Sinatraa Is Crowned 2019 Overwatch League MVP

The 2019 Overwatch League season crowned their king during the first day of the playoffs, when it was announced Jay "Sinatraa" Won had secured his spot in Overwatch League history by becoming the 2019 MVP. Sinatraa joins NYXL's Jjonak in the ranks of the league's greatest. It was a beautiful moment to see the superstar hoist up the MVP trophy with a proud look on his face.

Sinatraa amassed an amazing 37% of 650,000 fan votes and 34% of the "expert" poll that consisted of various broadcast talent, team management, and members of the media. It seems that the 2019 MVP award was always going to be Sinatraa's.

Sinatraa was tasked to bring the San Francisco Shock to glory. The weight of the organization fell on the young player's shoulders, and he had to learn to adjust his play-style to help benefit his team. He grew as both a person and a player and catapulted himself to the greatest player in the world. Sinatraa wanted to carry his team so bad and become the hero they desperately needed that he didn't put the team first until he had to make the decision to change his game and focus on working with his teammates.

This resulted in Sinatraa becoming one of the most feared Zarya players in the league. The 3-3 meta that dominated the first half of the season revolved almost entirely around team coordination and Sinatraa had to learn how to fit into that. He was able to figure it out while simultaneously being a presence that demanded to be felt. His Zarya became the highest damage output in the league and an integral part to the Shock's success all year.

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He helped lead the Shock to three consecutive stage finals, along with a stage 2 finals win over the Vancouver Titans. An even more impressive feat had to be Sinatraa's key play that allowed San Francisco to dominate stage 2 with the first ever golden stage in Overwatch League history.

Now, Sinatraa and the San Francisco Shock find themselves as the team to beat heading into their first game against the Atlanta Reign. The Shock are the favorites to win it all and Sinatraa's explosive Doomfist play will be a key component to San Francisco fulfilling the promise of their championship season.

It would be a poetic end to an illustrious season that saw Sinatraa rise to become one of the all-time greats in the Overwatch League. From the kid burdened with an entire organization's hopes on his shoulders to becoming the 2019 MVP, paving the way for his teammates to follow him into glory.

Source: overwatchleague.com

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