20 Skyrim Mods That Are Out There For A Video Game

Over the years, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been re-released around 9,500 times. Okay, we might be rounding up, but Bethesda Softworks has done its absolute best to ensure that not a single gamer forgets about their most recent entry single-player entry into the franchise. The base game is a fantastic experience and offers tons of quests to keep players coming back for more. Still, Skyrim was released more than six years ago; therefore, despite Bethesda's best efforts, there are very little surprises left to be discovered.

Thankfully, the modding community loves Skyrim. One of PC gaming's main positives is the ability for gamers to download and install mods. The majority of them introduce cosmetic or performance enhancements, but those are not the ones we are going to focus on. Depending on the creator's inclination, a couple of mods greatly change the overall experience, with some turning an otherwise family-friendly RPG into something adventurous. With Skyrim approaching the decade mark, modders have had ample time to play around with the code. There are hundreds of mods for the open world action role-playing video-game and we recommend keeping quite a few away from children.

Here are 20 Skyrim mods that will make you feel hot under the collar.

20 A Succubus Way Of Life

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The Mazken are mythical humanoid creatures who roughly translate to the modern concept of a vampire, although the phrase tends to refer only to females. Succubus function by luring men into their captivity and Saxi74's Succubus Race mod introduces these beings into Skyrim's world. The Mazken are extremely comfortable with their body; so, they tend to scoff at the concept of armor. They also have massive wings and unique horns, which is a pretty substantial departure from the general gameplay style found in Bethesda's release. The modder created a couple of new spells to truly establish the Succubus as their own entity. This is one of the most expansive mods available for the open-world RPG and should be tried merely to experience life from the point-of-view of a Succubus.

19 Realism? No, Aim For Perfection

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Oh, this one is a classic! Dimon99's UNP Female Body mod provides a complete overhaul of the physical dimensions of Skyrim's feminine cast. The modder quickly sets the tone by disclaiming that their intention is not to create a realistic or human-like experience.

It is all about the eye-candy.

Bethesda's RPG is beautiful but, for a lack of a better word, simplistic. Characters are designed to fit into this type of landscape. While there are many types of races and creatures available in the wild, Tamriel's vast lands is not for the faint of hearted. If you want pretty, go search somewhere else. Dimon99's mod makes Skyrim's women easier on the eyes, although their new fragile design does not suit the game. Actually, that is probably the point.

18 Tempting Faith

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Yes, this mod adds a completely new race to Skyrim's lore. Honestly, it really works well within the RPG's setting, and we hope that Bethesda decides to take a page from Psychos1s's book. Players can select from five Temptresses, with Vixen generally being considered the main of the group. When it comes to the character design, the modder did a pretty decent job of crafting unique presets; although, physically, they all seem to follow the same workout regiment.

So, how about that lore?

Temptresses were blessed by the divine goddess Dibella, who grants women an array of magical powers. If their name was not clear enough, the race's main strength lies in their enchanting abilities. A Temptress would generally operate from the background, as she tricks her enemies into fighting each other.

17 A Family Experience

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Skyrim is an immersive experience, but there are a couple of avenues which are surprisingly limited. Family life is pretty much an afterthought. The Dragonborn can get married, but that generally amounts to a spouse who is willing to cook dinner for you. Beyond that outdated concept of marriage, there is very little focus on the protagonist's romantic life. Kdridders saw this shortcoming and decided that a massive overhaul was in order. Skyrim Family Life enhances the relationship between the Dragonborn and their significant other, allows the couple to have children, and the wife goes through a pregnancy. Children inherit features from their parents, and the chance of pregnancy varies depending on the race.

16 An Epic Showdown Between Man And Woman

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Maids II: Deception is among the largest mods ever created. Developed by Enter_77, it is a sequel to a mod released for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and contains 17 main quests an entirely new land to explore. The concept centers around Project Purity, a mission started by an organization of mages and alchemists to ride women of their free-will. Thankfully, the Champion of Cyrodil was around to stop their evil plan. 200 years later, two opposing families have continued the fight, with Purity waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike and achieve victory. Yes, the quest does include more than a couple of uncomfortable moments, but Enter_77 wrote an intricate story that is worth trying out. As a mod, this is better than most of Skyrim's quests.

15 Anime Reaches Skyrim

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Ever found yourself thinking that Skyrim could benefit from following in One Piece's footsteps? Well, Nbay6480's mod is arguably the best option on the market. Just to make it crystal clear, this download does not change the aesthetic of Bethesda's RPG. No, it just enhances a certain feature. For those accustomed to anime and manga, they probably know what we are talking about.

Manga body for the win.

Eiichiro Oda's One Piece is a masterpiece of world-building and storytelling, but, the mangaka does tend to give his female characters the same physical body. Let us just say that realistic proportions are not on the agenda. Nbay6480's Manga Body mod takes that concept and runs with it. Hey, if it is good enough for Japan, it is good enough for us.

