Skyrim: 10 Things You Never Knew About The Dark Brotherhood

For those who play Skyrim, the Dark Brotherhood may still be very much a mystery. While it has been seen in other games (Morrowind, Oblivion) the Dark Brotherhood still carries with it a creepy reputation because if you're not in it, it's likely nothing is known about it. They're a tight-knit cult which dabbles in the darker side of things, exactly what, though, a player will need to join to find out.

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So why are they such a secret? Known as one of the oldest cults in the game, the Dark Brotherhood has some very specific business. They've been through some turmoil and have managed to come out mostly intact, but it has given them quite the varied history. Luckily, we've got the inside scoop for those who have burning questions for the dark ones.

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10 Who Was The Dark Mother, Really?

Even if you haven't joined the Dark Brotherhood, you likely know about the Dark Mother. Many have speculated about who she actually is or if it's possible that she could be a collective group of people. One thing is for sure, though: The group carries bits of her around with them in a show of respect to her memory.

As if that, in itself, wasn't creepy enough, the player will never actually find out who she, or they, were. The only time she's ever shown is in a distorted way, so there's nothing to tell whether or not she's even human. Super creepy.

9 The Dark History Behind The Brotherhood

Much of what is known to be a fact about the Dark Brotherhood comes from the folklore behind Skyrim. Unless players have read it, it's not likely that they'd know the Dark Mother and Dread Father were the founding members of the Brotherhood.

When they joined together, their goal was to have children and, in all likelihood, carry out their mission.. whatever that was. However, it's not known what happened to these children, where they ended up, or what they even were. Since it's unclear whether or not their parents were human, we're not even sure if they were, either.

8 They Originally Worshipped The Daedric Prince

Mephala was the name of the first Daedric Prince that the Dark Brotherhood worshipped which explains quite a bit in terms of the modern-day Dark Brotherhood.

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Some even believe that the Brotherhood continues to worship his legacy and, given the history of Daedra in the Elder Scrolls games, we can presume that was a dark and horrific legacy, at that. It's often believed that they still hold the immoral behavior of the Daedra as their own values which explains their dark journey in Skyrim.

7 Not Letting Go Of Their Former Leader: Creepy Or Sad?

The story goes that when the Night Mother passed on, the cult held onto her remains and continues to bring her with them everywhere they go. If players go way back in the Dark Brotherhood history, they'll learn that the cult-like following was actually created to be much more of a family. A strange, dysfunctional family, but a family nevertheless.

That could explain why they cling so much to the memory of the only 'mother' they knew, or it could be that they struggle to remain intact without an actual leader in place... the mystery continues.

6 If You're Not Good At Stealth, Don't Bother

The reason the Dark Brotherhood is so dark is that they're a group of assassins. Obviously, this no secret... at least, not to hardcore Skyrim fans. If you're planning on joining the Dark Brotherhood from the get-go, it makes sense to make sure that the ability to sneak is somewhere in your list of attributes.

It's important, especially in this group, to be able to do a stealth kill and come up on enemies without being noticed. So for those who take the more aggressive, offensive route, this might not be the cult for you.

5 Argonians Are Deeply Involved With the Dark Brotherhood

For some reason, and it's not exactly clear why, the Argonian race is usually fairly well-met with the Dark Brotherhood. This is something that fans would need to go through the Skyrim archives in order to trace the connections between the two, but it is a fact.

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Therefore, it might look better for a player to create their character based on the Argonian race rather than any other. While this doesn't affect one's chances of getting into the Dark Brotherhood, it could give them a welcome edge.

4 Players Can Destroy Or Join The Brotherhood, Both Happen At The Same Time

Surprisingly, just as a player has the option to become part of the Dark Brotherhood, they also have the option to completely destroy it. The decision happens at the same time that a player can join the cult, but they simply need to make the opposite choice.

Rather than help out Astrid, whom players will become very familiar with, the player has the option to kill her instead. While it doesn't necessarily make sense to destroy the Dark Brotherhood after putting in the work to be accepted by them, it is a legitimate story path in the game.

3 The Guards Always Know, Even When It's Not Obvious

Some players have noticed that if you are part of the Dark Brotherhood and happen to walk by a guard, they'll whisper certain things. It seems that, for the most part, the guards are the only ones who are aware of the cult's members... yet do nothing about it.

The two manage to co-exist somewhat peacefully, yet that doesn't stop guards from asking if the rumors are true. When walking by them, you can occasionally hear them make remarks about things they've heard in regard to your most recent dark hobby.

2 They Won't Take On Anyone Who Is Married

It doesn't matter much for the player, but an interesting tidbit is that the Dark Brotherhood won't accept anyone who is married. The reasoning behind this should be fairly obvious; by accepting the Dark Brotherhood's welcome into their family, you're basically accepting the job to be an assassin.

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Obviously, this could get pretty messy if you already have a family. It speaks to the nature of their work and how truly dark the cult actually is. Luckily, there won't be many opportunities for the player to find true love in Skyrim.

1 You Will Be Applauded For Killing Astrid

Interestingly enough, while your Dark Brotherhood family won't be too thrilled, Astrid herself will be thoroughly impressed. It's not often that someone gets one over on the Brotherhood and this alone will be quite the surprise.

However, as the player makes the choice to stab Astrid rather than carry out their true mission, she can be heard uttering the words, "well done." This is likely in response to both the shock and surprise that comes from trusting someone, only to have them stab you in the back... literally.

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