30 Skyrim Character Creator Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

If there's one game that will never go away like a corpse risen again and again ad nauseam, it's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Its bloated zombie corpse will come back, again and again, to draw adventurers once more into the frozen northern reaches of Tamriel. And honestly, as long as they always include mod support on whatever they port it to, I couldn't care less. Skyrim was a game that's near and dear to my heart. I played hundreds of hours as I recovered from my adult tonsillectomy. Note to those who have kids - if they need it, get a tonsillectomy before their voices drop. You can jam their faces with vanilla ice cream and be done with it. When you're older, like in your twenties, it's pretty much the worst.

Skyrim made that misery bearable. And once I finally surfaced from that Vicodin and soft-food filled couple weeks, I had a ton of memes to get me laughing again, in case I had forgotten.

Today, those memes have only multiplied and gotten more ridiculous. And because finding those memes (and when your picture count is low, making them) is my job over here at TheGamer, I've found a bunch of super cool ones for you all to enjoy. From the dead memes to the ridiculous to the old reliables, these are mostly funny and a couple are oddly uplifting. So get ready for some super dank meme-age in the Skyrim universe once again, because we're about to have a rockin' good time.

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30 Natural Lighting: Great For Selfies, Garbage For RPGs

via FunnyJunk

So to kick this Skyrim article off, how about we use a comic based on Dragon Age: Inquisition? That sounds about right. Well the thing is that even though this is something that may be based on DA:I, it's totally true for Skyrim, Fallout, and all other games where you can spend years creating your character, just to let the game's environment wreak utter havoc on their appearance. The problem is completely real, and totally happens all the time. I think I had to build a couple different orcs when I was playing Skyrim, so much so that I have up and made a Redguard because I was just not satisfied at all. Skyrim may be for the Nords, but the Nords are just so damn boring, you know?

29 The Dragon-Spirit Bomb

via Pinterest

God, the world of Skyrim mods is amazing, and I'm not even talking about the raunchy ones. This one, for example, threw the Saiyan race into the game, because this game wasn't amazing enough. Can you imagine Goku with the abilities of the Dragonborn? Being able to inflict devastating ki blasts and fist attacks while also being able to inflict devastating shouts? It's pretty much the best of both worlds, even though that's pretty much Nappa.

Also, a fun thought creeps into my head. How great would it be to see Goku in Daedric armor?

Let me answer that for you: pretty frickin' awesome.

28 From Stunning To Snape

via Tumblr

So this is either a call-forward or a callback to another image I posted, but it's totally true. In the Character Creator in Skyrim, there is no such thing as ambient lighting or directional lighting. You a bathed in the sheerest, finest, most well-appointed light available so you can lovingly tweak every single nook and cranny of your character's appearance. YouTubers, Cosplayers, and Instagram models would kill for this type of lighting.

Yet when you're thrown into the frozen wastes, reality sets in and makes you look like an under-polished boot smearing itself in mudcrab doo-doo. It's a tragic fate we all endure.

27 Twinning Skill Increased To 100

via Imgur

This is wonderful. It's a testament to two things. One: the ability of Skyrim's stock character creator to create an avatar that really looks like the person making it. Two, and most significantly: the dedication of this Skyrim player to grow the beard and bushy eyebrows needed to look just like his character. It's spot on to the very minute-est detail, and I love everything about it. Jeez, whatever the actual person is wearing in the image even looks slightly like the rugged cloth tunic his character is wearing. It's damn uncanny.

As the picture states, sir - well done.


via Pinterest

Sometimes when you choose the broadcast journalism life, the broadcast journalism life comes for you when you're least expecting it. Those days, you might be feeling angry or dejected. You just don't have the energy to face those stupid effing cameras for another gosh darned minute, and you just can't help but let it show on national television. This all manifests differently for different people. Some people have a meltdown on-air and drag their careers down with them into hell. Others simply have an off-day and maybe someone makes a comment about it.