14 The Island Of Creepy Returns

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Game Goblin unleashed this mod of inappropriateness a couple of years ago. The premise is simple, Darkwind Island is an isolated habitat that exists off the coast of Skyrim. As tends to be the case, a large group of bandits turned this island into their home. The quest begins after the player is captured and forced to work for Tercius, the leader of the group. While it would be entertaining to leave it up to the reader's imagination, the captured character is generally placed in their workforce. The player's goal is to escape, an act that grants immunity from bandit attacks. The mod includes five story missions and a couple of new characters. The premise and content land on the risky side but the mod offers quite a lot to appreciate. MaxMunstermann's picture has nothing to do with the mod, but it is a pitch-perfect companion piece.

13 Warm For The Winter

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Considering how long Skyrim has been on the market, starting a fresh playthrough might seem daunting. Why repeat the same experience? After dropping hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into Bethesda's RPG; really, is there any reason to revisit Tamriel? As always, the modding community is here to spice things up. Bad Dog's Age of Skyrim update changes every race within the game, including humans. This expansive mod turns Skyrim's entire populace into animals. Depending on their ethnicity, the characters are given an animalistic makeover. Just to give an example, Nords are turned into wolves and High Elves into cheetahs. As the individual races still have the same stats and buffs, this is primarily a cosmetic update.

12 Once More, With Feeling (And Style)

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After dropping hundreds upon hundreds of hours into any game, there are bound to be a couple of seemingly insignificant details which start to grind your gears. Fore, the modder who crafted this little gem, was tired of seeing every woman in Tamriel walk in exactly the same way. Even worse, some could hardly be differentiated from their males counterparts. Bethesda should realize that humans are complex creatures who require nuance in their depiction. Gratefully, Fore's FNIS Move mod adds a bit of variety to the experience. Based on a random algorithm, Tamriel's female inhabitants are thought how to walk in one out of nine ways. Suddenly, they can walk like Jagger and strut their stuff down the dirty streets of Winterhold. Life really is a catwalk.

11 Goodbye Dudes, Hello Ladies!

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Bethesda crafted a world brimming with personality and individuality. Admittedly, the NPCs can be consistently bland, but they contribute to the overall world-building. There is no location or group that feels out of place. If nothing else, Skyrim feels real and interconnected. As tends to be the case in real life, there is bound to be a group of people who seem to exist just to annoy everyone else.

Revelers, leave the Dragonborn alone!

BurnyD's Goodbye Revelers mod replaces the party-happy men with a group of women who are in the middle of a bachelorette party. Like their uglier counterparts, they want to hang out with the Dragonborn, but the gals are actually capable of taking a hint. If the player refuses to interact with them, the women will not re-approach them. It should go without saying, but they are ready for a night on the town.

10 Ever Seen A Siren In Skyrim?

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Over the years, Skyrim has sold some impressive numbers. In 2014, Bethesda's RPG hit the 20 million mark, a jaw-dropping figure that has obviously been left in the dust. With a staggering number of copies sold, Skyrim left an impression on many gamers and sparked a passionate cosplay community. At the very least, conventions tend to attract a handful of people dressed in their favorite armor sets.

So, why not bring cosplay to Tamriel?

Yes! Who does not want to walk around Whiterun Castle as Suda51's Juliet Starling? She is the hero Tamriel needs and deserves. Thomasr100's UNP mod introduces a couple of detailed costumes for players who would like to add an element of cosplay to their RPG experience. Besides Lollipop Chainsaw's cheerleader, players can unlock outfits for Borderlands' Lilith and Dungeon Siege 3's Katarina.

9 Untamed - Taming The Beast

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Wearing armor can be a pain. Here you are, enjoying a nice relaxing swim at Aibellia island's beach when you suddenly turn into a werewolf. Okay, that is unfortunate, but these things happen. No reason to get frustrated. After going through the painful metamorphosis and spending the evening hiding away from the public's eye, it is time to turn back into your human self.

Alas, your armor is missing.

For a tank character, playing without clothes is pretty much unthinkable. Darkconsole's Untamed mode greatly enhances the player's strength while in beast form, as their stats actually improve by simply interacting with the animals. Interested? Well, some personal research will need to be done to learn the nitty-gritty details.

8 Slide To The Left (Skyrim Image Enhancer)

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A previous entry altered the way women walk in Bethesda's Skyrim, and this one shifts focus to their actual bodies. Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition is a tool that allows the physical characteristics of any female character, be it playable or NPC, to be altered using a detailed slider. The idea is to bring Skyrim into the 21st Century and provide a more realistic appearance for the people who inhabit Tamriel. Customization is the word of the day, although the mod allows players to pick from three preset types: curvy, vanilla, and slim. Realising the importance of creating a mesmerizing full-package, Caliente also added a face-pack to greatly enhance the overall appeal of the characters. The final version is Skyrim meets Jersey Shore.

