25 Awesome Things Fans Forget About Skyrim

Skyrim is a magical world to explore and after over a decade of playing this amazing and beautiful game, it's about time we look back over the little details, because even now there is something you’ve probably missed! Even if you did everything in the game, because there are so many subtle and easy to miss details, we would bet that you haven't found all of them.

We want to look at everything from the actual facts about the franchise and the selling of this game specifically to cool facts that are actually in the game itself. We’ve touched on lore and even the smallest details that really can alter how you see certain aspects of the game. There might be some things on this list that you remember seeing before, but we believe this master list of interesting information will spark your love for the game once again and we’ll all be picking back up the dusty controller to explore the world of Skyrim once more.

We know it's been a long time since many of us have played the game, which is honestly quite sad because there has never been quite the game like this before. This game as a whole has meant so much to so many people out in the world, it's shocking that it has even been able to thrive as long as it has. Even though the game is over 10 years! With that said we hope that you'll be able to learn more about this amazing game.

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25 The First To Be Perfect

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One thing many people might not realize is the fact that this game is super respected in Japan. You probably don’t even realize just how much, because it can be difficult to grasp unless you live there. This game was even the very first game to actually get a perfect score from Famitsu, which is unheard of for a game that isn’t even made in Japan in the first place. This makes us wonder what other places around the world think about this game since it’s made such a big impression already.

24 The Creator Of The Dragon Language

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The creator of the dragon language in the game is Adam Adamowicz. He actually ended up passing away in 2012. We dearly miss his genius in the gaming community; he changed so much and set the bar very high with a custom language like this that he made mostly on his own. He was able to really push other devs in the community to go above and beyond to make video game history rich and detailed in every single way possible.

23 Mario And Paarthunax

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You might have heard this one before, but the voice actor who voices Mario, he was the individual who also voiced Paarthunax in Skyrim as well! That’s quite the impressive vocal range if we say so ourselves. We wonder what other characters he plans on voicing in the future, because if it isn’t obvious already he really has some talent and he should be using it in many other places and opportunities as well! We can’t wait to see what he does next!

22 Actually A Small Map

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The game is actually a bit small compared to other games in the series. This might actually be a bit shocking, because if you’ve ever played the game you know it can really take quite a while to even find everything there is to explore.

It’s quite surprising to realize that Skyrim isn’t as big as it might seem, no matter how many hours you sink into the game itself.

Can you imagine what they’ll be able to accomplish with the upcoming game in the series?

21 Mismatching Members In The Draugr

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Did you know that the draugr actually have mismatching members in their ranks? Some have very feminine clothing while also having beards, while some have very womanly features while wearing male armor. Maybe this is just a glitch, but maybe it could also be a little message that Bethesda is promoting to encourage acceptance and change in a little detail they felt they should include into the game. We hope it’s the latter, what a good message of love and peace!

20 You Are Sheogorath

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It’s been thought for a while now that Sheogorath that crazy god that pops up in the game series is actually you. The NPC mention many times that his duty is passed on from prince to prince every thousand of years, so would it be that hard to imagine that he might actually be a different version of you? He also goes into detail with his dealings with the Oblivion crisis which you also played through. It sounds pretty solid to us that you just might be the god of madness yourself.

19 A Much Better Map

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The game puts so much detail into literally everything, which is why if you take a moment to look at the map you can pull up when you're in-game, you’ll be able to see that the clouds and weather actually respond in real time.

Skyrim actually puts so much detail into literally everything possible. Skyrim even has real-time clouds that show up on the map as well.

You can even use your clear skies shout to test it for yourself on a cloudy day. As soon as you use the shout all the clouds will be gone from the map!

18 60K Lines, Wow!

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Did you know that there were actually over 60K lines recorded for the game? This just goes to show how much they cared about the variety and making the game as detail-oriented as possible. Even if you played the game for an hour today you would probably find lines that you’ve never even heard before! That’s quite the impressive feat to overcome on top of all the other game development they worked on throughout the whole process of the massive project.

17 The Names Are Serious

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There are tons of little easter eggs within the game of course, but did you know that the original naming for the eight divines in the beta for the game before it was ever released, they were actually named after beta testers themselves. This is a fun little fact that many people don’t even realize, but it’s fun to go back into the game and see the names and the connection that's there now. We don’t doubt that this kind of naming process exists in other places as well.

16 How Vampires Were Created

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If you’ve played the game and DLC content, you’ll most likely know and love the story that surrounds Serana the vampire. And you’ll also understand that her family claims to be the ones who were the very first vampires, when that’s actually not true whatsoever. It was actually a woman who was involved with Molag Bal; he forced her to turn into a vampire and she wanted revenge on the whole world for this suffering she was going through. It’s actually quite the horrible story that isn’t something to be prideful of.

15 Using The Thalmor Back

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When you end up grabbing the quest that allows you to sneak into the embassy of the Thalmor, you can snoop around enough to find some really creepy information that will allow you to open up new dialogue options. You can even learn about the fact that they want the civil war to occur because in every single outcome they have found a way to be evil and benefit from it and they’re proud of that too, which is insane.

14 How To Control The Draugr

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It’s very easy to see how the dragon claw door puzzles have a very direct connection to the draugr that roam the crypts trying to protect the things they love.