But this guy? This guy does it by projecting a thousand-yard stare into the camera, giving us the exact same feeling of the uncanny valley as we do from every single NPC in Skyrim. There are several ways to express stress, but I believe this one is the best one yet.

25 A New Definition To Wide-Eyed

via kym

And here we are with some more dank slider memes. I have to say, it took me a minute to find the humor in the over-distorted and blown-out style of memes, but I've slowly warmed up to them. This one didn't do a great job to shore up my support, but it's still pretty good.

I mean, who doesn't love the sloth who's on-screen presence has given John Leguizamo the wings to do increasingly-bizarre one-man-shows and hopefully give him the chance to be relevant long enough to make Chef 2? Sid the sloth, like most of the characters in the Ice Age franchise, has been pummeled into the mainstream, his original character premise bleeding and battered.

So yeah, let's make a funny meme out of him! That's par for the course.

24 Hadvar's Existential Nightmare

via Pinterest

Hey, it's Hadvar! You guys remember Hadvar, right? The guy who asks us who we are at the beginning of the game right before we're executed, just to be a nice guy? Then to pay him back, we literally become our character right before his eyes?

Believe it or not, this little moment in Skyrim history has given the Internet license to tell the same joke exactly 8,452,743,093 times. And now that I have gone over every single one for this article, I can safely say that this is one of the funniest ones out there, and has earned its place in this accumulation of memes.

Gods bless Hadvar. I can't remember if he made it out of Helgen alive, but if he did, he certainly has some stories to tell.

23 I'm Not Saying Skyrim Is A Dress-Up Game, But...

via Dorkly

Oh my god, is it totally a dress-up game. And it starts as soon as you start making your character. And if the memes I've made around $Enhanced are any evidence, people want tons more of that stuff! They want to be able to micromanage every single aspect of their character's creation, and to do that they are willing to spend tens of thousands of unpaid man-hours making their dream of putting a slider in for their character's third metatarsal length.

Sure, it might seem like a joke to those who've never played it that way, but I promise you, as soon as you go down that road, you never come back.

22 When You Suck Lemons In Skyrim #FeelsBadman

via Imgur

Sometimes, you see an image from a mod that is just too good to be true. For me, it was when I saw this image showing off the power of the advanced slider mod $Enhanced. I don't know what the heck they were trying to prove, deforming this poor wood elf's face like that, but this is absolutely...


And terrifying.

You see, to me, it looks like one of two things. It's either a manifestation of a terrible and maddening elder god fused in the body of a wood elf, who is but one small muscle twitch away from destroying all existence,

Or it's a cute re-enactment of Spongebob's "Too Much Sauce" meme.

I picked the funnier one.

21 Hundreds Of Sliders, Only One That Matters

via kym

Guys, I'm going to level with you.

There are a TON of creepy mods for Skyrim. Strange, I know. But for some reason the ability to give full creative control to a legion of devoted fans and have them not think of making their characters appealing in any way is apparently way too much of a big ask for the modding community, because when have people ever actually made things steamy when they weren't even meant for that in the first place.

*Rick clicks the link he just posted. Rick realizes he's written at least three of those articles. Looking at his stats, he sees they're among his most popular posts.*

Anyway, how funny is this meme, right guys?! I mean, we're so used to steamy mods in the marketplace that it's pretty commonplace now and in no way weird, because who would criticize something like that?

20 Poor Hadvar. He's Seen Some Things, Man

via Pinterest

Researching this article has really made me feel for poor Hadvar. The guy just sits there quietly observing the decorum of the condemned, while we transform ourselves into the character we're going to be for the rest of the game. He doesn't see our HUD, our sliders, or our Cheeto-stained fingers as we click and shimmy about. All he sees is what is clearly some omni-planar being manifesting before him, and they apparently can't decide whether they want to have ridiculously-sized dirty pillows or just really big ta-tas. How weird does your day have to be when a dragon manifestation of ultimate evil attacking your execution is the second-weirdest thing that happens?

