Skyrim For Nintendo Switch Has Legend Of Zelda Gear And Amiibo Support

Skyrim is coming soon for the Nintendo Switch, featuring Amiibo support, Legend of Zelda gear, and optional motion controls.

Bethesda gave some new details about the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim during their E3 conference. The surprise new feature in the Switch port is added amiibo functionality. If the player touches a Legend of Zelda amiibo to the right Joy-Con or the Pro Controller, then they can obtain unique gear from Breath of the Wild.

The footage shown in the Skyrim Switch E3 trailer revealed a few of the new items that will be available through scanning the Zelda amiibos. When the game detects an amiibo, it will spawn a chest in front of the character in the same manner as when you use an amiibo in Breath of the Wild. The trailer confirmed that you will be able to use the Master Sword, the Hylian Shield, the Champion's Tunic, and a unique horse that may be Epona.


There is another new feature in the game that was hinted at back during the initial Switch reveal in January, which was detailed further in the Bethesda trailer. The Switch version of Skyrim will feature optional motion controls, with each Joy-Con corresponding to a different hand of the Dragonborn. You can now perform the motions of swinging a sword, lifting a shield and nocking an arrow into place, with it having an effect in the game world.

We also learned during Bethesda's conference that the Switch version of Skyrim will contain all of the DLC that was released for the base version of the game. They have yet to confirm whether the game will allow the usage of mods, in the way that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions do.

The question is - will these new features be enough to convince gamers to shell out the full price for Skyrim once more? Any gamer that has wanted to play Skyrim has had ample opportunity on other systems. Skyrim came out six years ago and can be bought for a pittance on the systems that it has already been released for. Will the addition of motion controls and a few pieces of The Legend of Zelda gear be enough to convince gamers to pay all over again?

If Skyrim had come out during the first few months of the Switch's release, then it would certainly have sold a lot of copies. Nintendo fans were desperate for games to play on their shiny new console, once they had finished Breath of the Wild and a slightly updated version of Skyrim may have been a great way to scratch that itch. Things are different now, however, as the Switch has a few amazing games under its belt (like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe) and a few more will be coming out over the next few months (Arms, Splatoon 2, and Pokkén Tournament DX), which is to say nothing of the other games that Nintendo may reveal during their E3 event. If Skyrim isn't due to come until 2018, then Switch gamers may not have the same desire to buy it as they would have during the first year of the console's release. The motion controls are a tacked on gimmick that should have died with the Wii and better looking Zelda gear can be added into the PC version of Skyrim, so the Switch version of the game isn't offering anything too special.

The trailer for Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch did not give a release date for the game. Nintendo may wish to save that for their E3 conference & Treehouse Live event, which is due to happen on the 13th of June.

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