Skyrim: 15 Cheats You NEED To Try

Skyrim revolutionized the RPG industry with its incredible graphics and gameplay. It was developed by Bethesda Game Studios, and released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation 3 on November 11, 2011. A port is even being planned for release on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. The reception was extremely positive, with IGN and Game Informer both giving it a 9.5/10. Players are able to explore a vast, open-world loaded with magic and monsters of all kinds on their quest to defeat an evil dragon, Alduin the World-Eater, bent on destroying the providence of Skyrim. The game is seen as a substantial improvement on its predecessor Oblivion, complete with a more interesting, and fleshed out the kingdom. That being said, the game still came loaded with many bugs, glitches, and general flaws of its own. This lead to a pattern of regularly released updates to address the multitude of problems that were making themselves apparent soon after the game's release.

The PC versions of Oblivion and Skyrim are famous for their huge compilation of cheats and mods. A number of them were still made available on console versions of the games in the years to follow, but with the sheer amount of them being so high, how do players narrow down which ones are truly worth trying? Skyrim wouldn't be the same without players being able to stomp around as a giant, or kill a field of enemies with the push of a button.

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15 Giant Race

Via- youtube.com/Gruntlock

Yes. Giants can now be a playable race. Players can stomp through Skyrim with ease, taking out anyone that stands in their way. The mod brings about a number of benefits. Player's characters will now speak the language of the giants, meaning fellow giants won't be provoked to attack, and mammoths will see them as their shepherd. The Characters will have all the physical attributes of a giant including: stamina, strength, and carrying capacity; as well as, magic and frost resistance.

New features are added to the mod regularly. Players now have access to tattoo-skins, clothing, a mammoth mount, and giant's club. Most recently, a variety of sub-giants have been added such as: Weremammoths, Hill (Fat), Two-Headed, and Female Giants. Gamers don't necessarily have to download the mod to experience the giant effect. Simply pull up the command menu and type the command "setscale" to achieve the desired size.

14 Spell Master

Via- pickywallpapers.com/

Skyrim is jam-packed with a variety of impressive spells, and magic players can learn throughout their adventure, ranging from dragon-shouts, to conjuring, and restoration spells. Each race has their own particular set of abilities in regards to magic, and some spells can only be used once per day.

Players also have access to a sub-category of magic, known as alchemy.The Alchemy Lab provides a player the ability to craft potions that can be used in a multitude of situations, like healing and resistance. It takes a solid amount of time to learn all the different spells the game has to offer, so why not speed it up a little? Becoming a master magician is now easier than ever. Players can simply enter the command "psb" to instantly gain access to every spell in the game, whether its casting flames, enchanting armor sets, or gaining special abilities.

13 Cinema Control

Via- youtube.com/WorldofGames

Skyrim quickly becomes monotonous without a few good cut-scenes here and there to break up the gameplay. A well thought out story is essential to any successful video game; unfortunately, developers spent the majority of their efforts on the sheer vastness of the open-world and side content, instead of really fleshing out a truly captivating plot line. No need to worry. Skyrim'cut-scenes can now be manipulated by players using a simple command.

When playing on PC, press "~" to open the console developers menu, and enter the code "enableplayercontrols" to gain control of a character during cut-scenes. Mods even exist that allow players to direct, and insert their own cut-scenes into the game itself. That means it's now possible to narrate, or announce big boss battles, as well as, important in-game moments.

12 Teleport

Via- nexusmods.com/

Skyrim'sheer size can be as intimidating as it is exciting. It could take a player a staggering amount of time to achieve their goal, or complete a quest without having quick means of transportation. Of course, once a player has entered an area, they can instantly return there from the map menu, but what if someone quickly needs to arrive at an area that has yet to be explored?

There are a few different ways to achieve teleportation. Players can enter the command code "movetoqt" to instantly arrive at their quest's target. The command "coc" (Center-On-Cell), plus the desired destination, such as Whiterun, will take the player to their desired cell. Ultimately, there are a sufficient number of ways to achieve the desired effect of teleportation.

11 Race Change

Via- nexusmods.com/

Players have a variety of races to choose from for their characters. The primary races consist of Altmer (High Elves), Argonians (Reptillians), Breton (Half-Elves), Bosmer (Wood Elves), Dunmer (Dark Elves), Khajiit (Humanoids), Nords (Fair-Haired Humans), Redguards (Stocky Humans), and Orsimer (Orks). Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses that aid/hinder in situations that make themselves apparent throughout the game.

Everyone has been through it at least once. Halfway through the game, it comes to the player's attention that maybe the race they picked, just isn't the one for them. Fear not. There is indeed a command to address the problem. Pull up the developer menu, and enter the code  "showracemenu" to do just that. However, once the decision has been made the player's level, and skills will be reset to zero. Be sure to choose wisely!

10 Instant Quit

Via- nexusmods.com/

Loading menus exist for a reason. When a game has as much content as Skyrim, its only to be expected that there would be long menu screens, and lots of them. Skyrim's frequent loading menus are a feature all fans dread, but what if there was a way to avoid them?

Good news. An instant quit cheat can exit players right on out of those pesky load screens hassle free. Players can simply pull up the developer menu, and type the command "qqq" to instantly exit out of the load menu. Just like that waiting will be a thing of the past, leaving more time for all the things that make Skyrim great.