Side note: I went with a really big chest, but that was just because my other mods weren't compatible with the super bazongas. Gotta keep it realistic, you know?

19 Slippin' The Swole Slider To MAX

via kym

When choosing your favorite Team Fortress 2 class, you need to be aware of the intricacies of each of the nine roles. However, no one really knows how those classes came to be in the first place. Well, this Skyrim slider meme answers that question with one overly-memed photo.

Everyone loves the Heavy. Everyone loves his beefy weapons and Russian accent. But what people don't know is that before his time as the muscley wall of beef we know and love, he was a scrawny little Scout. This picture certainly looks like Heavy got that way stuffing his face with candy, but we all know the truth - that's a protein bar and the Heavy's only flaw is skipping leg day a few too many times.

18 Sneaky Sneaky Nords

via Imgur

So when you need to take your character customization game to the next level, you can download a mod like $Enhanced and go wayyy the heck to town. The thing is, people don't understand how great this is to make funny memes. Hence, I have taken it upon myself to find some of these and make them into pretty much the funniest gosh darn things in existence.

For example - look at this dude. We all see that sneaky look in his eyes. This is a face that got away with mischief and is loving every moment of his life right now. He's the Skyrim equivalent of the huehuehue meme - I love every single bit of it.

17 The Further Adventures Of Tinyface, Pudgy Dude Extraordinaire

via onsizzle.com

You know what's only partially effective? Bus wraps. You know what's never effective? Political bus wraps. But honestly, would you like to know what's the worst, least effective part of a bus wrap? the windows. Because, well, you know - windows open an close. So if you're designing a but wrap, you might easily think that making sure nothing vital is going to end up there. Well, this designer was not thinking about that at all, giving us an ideal meme to make a Skyrim joke about. Maybe next time this guy's campaign designer will think about the dimensions of their medium before putting their dude's face on a bus again.


via Imgur

So thanks to the Internet, we're seeing all the points to which Skyrim and Team Fortress 2 merge, and honestly, it's a little disturbing. This mod is so versatile that there's really no reason for it to be able to do this.

But for some reason, it does. Call it player choice. call it over customization, but for some reason, you can turn your Nord (or Argonian, or Khajit, or...) into the living embodiment of the "NOPE" meme from TF2. They used to be adventurers like you -  until they took a meme to the knee. I mean, at least this way, his long hair doesn't touch his shoulders. I guess.

15 Hitting Random: The Abomination

via me.me

First off here, I'd like to say that this entry isn't going to be 100-125 words on how fugly Casey Neistat is. That's just really mean, and the person who made this image is pretty mean. However, you can't help but let off a little giggle when you see it.

The important thing here is the idea this meme brings attention to. The whole use of sliders to achieve your perfect look is completely thrown into the trash when you hit the random button. Maybe you just wanted to give it a try. Maybe you hope it would turn out okay.

No. No, it did not.

Again, apologies to Casey Neistat. He's a pretty cool dude.

14 Carl Wheezer: Number One THICC Boi

via me.me

I don't understand why Jimmy Neutron has become so meme-d these days. For some reason, it's a big thing. And here's where we see the combination of it and Skyrim. Abusing the character creation sliders is going to be a recurring theme here with this article, and this one not only combines that, but it combines the "B" meme that is popular nowadays.

I mean, everyone loves themselves a good over the top meme, but the combination here is just too good to leave unnoticed. And you gotta admit, for a fictional eight-year-old or however old he's supposed to be, our boy Carl is essentially fifty percent booty. If there was an award for #Thicc -est boi out there, he would win it in a heartbeat.

13 The Curse Of The Stealth Archer

via me.me

I didn't know this was a meme until I started researching for this article. Honestly, on my original playthrough of Skyrim, I started as a dual-wielder, hacking and slashing my way through caverns with reckless abandon. But then I saw how cool things were with archery, and how cooler still they got when you combined them with stealth. Pretty soon I was a hulking half-orc with twin swords and a Daedric custom-enchanted longbow. I rained death from above and downed dragons with a single shot. It was effing brilliant.

