Sims 4 Discover University: 5 Reasons To Choose Foxbury (And 5 Why You Should Attend Britechester)

Depending on your skills, interests, and hobbies the choice of Britechester University or Foxbury Institution will be different. We tell you why.

For Simmers who've been desperate to get into further education, The Sims 4: Discover University finally offers players the chance to enroll in college. At long last sims can take their young adults off to become more educated and earn a boost in their chosen career. Not only that but adults and elders can also go and earn a degree, living either on or off-campus.

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Depending on your skills, interests, and hobbies the choice of Britechester University or Foxbury Institution will be different. Each campus has a unique design, focus and set of extracurricular activities. While some aspects of university life are available to all, such as esports or athletics based extracurricular clubs, others are location-specific.

To find out which university is best for your sim we've pulled together a list of 5 different reasons for choosing Britechester and 5 for attending Foxbury.

10 Britechester: The Campus Has A Traditional And Prestigious Feel

The University of Britechester is very traditional and feels like a grand institution. The campus design is reminiscent of prestigious English universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge, and the whole area has a sense of grandeur about it.

For anyone who wants to feel like their degree comes from a long-established campus with a rich history, Britechester will give you those vibes. Just exploring the area can make you feel important, as you take in the historic-looking buildings and decor.

9 Foxbury: Everything Has A Modern And Futuristic Vibe

Walking into Foxbury Institute can feel like walking into the future in places. Everything is clean, modern and full of glass. There's natural light galore as you explore the shiny and wondrous buildings.

No dark, dingy corridors at Foxbury! Instead, marvel at the clean and modern design which makes you feel like they really take technology seriously. For those sims who want to fix their eyes firmly on the future, Foxbury will surround you with it, every day.

8 Britechester: They Have Excellent Arts And Humanities Courses

If you're looking for a distinguished degree in an arts or humanities subjects then Britechester is the place for you. Offering Art History, Culinary Arts, Drama, Fine Art, History and Communications degrees, as well as Language and Literature, this campus is home to culture.

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For anyone seeking to go into cookery, music, entertainment, writing or even teaching then Britechester should be your number one choice, assuming you can meet the requirements to be accepted onto the distinguished degree courses.

7 Foxbury: They Take Science (And Villainy) Seriously

Foxbury is the home of technology and it shows in everything they do, from the courses to the common building. They offer distinguished degrees in Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Psychology, and Villainy. Everything on the campus is structured around this focus.

If you seek a technology or science-based career then Foxbury is for you. Nerds unite as those hacking skills pay off with the great range of science and tech-based distinguished courses, that will give your tech career a boost.

6 Britechester: You Can Join The Debate Club

Britechester students love to debate. If you're a fan of the structured and civilized arguments that come from debating then you'll fit right in here. The common room even houses its own debating platform, allowing students to practice their skills in front of whoever is around.

They also host a debating club, which could see your sim going head to head with some of the best and brightest students the university has to offer.

If you need to cram, then the common room houses a large number of books and some specialist computers for researching. Knowledge is king at Britechester.

5 Foxbury: You Can Create Robots

With Foxbury's technology focus, it should be no surprise that it's home to a robotics club. The common building even contains robot workstations, allowing you to create various robots in your spare time, from tiny fighting bot savants to Sim sized Servos.

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If you work hard on your robotics skill you can build your own robot servant in no time. Just don't activate those Servos on campus! Once activated a Servo will become a household member and since they can't enroll in university, adding them to a dorm household, which is for students only, can mess up your game.

Keep those plans for world domination via robot army under wraps until after you graduate.

4 Britechester: You Can Get Creative With The Art Society

Down by the canal, outside the common building, the art society meets together each week. They do figure painting alongside the beautiful and picturesque canal. Alongside this club, students with an interest in art should grab an easel and set up anywhere along this stretch.

Britechesters campus holds many opportunities to paint or photograph some amazing and beautiful scenery. From the fountain to the buildings, everything screams out to be captured on film or canvas. Creative students can build quite a portfolio.

3 Foxbury: The Spirit Squad Know How To Have Fun

Foxbury campus appears to have more focus on fun. Their common room has a ping pong table by default and you're more likely to see their Spirit Squad streaking across the campus. Students also seem more prone to mischief, possibly due to the prestige villainy is given here.

If you want to go crazy then you'll fit right in at Foxbury. While they are knowledge-driven, the campus gives off far more of a work hard, party hard vibe than Britechester does. Juice keg parties, pranks, and craziness won't appear out of place in these dorms.

2 Britechester: They Have A Dragon Mascot

Britechester has a charismatic dragon mascot. He is cheery and fun, and can occasionally be seen breathing fire. If you're cheering on your school with pride why wouldn't you want such an engaging mascot?

Fitting in perfectly with the university colors of green and yellow, the Britechester dragon can hold his own at any event and always looks cool walking around campus. Why not go and befriend him and give him a high five?

1 Foxbury: They Have A Lobster Mascot

While dragons are cool, why be cool when you can be random and unpredictable? Foxbury went for the later, with the appointment of Larry the Lobster as their mascot. This cute crustacean looks amazingly surreal walking around campus, especially wearing only his head.

If you want to find out more about him you can even do some research on the computer into local urban legends and find out all about his backstory. A nice touch for a unique mascot.

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