10 Ways to Make an Overpowered Warrior In Skyrim

Lets face it: basically everyone plays as a Warrior for the first time when going through Skyrim. The timing is medieval and the cover of the game shows a Nord armed with swords and heavy armor. When going into the game, everyone just wants to slash apart some dragons as the Dovahkiin, even if they don't play as a Nord.

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The first time around, most people mess up and so the Dovahkiin isn't as fearsome as the legends portray him. Luckily, there are a number of ways to make sure that the Dovahkiin is the most powerful Warrior in Tamriel, and they'll be listed below. 

10 Kill Everything

Anytime you have a chance to fight something and get away with it, do it. You'll never increase in One-Handed or Two-Handed fighting capabilities if you don't just kill everything that you can. The more damage you do, the faster your Skill in offensive perk trees increases.

Whether it's a Mudcrab on the ground, a Giant in a nearby camp, or a Frost Dragon flying overhead, nothing should be too powerful to conquer in the eyes of the Dovahkiin. The feeling will eventually come natural to you, and before you know it, your weapons will become multiplicatively more powerful than they initially are.

9 Block Powerful Attacks

Blocking may seem obsolete, but with its perks all the way up, you can not only minimize damage taken in the middle of combat, but also slow time when blocking, shield bash them to nullify their whole attack, and then deal damage in the process, leading into whatever other attacks you wanna dish out.

The best way to get your Blocking Skill up is to do just that: block. But the Skill goes up faster whenever you block more damage, so as long as you can survive it, block attacks from Giants and Dragons as often as you can. Draugr Death Lords work, too.

8 Focus On Light Armor

While on average, Heavy Armor is the stronger armor class, it has its drawbacks. It takes longer to upgrade, it makes you over-encumbered faster, and you need more time and materials to get better Heavy Armor. Your armor Skill goes up based on the amount of damage you take, so Light Armor would naturally rise faster.

There are very few full unique sets of Heavy Armor, so you would benefit a lot more in that regard, considering even the best armor in the game, the Deathbrand Armor set, is Light Armor. That leads us on to our next entry in the list...

7 Don't Bother With Smithing

The best pieces of armor in the game can't be made with Smithing, and when it comes to upgrading the armor, there's only so high your armor rating can get before it no longer benefits you to upgrade it. You can only reduce damage taken by a maximum of 80%, which is achieved at 567 armor rating (or 542 if you're using a shield.)

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There also comes to problem that if you want good additional effects with your armor, you would need to go into Enchanting, and even if you did, there are many Enchantments that you can never perform with all possible items that can be disenchanted.

6 Get The Best Equipment

This should be obvious. If you want to be a bane to undead, wield the Dawnbreaker. If you want to fight powerful Mages, wield the Spellbreaker to block their magic. If you want to fight some Dragons, wield the Dragonsbane. It's mainly common sense, but you have to know what's compatible.

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The same works for defending, of course. If you're fighting against a Frost Dragon as a Nord, it helps to wear an amulet that let's you shave away the extra 50% of Frost damage and become immune to their attacks. If you're fighting a group of enemies, the Aetherial Shield helps to juggle-bash them into Oblivion (or in this case, Aetherius.)

5 Fight Powerful Friendly NPCs

Yes, whenever just killing everything isn't enough, know that fighting your friends will make you a better fighter, as long as they don't know that you're doing it. Grab like a spare Greybeard or your buddy Shadowmere and just sneak behind them and just deal as much damage to them as you can.

It helps if you have the game on Legendary while doing this. As long as you don't kill them or down them, they won't actually try to attack you and this method won't cause any problems, to raising the difficulty is useful in that it let's you do more damage to them for less of a risk.

4 Use Shouts

One of the biggest downsides to focusing solely on the Warrior class is that you have very little range. This problem barely exists whenever you have the right Shouts in your arsenal and know when to use them. Even the Unrelenting Force can knock down the enemy long enough for you to reach them.

If you're fighting an archer from a distance, using the Disarm Shout helps to get rid of their bow, and knocking down Mages is always a good tactic in a bind. If all else fails, you at least can take cover and Shout offensively from a distance whenever you get the chance.

3 Pick The Right Race

Most races in Skyrim have their individual properties that allow them to accel in areas where other races fall short. The main three races that make for a good Warrior are the Orcs, Nords, and Redguards. For starters, they all are naturally higher in Warrior Skills than other races.

Nords have a natural 50% resistance to Frost damage, which is normally a problem to Warriors, since it drains stamina, and their Battle Cry makes enemies momentarily flee. Orcs have the Berserker Rage which lets them do double the damage for a minute, and Redguards have the Adrenaline Rush which temporarily increases their stamina regeneration speed tenfold.

2 Multi-Classing

You can still be mainly a Warrior and have qualities of other classes. You can learn some Restoration magic to heal yourself during battle, or you can save your Shouts and learn some archery for a ranged battle against weaker enemies. The Shadow Warrior perk also allows you to deal sneak attacks in the heat of battle.

It helps to have some other skills, too, like Alchemy to make poisons to use on your weapons, or Enchanting to enchant anything you're wearing for added bonuses. And hey, it doesn't hurt to have to capabilities in Lockpicking in-case you need to break out of jail for killing a chicken.

1 Pay To Train

Sometimes you're too lazy to actually train legitimately and you just want the easy way to becoming powerful. When it comes to upgrading anything in the Warrior perk trees, there's really no easy way for anything but Smithing, and that's only if you focus on it.

Luckily, you can always pay people in the Companions who specialize in those skills until you reach 90 in all of them. It costs a lot of money, but it's easier if you multi-class as a Thief and gain some skill in Pickpocket to get your money back. Money can't buy everything, but it can turn you into a legendary Warrior.

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