9 Level Up

Via- youtube.com/MightMouseMark

Each player's character has a base level, and individual skill levels that steadily increase as the player progresses through the game. When a person has maxed out each of their individual skills, their total level will peak at 81. It takes some serious time to build up enough experience to max out all the character's skills, without cheats that is. Good thing a cheat exists for this very occasion!

Simply open the developer menu, and enter the code "player.advlevel" to instantly gain one level. The command "player.setlevel ##" allows the player to actually choose a specific level. At this point, it becomes totally their preference as to which level they feel is appropriate at that particular point in time. The game quickly becomes as easy, or as difficult as they want it to be.

8 Kill Command

Via- youtube.com/RayDhimitri

Need to instantly kill a nearby enemy? Simply enter "kill" in the command menu to take out any target, with the exception of essential characters to the game's main plot, of course. That doesn't mean players can't try. If the kill command is used on a main character, they will simply go down for no more than a few minutes. It's fun to do at least once.

There is also a more powerful variation of the kill command known as the "killall" command. The name is pretty self-explanatory. A player can enter "killall" in the command menu to wipe out all enemies in the surrounding area, but the range does indeed have a limit. "Killallactors" is a variation of the code players can use that will ultimately have the same effect when entered.

7 Super Speed/Jump

Via- youtube.com/SkottBeal

While being invincible is fun and all, it doesn't take long for the game to become a bore when played that way. Why not try something a little more fun? Super Speed is a must try mod for all Skyrim fans. Players can adjust their speed to however fast, or slow they please with the push of a button. Just enter "player.setav speedmult", followed by the number in the command menu to begin speeding through Skyrim at lightning speed.

This command can easily be paired with the jump command to turn a Nord, or any race for that matter, into a full blown superhero. The jump command can be accessed by typing the code "setgs fJumpHeightMin". Just like that players are in control of their own personal medieval Superman!

6 Master Key

Via- youtube.com/NimsTV

The ability to pick any lock is the dream of all master thieves. In Skyrim, lock picking is a very useful skill that can be honed as the game progresses; the higher the player's picking skills are, the less the picks will break, and the longer it takes to do so.

For all the impatient people out there, a handy cheat does exist allowing players to pick any lock with ease. Once the developer menu has been pulled up, type the command "unlock" to well, unlock the lock instantly! There isn't even a picking process to go through when using the cheat. The chest will simply open on command. It honestly eliminates the need for the lock picking skill altogether.

5 God Mode

Via- gamespot.com/

When playing on PC, players can hit "~" to open the console developer menu, where they can then proceed to enter a slew of commands and become a master of the Skyrim universe. Imagine storming through hoards of enemies, taking no damage, and casting magic spells to no end. The best part? It's possible. Simply enter the letters "tgm" (Toggle God Mode) on the menu screen to activate God Mode.

Players will then become immune to damage, and experience a multitude of other benefits such as infinite stamina, endless magicka, and infinite carry weight. The kingdom is now easily conquered with the player's new-found powers. In the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game, players have access to God Armor. Each piece of armor adds an aspect of God Mode's powers to the player's character until they complete the set, and truly become immortal.

4 Ghost

Via elder scrolls.wikia.com/

While players may not be able to literally become a ghost, they can still become very ghost-like. Entering the command "tcl" gives players the ability to walk right through trees, walls, and mountains of any sort. Characters can now sneak right into fortresses unnoticed with swagger comparable to that of the Invisible Man.

As if that wasn't enough, with the clippings turned off players will be able to fly around Skyrim with the dragons. There is officially no place in the kingdom left to hide. The powers, as fantastic as they may be, do come with a price. The game has a fair chance of experiencing a glitch when the cheat is activated. Make sure to always save files, and use the cheats on a duplicate file in case of problems.

3 Item Generator

Via skyrim.nexusmods.com/

A fantastic cheat for players that don't want to completely spoil the game with mods like Invulnerability and God Mode is the "Item Generator". By inputting the code "player.additem" followed by the item's code and the number of desired items, the player can then spawn whatever item they choose at will. It's a perfect cheat considering how tedious item hunting can be. For example, the command, "player.additem 0000000a", (where the zeros are the item's code) plus the number of lock picks desired will spawn as many picks as the player desires. Hunting down items is forever a thing of the past.

2 Resurrection

Via- deviantart.net/tompreston

No comrade shall fall with the resurrection cheat in place. An NPC (Non-Playable Character) can be revived by entering the command "resurrect", plus the number one from the developer menu. If zero is put in, then an entirely new version of the character will be spawned in its place. The cheat technically can be used on the main character, but don't be surprised if it glitches, as it's known to work better with Oblivion.

Resurrection is different from reanimation, however, which can be achieved through magical means without the use of a cheat. With reanimation, the body of the resurrected character will be much more like a zombie, and the body will decompose after a short time. The cheat, however, restores the character to his or her original state, as if they had never been killed. The NPC will maintain all weapons they had before death.

1 Gold Rush

Vi- youtube.com/GoldenCrow

Who doesn't want the Midas touch? Gold. Infinite gold. Players can open the developer menu, and type the code "player.additem 0000000f" with the amount of gold desired to be forever rich. Combine all the cheats together? Anything and everything becomes possible at the push of a button. Buy every item, forge every armor set, and take down any enemy. Players will be able to dominate Skyrim with an iron, or gold fist. Pun intended. So now that you're the richest person in Skyrim, will live a life of solitude, content with your riches, or will you lead with an iron fist commanding others to serve you and your mighty (MIGHTY) wealth?

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