I mean, it doesn't help that Skyrim's combat system mercilessly sucks, so it's always the best when you can avoid it entirely by shooting it in the face from the shadows.


via Imgur

We've all been there - we've just slain our first dragon and have headed out into the wilderness for ourselves. As we wander, we find a couple of stray bandits and slay them easily. Further along, some mudcrabs crawl out of a creek and scare us silly. It takes a minute, but we finally manage to murder it and claim its sweet meats. Then we find a camp with some raggedy-looking individuals, though they're effing HUGE. "I've got this," you say confidently as you stroll into the camp, weapons gleaming.

You do not have this.

In one fell swoop, the giant you have just roused to anger has taken his bone club and smacked you so hard your character glitched out and careened into the stratosphere, taking so long to hit the ground the game started reloading your save before you landed.

...You did save before going in there, didn't you?

11 We Are Number One But It's Skyrim

via kym

Ah, LazyTown. What a wonderful place for memes to breed and come out of seemingly nowhere. This delightfully awkward and straightforward kid's show for some reason got a ton of love on the Internet, and thankfully, now most of the memes are focused on the show's villain, Robbie Rotten, than the frankly creepy vibes surrounding the show's super-underage heroine Stephanie Meanswell.

Anyway, since the Icelandic actor who plays Rotten pushed cancer into remission back in 2017, the song he does, "We Are Number One," has seen a huge surge in popularity nowadays. So of course, that means you need to mesh it with Skyrim because, if putting the damn game on the Nintendo Switch can tell you anything, it's that Skyrim needs to be everywhere it can be for Todd Howard to be happy.


via Kotaku

Alright, guys. If you don't take these sliders seriously we're going to have to take them away. They are not a toy. Do you see what happens when they go wrong? Because this is what happens when they go wrong. You end up turning decent, Talos-worshipping Nords into damn freaks. This mod that was featured by Kotaku wants you to think this is some triumph of the customization system Skyrim has to offer. But in reality, it's just a cautionary tale on how not to use them.

These are real fake people. With real fake lives. Why would you do this to them? It's like the equivalent of Sid from Toy Story, burning and defacing his toys and making abominations of them. Treat your creations with respect.

Then abuse their housecarls like a normal person.

9 The Endless Unbreaking Downward Spiral

via imgur

So, Skyrim was a lot of new gamers' first entry into the RPG genre. It was filled with choice and violence and things to do, and really blew the top off of the open-world genre in ways that predecessors like GTA IV and others never could.

That being said, it drew so many new gamers down the rabbit hole of addiction that is being into a particular video game with no actual endpoint. There are infinite things to do in Skyrim, and since it takes a while before everything gets same-y and annoying, things like this chart become incredibly accurate very quickly.

8 True Love In Skyrim Makes You Feel Nice

via Imgur

This might be the one version of $Enhanced that actually makes me giggle a little rather than being completely freaked out. I mean, I just can't get over that big dumb face leering at me from the screen. It's like if Skyrim was an anime and this guy just complimented by his senpai. The dude's like a big puppy dog with big bushy blonde ears and a short coat, smiling into the camera like a Shiba Inu mugging for the Internet's pleasure. That is that dog in Nord form. He'll Fus Ro Dah you, but that gigantic, eternally-smiling mug will never go away. It'll be the nicest way you've ever shouted a bandit off of a cliff.

7 This Is Your Toon. This Is Your Toon On Skooma

via Imgur

Here, we finally have the crazed madman posting those photos of his characters he made on $Enhanced using his power for good.

Kind of. I mean, it's a fake world with fake characters, and trying to make a character to show off the dangerous effects of stubstances, of which Skyrim has one very popular one in Skooma, is silly, to say the least. However, it's pretty funny in its own right, and would be even funnier if we learned that this obviously elf-looking model was actually a human they overworked to look more demented.

