Sinaatra Leads Fan Poll For 2019 Overwatch League MVP

Overwatch League is currently two weekends into its final stage of play. It has been an exciting stage full of shocking upsets and dominant team performances.

This also means we are currently two weekends into fan voting for the 2019 Overwatch League MVP.  San Francisco Shock's Sinaatra leads the Twitch Fan Poll by a healthy margin at this point in time. While it's impossible to take into account the amount of votes for a single player through Twitter voting, the fan poll indicates that Sinaatra will most likely destroy the rest of the competition from the fan votes and get that 25% boost to his overall chances of winning MVP.

The current percentage by which Sinaatra leads is staggering. He is currently running away with the fan votes, with 41% cast in his favor. This leads to the question of whether or not the fans see the MVP award as a popularity contest rather than an indication of player skill. This isn't said to take away from Sinnatra's success and impact as a player. He is definitely one of the best overall players in the league and easily the best Zarya. He deserves recognition as a finalist for the MVP award.

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In the 3-3 meta, Sinaatra was the best Zarya in the world. He ranked first in key categories for the hero such as "fewest deaths/10 minutes" and "damage/10 minutes." This allowed him to make a huge impact for the San Francisco Shock, becoming the most valuable player on their team and securing his spot as a finalist for 2019 Overwatch League MVP. Since the start of Stage 4 and the introduction of the 2-2-2 role lock, Sinaatra hasn't been a prominent figure in the lineup for the Shock. He has split time with Architecture and Rascal and the San Francisco Shock have still found success early in the stage with their various lineups.

The MVP award is reserved for the player that makes the most impact on their team and the league. Sinaatra did make that impact for the majority of the season, but with an entire stage to go, his impact has subsided a bit and he no longer has become the key player that the Shock needed for their success. It's common for fans to vote for their favorite players; it happens in other sports as well. Sinaatra has a healthy lead in the fan polls and will most likely run away with their support. It will be interesting to see how this entire race ends up towards the end of the season and who the experts in the league believe should win. For now, Sinaatra is the king in the hearts of the fans.

Via Blizzard Entertainment

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