Can you imagine actually being able to control the Draugr? That could easily be one of the most dangerous talents in the game!

They aren’t exactly evil, but having the claw to their crypt does in a way control them in a way that is unlike other enemies in the game, in terms of mechanics.

13 Who Is Vivec?

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Vivec is simply evil, and he is known as the king of the dark elves, but his story consists of what brought so much evil to the world of Skyrim. He was known to be holding a very large meteor and it was a threat to those around him, if they didn’t show him love and respect he was going to do away with them. While this is quite evil, it’s also very sad that this was a story that was mixed up with a whole group of people and that’s why so many blame them for how Skyrim is currently.

12 Acceptance Of This?!

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With some very dark parts of this game world, you can actually even participate in some of the very taboo activities you can find within the world of this game. From beating someone up for money to even eating other people in very high society places like were mages hang out because they are testing on humans and essentially repeatedly attacking them. Hopefully, you passed on that one without a question, or did you? We won’t judge you, but it’s still really creepy!

11 The Biggest Sacrifice

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There are some seriously dark sides of the game that don’t always seem super obvious. From taking a briar heart out of a forsaken, making them pass away right there in front of you, to the story of Boethiah, there is a lot to cover.

Of course, the world of Skyrim embraces drama and sacrifice, what else would keep people so entertained?

There are many nods to human sacrifice in every corner of the game even if the game devs tried to hide it for the most part.

10 The Big Lovecraft Vibe

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There is a huge H.P. Lovecraft vibe within the game that you generally find much later on in the story. It actually is quite creepy and unexpected because it doesn’t really seem to mesh well with the overall story of the game. While it does make sense in the story, it really is a whole new level of disturbing if you play through these areas of the game. Sometimes it can even give people nightmares just because of how odd and haunting these sections of the game really can be.

9 The People Of Sanguine

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Most of the time learning about the daedra is pretty interesting and fun, but there are some dark sides to the princes and goddesses, especially those like Sanguine who uses his powers for evil.

There is so much lore surrounding the game, it’s actually shocking that people don’t deep dive more into the history of the game.

He’s always known as the party god, but he then forces those people to constantly drink and ‘party’ for all eternity without ever stopping for his own enjoyment.

8 You Can Steal Your Romance

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If you’ve dedicated some serious hours into your character, you probably know by now that you can actually marry people in the game. But not only can you force romance, you can also make people who have actually married already to another NPC fall in love with you anyway. Even if it does seem a bit wrong, many people have done it and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal, although that would never go over well in the real world.

7 Aedra Is Bad?

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While it might be a surprise to some, to think that Aedra is actually evil, it is a bit odd to believe that the original Meridia is seen in such a positive light. While Aedra picked up the teachings of this prince when he was seen in a more positive way, they both are actually quite corrupt even if the people who worship them don’t really even see it. Maybe they’re under a spell or maybe they just want to give them the benefit of the doubt, even if they don’t deserve it.

6 All The Chaos He Brings

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Like we mentioned above, there is so much chaos in the world of this game. From Sheogorath making a comeback to much more serious things like how the world is simply ending. It can be hard to imagine that there would be much hope within the people of this world, even if it is fictional. While it might be difficult to imagine, they are very hopeful, especially when there are heroes such as the dragonborn who want to make a difference in the world around them.

5 The Son Of Aedra

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Malacath is the son of Aedra, while it is a bit more broad of a fact, it is interesting enough to actually have a place on this list.

Just like many others who are related to the daedric, they’re just pure evil and shouldn’t even be messed with.

Malacath was an Orc but also part daedra because of Aedra, but stayed in the same physical form which is quite odd since that was not usually the case. But it does make him the god of the scorned and many daedra won’t even talk with him because of this.

4 They're No Joke

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There is a certain kind of slayer in Skyrim that are in relation to the goddess of lies, named Mephala. These slayers are no joke and they constantly push the limits of society. They’re actually the first slayers that created the Dark Brotherhood many years before the time that is seen in this current game. While they might be pretty brutal, it’s actually a bit sad that the Brotherhood isn’t even up to par with what it once used to be. It uses to be so much more intimidating, that’s for sure.

3 Alduin Is Weak

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In terms of the actual game mechanics, Alduin, supposedly the most powerful dragon in the whole game, isn’t actually that powerful at all. On a technical level, this dragon doesn’t level up like most other characters in the game. He doesn’t actually level up along with you as you power up your character. Overall he’s actually pretty weak and he perishes relatively quickly compared to some of the other legendary fights against dragons of a higher skill, which you can come across at any point in the game.

2 Best Selling Game By Far

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Skyrim is one of the best games on the market and has continued to be on the top of the charts even a decade after the game first released. It's been one of the most influential games as well with the biggest community who always comes together more than you would think. With a huge modding community they've been able to keep the game interesting and fresh with new mods being put into the community almost every day! We can only hope that they keep this up for many more years to come.

1 The Guy Behind It All

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The developer that made Skyrim what it is today has done such a wonderful job on the project. It can sometimes be hard to remember how much of a difference.

People don’t appreciate the developers enough, they are the magic behind the scenes that pull everything together.

Todd Howard has put so much work into the game that it would be hard to deny that he might as well be known as a genius. Have you ever heard of another game being this popular even years after it released, people still even making mods for it?

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