech, Science & Technology, and Happy Haunts. After a week-long vote the community has decided that theme for the pack will be:

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Arts & Crafts

Coming second was Happy Haunts, followed by Self-Care, Science & Technology, and finally Fun-Tech.

As part of the initial vote, we were also invited to rank five potential gameplay features for each pack. The Arts & Crafts themes are listed on the graphic above and Simmers were invited to rank them in order of preference.

The final results for the theme vote saw knitting come out on top followed by sculpting (pottery wheel), glass fabrication, edible art and finally embroidery.

We do not yet know when the next vote will be but we do know it will be based around the art style of the pack.

Simmers have been very vocal for a long time about their desire for more hobbies in the game. This vote reflects the fact that a large chunk of the community would like to see more activities for elders in particular.

The last community stuff pack was incredibly popular but also led to other themes or ideas making their way into the game. While some losing features never saw the light of day, other rejected ideas would later turn up in Game Packs and Expansions released after the Stuff Pack.

The votes are a great way to gauge what the community wants and right now hobbies are the clear winner, shortly followed by more supernatural content. Given the success of previous supernatural-themed packs this comes as no surprise.

Now simmers just have to sit and wait while the team produces some art style ideas for us all to begin to vote on. If you want to make sure your voice is heard keep an eye on social media, the forums or your in-game menu screen for the next round of voting.

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