Hey, now that I'm looking at him - doesn't he kinda remind you of an elven Marlon Brando from The Godfather? I mean, just a little?

6 He's A Magic Man!

via me.me

Let me preface this: every single time you hit the randomize button, this will not happen. It is statistically impossible. Only a select few many experience this warmth, this feeling of satisfaction after the press of just one simple button. And it is their duty to screenshot it and post it on the Internet for us to enjoy.

If you ever come across someone who claims to have seen this unicorn, but they cannot produce photographic evidence, then that person is either a simple liar or a betrayer of the highest degree. Don't worry, there's no way you can know. However, rest assured that person will be dealt with accordingly. 

5 It's Been Eighty-Four Years...

via Pinterest

There is time in Skyrim. Real, quantifiable time. People run on daily cycles. Shops open and close with the rise and fall of the sun. You have the option of running into a werewolf or a vampire at night. Thing is, it's about a minute real time for an hour of Skyrim time. so things you might do, like making yourself a sandwich or relieving yourself of said sandwich after it has been transmogrified into poop, take literal hours, maybe even days in Skyrim to do. And with the fuss and nitpicking that goes into making a character, it could well take months, even years if your mods are that good.

So yeah, I don't think this meme is a bit too far off from the truth. No, I'm not going to talk about the obvious Hatsune Miku wig the skeleton is wearing. That's not what I'm here for.

4 Yes, We Can Even Do Math Jokes In Skyrim

via Tumblr

This. This is so dumb. But so smart at the same time. I wish I could describe how inanely amusing I find this picture, but I've truly lost my comprehension in a sea filled with rolling waves of giggles. Taking one of the more advanced algebraic concepts and turning it into a Skyrim slider meme...

I just can't, people. This is where mathematics and the "arts" dare not tread. This way lies madness. Soon we're going to see quadratic equations drawn out in bodies in Whiterun's town square, or a giant's careening club shot giving us a slope equation to triangulate where we're going to land.

Actually, those do sound kinda interesting. Get at it, Internet!

3 Living Your Best Life

via me.me

You know what? This is one more thing I wasn't expecting to find in my research here: something genuine uplifting in meme form. Seriously - you reading this article. Live your best life. Cherish the moments and memes that you create with your friends, your family, your pets - heck, even yourself. This has me feelin' all sorts of ways right now, and I think it's a perfect pick me up for the days when things truly just go directly down the old poop hole. If you're gonna save any of the pictures from this article, make it this one.

Seriously, though - practice relentless positivity. You never know where it's welcome.

2 Coming Up for Air

via Pinterest

There are so many rabbit holes and so many probable combinations to character creation in Skyrim it's like a quantum Plinko machine. You never know where you're going to end up, even if you have a plan on what you want your character to look like. There's really no escape. So when you finally hit "done" on the screen, you probably forgot there's a whole other damn game to play.

I know I did. And in game time, I probably took a good fifteen years off of my character's life. Either way, her wrinkly ass beat the hell out of Alduin without breaking a sweat.

Then I rolled another character and did nothing different, because that's how Skyrim controls your every waking moment.

1 In the End, It Doesn't Even Matter...

via Pinterest

There is one universal truth to playing Skyrim without mods and character creation: it doesn't mean jack all. If you're not going to get a mod to make your helmet invisible, or wear armor that forms to the contours of your character's body -  hell, if you don't download a mod to give their bodies contours - all the work you do will never matter. Because you're going to wear a helmet for the entire game. They add oh-so-vital defense to your character and keep them protected with enchantments (if you can afford them).

Sure, you can take a helmet off when you're in a civilized area with no threat of combat, but be honest with yourself - you're never going to remember to do that. Besides, you're going to spend the entire game in first person mode anyway, so get used to looking at your (gauntleted) hands.

Yay, Skyrim!

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