The 10 Best Single-Player Games To Play With Friends

Video games are fun on their own but even more enjoyable when playing with a friend. In fact, most games offer a co-op or even multiplayer mode where friends can join locally or online, though there are still plenty of single-player games out there. A lot of games that allow for more than one player typically fall under the same genre; fighters, action-adventures, MMO's and games of that nature. If your game of choice is outside those genres then, it can be a bit difficult finding games to play with friends. Or is it? Turns out a lot of single-player games can easily be played with more than one person, with a bit of sharing and cooperation.

Here are the 10 Best Single-Player Games To Play With Friends.

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10 Detroit: Become Human

Detriot: Become Human is a game set in the not so distant future where technology has created the "perfect" android, meant to serve humankind. However, there has been a rise of androids going "Deviant" and exhibiting behavior that eludes to them becoming sentient. The game follows three different androids, Kara who escapes her owner to protect a young girl, Markus who fights to free androids from servitude and Connor, an android created to hunt those that go Deviant. Each chapter of the game switches between a character's perspective, making for the perfect opportunity to pass the controller back and forth. Or have one person on the controller while both players discuss what choices to make that will shape the outcome of the game.

9 Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a survival horror game where your choices shape the fate of each of the characters. A year after the prank that sent his two sister's missings, Josh Washington invites his friends back to his family's lodge on Blackwood Moutain. A night that was supposed to be filled with fun is filled with terror as the group faces several different horrors that lead to clues about their friends' disappearance and several other mysteries that surround the mountain. Every choice made has a "butterfly effect", which can result in unforeseen consequences and shapes the character's relationships with one another. Two players can work together to make these crucial choices. And it doesn't hurt to have another set of eyes looking out for clues and totems!

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8 Catherine

Catherine follows the story of Vincent Brooks, a man who is plagued with supernatural nightmares where he's forced to escape from a crumbling tower of blocks. His waking world isn't any easier as he finds himself conflicted over his relationship with his long-time girlfriend Katherine and a woman he has an affair with, Catherine. The game is part platforming puzzle-solver and part social simulator as players have to navigate Vincent through the "Nightmare" stages. Not only can two players take turns on the puzzle aspect of the game (the levels only get harder as the game goes on), but they can also help influence which ending Vincent receives. Play Catherine: Full Body for even more choices, including a new love interest for Vincent named Rin.

7 Silent Hill Series

The Silent Hill series has been scaring survival horror fans since 1999. There are 8 main games in the series and each has a seemingly 'average' person as the main character, who is put into unusual and terrifying situations. Whether it's the power of Silent Hill itself or something else otherworldly, the main characters find themselves trapped in a world made up of the psyches of themselves and others, suffer delusions and battle creatures that are symbols of their unconscious minds. The games in the series are also notorious for having some pretty difficult puzzles, especially in the first and third game. Play with a friend to have someone help you out on the challenging puzzles, or to look up strategy guides.

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6 Evil Within Series

In The Evil Within You play as Sebastian Castellanos, a detective looking into the scene of a mass murder at a mental hospital. Along with his partner Joseph and Junior Detective Kidman, he finds himself thrown into a dark and twisted world filled with monsters and deadly traps. While fighting off dangers and trying to find a way back to reality, Sebastian uncovers many truths and the player unveils truths about Sebastian himself. Both The Evil Within and The Evil Within 2 are pretty long for a single-player, and certain fights are ridiculously tough (like the Keeper), even on normal mode. So it doesn't hurt to tap out and let a friend take over.

5 Life Is Strange

One day, Max Caulfield has a vision of a tornado destroying a lighthouse and after a traumatic event, discovers she has the ability to rewind time. Reconnecting with her childhood friend Chloe the two use her powers to uncover secrets of several different people town. They also learn that her vision of the storm foretold the destruction of the town. Players use Max's rewind power to solve puzzles and change events to their benefit. Every choice made has a "butterfly effect" on events in the story. Play together to decide which choices are the best or pass the controller back and forth, letting one another's choices shape the outcome of Max and Arcadia Bay.

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4 Breath Of The Wild

In Breath of the Wild, players control Link as he awakens after a 100-year slumber, with no memories. He's guided by a mysterious voice that seems familiar to him and guides him to uncover his destiny, to defeat the evil known as Calamity Ganon before he destroys the world. Breath of the Wild is an open world and has non-linear quests and objectives. Players can have fun either playing the main story-line or activate towers and battle in shrines to earn Spirit Orbs to level up Link's health and stamina. BOTW also has two DLC bundles, that adds more challenges, game modes, and items, including ones themed after older Zelda games.

3 The Last Of Us

Twenty years after the outbreak of mutant fungus devastates civilization, survivors live day by day under threat of the Infected and hostile humans. The Last of Us follows Joel, a smuggler who's tasked with escorting Ellie, who just might be the key to a cure. The two travel from Boston to Utah to take Ellie to a Fireflies' hiding place, battling through hordes of Infected, survivors and the elements. There is a multiplayer mode but the single-player mode can still be enjoyed by friends. Take turns controlling Joel as he and Ellie stealth past enemies, or fight them outright. There are a few simple puzzles to solve in the game, and plenty of collectibles to find. So it might be useful to have another person lookout for those.

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2 L.A. Noire

This Rockstar game follows detective Cole Phelps as he starts as a uniformed patrolman and rises through the ranks of the LAPD. Players can take on each case together or work on them separately. Phelps has to search for clues at the crime scene and interrogate witnesses and suspects, which is one of the main focuses of the game. Interrogation follows the "Good Cop, Bad Cop, Accuse" system. Play Good Cop when you believe what the person is saying, Bad Cop to coax more information out of them when they're withholding, and Accuse when you know they're telling a lie.

1 The Witness

If you and your friends love puzzles then The Witness is for you. It has over 500 puzzle that ranges from easy to complete to impossibly hard. The game is in first-person where you wake up alone on a strange beach and must solve puzzles to figure out your identity and how to get home. The beach is made up of several different environments that are stunningly vibrant. It's almost fun to just walk around and explore! The Witness is one of those games that doesn't give directions, how players go about solving the puzzles is purely up to them.

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