Skateboarding Game 'Session' Drops In To Steam Early Access Next Month

If you’ve been waiting for the next skater game to appear, then Session is your answer.

It's been a long time since the golden age of skating games, popularized by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. The series peaked with Tony Hawk's Underground in 2004 but then went on a long and slow slide into obscurity. Eventually, the series got shelved when Activision just couldn't be bothered to make a decent game anymore.

But that doesn't mean there aren't skater fans out there. Tony Hawk has been fending off desperate pleas to bring back the Pro Skater series for years, and even famous rappers are calling for a modern return of Tony Hawk.

Activision, EA--all the big names aren't interested in making another skating game. It's up to Session to save us all.

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Created by indie studio Crea-ture Studios, Session is a skateboarding simulator that was first announced on Kickstarter way back in 2017. With very little in terms of advertising, the game met its funding goals in just three days.

Almost two years later, Session is finally close to seeing release. An Early Access version is heading to Steam on September 17th, while Xbox Game Preview will get their chance later in October.

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Session seeks to recapture the golden age of skateboarding by using the same VHS fish-eye lens-style popularized in the Skate series of games while also updating the formula for a modern era.

Part of that will be accomplished with Session's "True Stance Stick" controls that allow players to customize their stance. Each analog control stick maps to a player's foot, meaning that a mouse and keyboard won't work--you gotta have a controller.

In addition, Session will have an in-game video editor that will allow players to record their sessions (haha) and post it for other players to see. And since Microsoft is partially involved, Mixer integration is also part of the package.

During the Early Access period, Crea-ture co-founder and creative director Marc-André Houde told GameInformer that the devs will be taking community feedback to strike the right balance between realism and fun. Also, not every feature will be available on release, with some tricks, maps, and character progression coming in future updates.

Session arrives on Steam Early Access September 17th.

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