10 Hilarious Ways Skyrim’s Economy Makes No Sense

There's a lot of things that Skyrim does right in terms of immersion, but its economy only breaks it. Here are 10 ways Skyrim's economy makes no sense

There's a lot of things that Skyrim does right in terms of immersion. From its beautifully designed fauna to unique locations with tons of secrets to explore, it promises fun for days. However, there's one thing that has us scratching our heads: its economy. Gold is the way to go if you wish to purchase property in Skyrim, which is why it's so highly coveted and desired by players.

While much of the economic realism was compromised in order to provide a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience to players, it's quite hilarious how much of Skyrim's economy makes absolutely no sense, as seen in these 10 instances.

10 Carry As Much As You Like

Here's a fun fact to start with: You can carry as much gold on yourself as you'd like, no limitations in place! This is because in Skyrim the gold coins actually don't have any weight at all. On the other hand, gold ingots will weigh you down if you carry too many of them. This is a pretty bizarre paradox.

Apparently, gold becomes weightless once it's turned into coins. While it's definitely very convenient to be able to drag all your coins around no matter where you go, it's incredible unrealistic.

9 Gold Is Everywhere

While in real life we're usually over the moon when finding coin lying around, in Skyrim this seems to be a pretty common sight. In fact, dungeon pots and vases are stock full of these precious gold coins. Bandits also seem obsessed with leaving their treasure lying around on tables, rather than storing it into a bigger vault of some kind.

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The biggest question is how gold can be found on the bodies of skeletons, which shouldn't have any pockets or bags to carry it in the first place.

8 Imperials Get Richer, Faster

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If you choose to play as an Imperial character, you might notice that you come across a lot more gold than you would usually. That's because for some reason, Imperials have a perk that lets them find more gold. It's a mystery why this would be the case in the first place, unless they have a special way of smelling gold from afar.

Perhaps this is a blessing they're born with inherently. Whatever the case might be, if your plan is to get rich fast, we recommend creating an Imperial Dragonborn.

7 Bankrupting Merchants

During your adventures you'll accumulate a lot of precious items and less precious things. You'll never end up using most of these things, so you might as well sell them away.

If you head to the closest merchant, you can pretty much just dump all of your junk to him and he'll pay you royally for your findings. You can sell merchants stuff until they have zero gold in their inventory, essentially bankrupting them. However, the next day they will have somehow magically replenished their purses.

6 Sell Anything To Anyone

While a blacksmith might not be that interested in buying some old cheese wedge that you found in a dungeon that has been locked up for hundreds of years, in Skyrim they'll still buy it off you. As long as the NPC is able to engage in bartering, you can pretty much sell them any object you'd like, and they have no option but to take it off your hands.

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In reality, this would never happen. Thankfully, some mods have remedied this inconsistency in an effort to create a more realistic economy.

5 Terrible Pricing

Before you start feeling sympathy for the shopkeepers the Dragonborn regularly bankrupts and sells old cheese to, it's good to know that these crooks have the worst prices ever. No one in their right mind would pay 304 gold for a Banded Iron Shield that could be found in just about any bandit hideout or dungeon.

Putting high prices on widely available items is bad for business, yet somehow these shopkeepers are still able to make a living. It makes absolutely no sense.

4 Staggering Quest Rewards

While finding gold in dungeons is one way of getting rich, most quests will reward you with hefty amounts of gold coins. Sometimes these numbers are a little bit too generous. For instance, think of the final quest of the Dark Brotherhood: the reward is 20,000 gold, which is an insane amount.

To put things into perspective, this could buy you five Breezehomes in Skyrim. Where does the money come from? Who's financing all these quests? We have way too many questions and the answers are less than satisfactory.

3 The Price Of The Elder Scroll

The Elder Scroll is one of the most mysterious and precious items in all of Skyrim, and Tamriel. This ancient artifact is not only incredibly rare, but also immensely powerful. You'd imagine that even after this scroll served its purpose, it would sell for at least 20,000 gold, which is the reward for completing the Dark Brotherhood quest. Sadly, the answer is no.

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This item can be sold to Urag at the College of Winterhold for a measly 2,000 gold. Let's not forget this is one of the items that helps the Dragonborn save Skyrim from total destruction.

2 Transmutation

One of the contributing factors to gold being so widely available might be the fact that there's a somewhat rare spell known as Transmutation. This allows you to turn your silver into gold, if you have any in your inventory.

From this, we can hazard a guess that mages all around Skyrim are able to create gold from absolutely nothing, which would allow for them to press even more gold coins for their own purpose and get rich fast. This sounds like an inflation waiting to happen.

1 No Pennies Or Cents

While most real life currencies usually have smaller denominations such as cents and pennies, this isn't the case in Skyrim. There's no such thing as a half a gold coin or a quarter, which makes the pricing even more questionable at times.

However, in a land where gold is somewhat widely available and in some cases incredibly abundant, it probably makes sense to only pay in single gold coins instead of small denominations. We might not understand it, but we accept it, Bethesda.

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