7 Behind The Secret Door...

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T.ara's mod promises an immersive and eye-opening experience for adults looking to experience Skyrim's alternative scene. Bannered Mare Immersive Playground has been available for quite a bit of time and should be avoided by anyone who can be classified as prudish.

There is NOTHING for you.

The mod's main hub can be accessed via a pull-bar that leads to a secret chamber. Once inside, the player can partake in a multitude of activities. There are quite a few hidden details and markers spread across the download; so, why ruin any of the surprises? The modder introduced a female-only crime faction, who lock the character into a jail if they are attacked. Just remember the safe word.

6 Armor Should Not Just Disappear

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Bethesda's Skyrim might be one of the best and most realistic open-worlds in recent years, but there are tiny details scattered across Tamriel that break the illusion. Putting aside the ulterior motives of most of these mods, the majority of them fix little annoyances or enhance the individuality of otherwise unimportant characters. When removing armor, the deselect equipment just disappears from the model. Obviously, Skyrim is far from the only game that refuses to show the characters actually taking off their wardrobe. This shortcut clearly frustrated a couple of people, as a mod exists that elongates the changing process. After downloading and installing the mod, the deselect piece of clothing is shown being removed by the character. By this point, Skyrim is practically real life.

5 A Skyrim Valentine's Day

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In comparison with the rest of this list, Flexcreator's Immersive Lover's Comfort seems almost innocent. Skyrim allows the player to get married but kissing is, apparently, a step too far. Well, fear not gamers, as a modder has come along to save the couple's loveless marriage.

Intimacy in two easy steps.

The mod does not aim to be huge or to greatly change the Skyrim experience but merely adds two straightforward animations which allow the Dragonborn to lock lips with their significant other. Seriously, that is it. While far from the riskiest mod available for the RPG, this wholesome act is really well animated and finally allows the couple to actually act like they are married. There is more to marriage than cooking dinner.

4 Sisters Of Traveling...

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The Cult of Dibella refers to a couple of priestesses who worship the goddess of beauty and love. They consist of four NPCs, with the most important serving as Sybil. This title links a priestess to Dibella, ensuring the goddess always has a direct connection to her loyal followers. Skyrim has three main quests related to this cult, but they only play a small part in the RPG.

The Sisterhood of Dibella puts them at the forefront.

Created by SkyrimLL, The Sisterhood of Dibella mod expands on the cult's original mythos. Spread across multiple quests, the Dragonborn is tasked with restoring balance in the name of Dibella and assisting the initiation of an older Sybil. As a reward for their contributions, the Dragonborn can request unique services from any of the traveling sisters.

3 Roll The Dice (And Lose Big)

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Hey, relations are not always the goal of a mod. A (small) subsection indulge in other activities that require a driving license. Kickinit09's Sky Casino is pretty much self-explanatory. Anyway, here is a detailed explanation of what is included in the mod! After a short introduction, the Dragonborn is handed a few tokens and taken to the casino. Within the premises, the player can participate in a couple of themed minigames. If throwing a dice seems boring, there is always a slot machine to keep the Dragonborn entertained. As art imitates reality, the house always wins and will quickly look to settle any debt owed by the player. If the worst comes to pass, Sky Casino is a cautionary tale on the dangers of gambling.

2 Hey, Guys Need Affection Too

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Once in awhile, a mod is released that focuses on men rather than the women. VectorPlexus and Smurf introduced SOS to the gaming world and Skyrim was never the same again. With such a large open-world, NPCs are going to share similar body types or behaviors. There is just no way around it, Bethesda's time is better served refining the gameplay rather than slightly altering the look and stats of a throwaway character.

Modders are here to help.

SOS recognized this limitation and attempted to provide a solution. In reality, men are not born equal, with some providing larger contributions to society. Skyrim is packed with ordinary folk who live a mundane existence and have nothing to separate themselves from the rest of the town. This mod grants the player the ability to alter a man's ego with a quick click of the button.

1 Gangs Of Skyrim

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Putting aside the absolutely fantastic name, Raynel07's Gangs of Skyrim is hosted directly on Steam. The download introduces six gangs who are in the middle of a battle for supremacy. The gangs can be rather overpowered, especially if confronted during the earlier parts of the game, but there is a great deal of fun to be had here. So, why is this not appropriate for minors? Well, violence is definitely the main selling point of Gangs of Skyrim. The different groups make money by selling physical enhancements to the populace and there are quite a few parallels to the real world. The modder deserves credit for creating a shockingly robust and in-depth experience, with an array of quests and unique characters. Skyrim was never the safest place to live, but this mod takes it to the next level.

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