Skyrim: 10 Best Armor Sets & How To Find Them

Your armor can make all the difference to your experience while playing Skyrim. These are the best armor sets in the game, and how to get them.

The swords, axes, and spells are what the novice player attends to, it takes patience and knowledge to obtain a good set of armour. Not only does it vastly reduce the damage taken in a battle, but Skyrim's best armours also come with an array of interesting perks that will carry players to victory.

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Most sets in the game are good for a while until eventually stumbling across an enemy that strikes straight through it. We all want armour that will protect us long term, a great design along the trim doesn't hurt either. The best sets also come with the hardest hunts and searches to obtain them and their powers. In the end, the effort is worth it for one of these magnificent battle suits.

10 Blades Armour

The order of the Blades specialty armour, if it's fit for a dragon slayer it'll work for the player. The Blades set is the highest rated faction armour in the game, giving the player a unique steel look as well as comparable stats to carry the player through the game.

You can find this armour by joining the order of the Blades, this becoming the default armour. Make sure to take any wanted items off before you join or they'll be gone forever. If you don't want to join the order then there's a full set in the armoury of Sky Haven Temple.

9 Ebony Armour

One of the strongest armours in the game, the Ebony set can protect against most regular blows and becomes a huge asset in drawn-out combat. Unenchanted pieces of armour will start to pop up on your regular travels as soon as you hit 32. The general goods store or blacksmiths is a good place to start.

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If you'd like the more powerful, enchanted armour the Ebony Warrior is a good place to start. He'll show up once you're level 80 and basically ask for a warrior's death, beat him in the Velothi Mountains and win. Behind the town of Falkreath, Angi's camp has a full set at higher levels too.

8 Nightingale Armour

Some of the most aesthetically pleasing light armour in the game, the Nightingale set has the right amount of intricacy without sticking out like a sore thumb. it has the added bonus of keeping its weight pretty low with a solid defence in case players run into any sticky situations.

It will benefit the illusion specialist the most, giving a heavy discount to the spells. Made for stealthy combat it will be easy to sneak up on your enemy with its quietening perks. You receive the armour after joining the Nightingales in the ''Trinity Restored'' quest. You'll want to hold out until level 32 to get the maximum power.

7 Ancient Shrouded Armour

If players want this set then they'll have to finish the Dark Brotherhood side quest. This can only be accomplished when the player has assassinated the son of the emperor's security. Once accepted visit the Hag's End and in the secret room, you will find the set.

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When the player has the full set it makes it so much easier to fulfill your assassin fantasy. Poison resistance goes up along with your sneak damage. If you prefer attacking from long range then have no fear, the bow damage also goes up 35% when wearing the set.

6 Falmer Heavy Armour

Lighter than the heaviest armours with all the same defensive stats, players are free to get into heavy sword fights without the fear of being weighed down. If there's a skilled blacksmith with the Advanced Armors perk it can easily become one of the strongest sets roaming the land.

Getting this armour by loot isn't an easy task, having to clear the Mzinchaleft Depths before coming to the locked golden gate. If you have a knack for lockpicking it will come in handy as its a master lock.

5 Dragonplate Armour

One of the notorious armour sets that dominate the world of Skyrim, the Dragonplate set is talked about for a reason. With a lighter weight, this set has some of the best-weighted stats in the game. For the player looking to jump straight into it, level 40 is when the armour starts appearing in the regular world.

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Crafting is a possibility at a lower level but it will require the nose to the grindstone. A level 100 smith is needed to create the armour and quite a few fallen dragons under their belt.

4 Guild Masters Armour

Thieves are quite often looking for the fastest way to the prize. This armour takes a little more grit as you have to complete all the thieves guild quests and return it to its once-great state. Only then can you accept the quest ''Under New Management'' and become Guild Master.

Once the player puts the set on, it's time to go to work. the carrying capacity is increased by 50 points as well as lockpicking becoming 35% easier. Not a bad combination when you have loot to horde. Even when deciding to be an honest customer, prices become 20% better.

3 Deathbrand Armour

Instead of getting the whole set in one, players will need to scour the coast in search of the legendary pirate king's armour. You'll have to accept the ''Deathbrand'' quest beforehand to make the chests appear and complete one of the best sets in Skyrim.

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On top of being an effective shield, it will also give you a boost in both stamina and carrying capacity. Players that find themselves near water will find it all the more helpful as you get 60 seconds of Water Breathing ability.

2 Ahzidals Armour

While this set isn't particularly impressive on paper, it comes with a unique set of abilities that are rarely found otherwise. The only place to acquire the enchanted armour is in the quest ''Unearthed''. Once you have all the pieces you can unlock the fortify enchantment perk that makes the set even stronger.

The most useful enchantment means any enemy that attacks physically has a chance of being paralyzed. Another is you absorbing 50% of the magicka that's shot at you, who needs defence when you have all these perks.

1 Daedric Armour

The highest-rated armour in all of the lands, though it comes with a complicated price. Only found in chests of boss fights after you pass level 49 unless you slay a legendary dragon. Finding unenchanted pieces in the wild is rare even once you pass the level barrier.

Killing Daedra is the only sure-fire way to find the hearts required to forge the armour, only when players have a level 90 blacksmithing skill. It will come as no shock that your intimidation option becomes 10% more likely while adorning the armour.

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