25 Wild Things Skyrim Actually Lets Players Do

Skyrim, the fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series, is popular all over the globe and widely known for its incredibly vast and detailed world. You play a customizable character belonging to the Dragonborn, a race of mortals born with the soul of a dragon. The main storyline has you track down and find a way to defeat Alduin, a dragon who, according to the prophecy, will one day destroy the world.

Thing is, Skyrim lets you take your sweet time exploring the stunning open world and do side quest after side quest before you go and face Alduin. Because of this, players often get lost in the game’s intricate world for hours on end, doing everything and anything except the main quest.

There are factions you can join, more side-quests than you could ever imagine and endless amounts of lore to discover. You could also spend your time collecting powerful weapons to defeat even the toughest of enemies. Not to mention, there are hidden quests, you can get extra content from the DLCs, and of course, pick any of the mods that are available to you.

In short, there are many things to do in Skyrim. That being said, the game was released years ago, and, by now, some players feel like they’ve done it all…so they’ve started getting creative. And, frankly, we can’t believe the game let them get away with some of these things. Here are the top 25 wild things we can’t believe Skyrim lets players do!

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25 Use The Terrain To Defeat Enemies

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Ever fought an enemy that was way more powerful than you were and thought “this would be so much easier if I could hide behind a rock or something?” Turns out, in Skyrim, you can do just that.

When an overpowered enemy chases you, you can just lure them to a terrain that has plenty of places you can hide. From there, all you have to do is hide and use the terrain to your advantage, by throwing spells or arrows at the enemy or even just levitating them off a cliff.

24 Carrying WAY Too Much Stuff

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Players are quick to complain about inventory limits, but when you think about it, it’s actually wild how much stuff you can get away with carrying. Imagine actually fighting a dragon with the weight of your full armor, your weapon, and then the many, many items and weapons you’ve accumulated during the game.

Truth is, like many video games, Skyrim is quite lenient with inventory and lets you carry way more than any human could conceivably have on their person.

23 Reading Relationship Books In-Game

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Skyrim is famous for having incredible, almost impossibly detailed lore. You can learn about the game’s world from NPCs, but also from books. So far, nothing unusual, except maybe for the sheer number of books you can find in the game. That is, until you come across a couple of books in particular. Rather than teaching you skills, these books contain, let’s say grown-up content. We can’t quite believe players can actually find and read these! It’s one of the many crazy things you’ll find in the game.

22 Using Unlimited Arrows

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Using a bow and arrow is quite useful in battle, especially if you’re dealing with an enemy who inflicts a lot of damage. Just stay out of its range, equip your bow, and fire at will. Until you run out of arrows, that is. Impressively enough, there are ways that players can get unlimited arrows, which is wild considering how much easier defeating enemies is once you’ve got an infinite number of arrows. Whether you use cheats or glitches, it’s a pretty handy trick for archers.

21 Donate Stolen Coins

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The world of Skyrim is full of many interesting NPCs, and they all have their function and their specific abilities. Some of these NPCs are beggars, and you can donate coins to them to better your skills and get bonuses later on. What’s wild, however, is that you can get away with sneaking behind a beggar, stealing his coins, then giving them back to him. It’s a financially sound strategy, I guess, but morally speaking, I never felt right doing that.

20 Sick? Eat A Feather!

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To cure diseases, you can make potions. Experienced players will probably remember the recipes by heart by now— but turns out you don’t need to. One of the ingredients of a healing potion is a hawk feather, and it turns out the feathers themselves have healing properties. So much for all those recipes, huh?

All you need to do to cure whatever disease you’re afflicted with is eat a hawk feather raw. Now that’s wild in more ways than one!

19 Steal A Forsworn’s Briarheart Heart

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Pick-pocketing enemies and NPCs is quite fun— as long as you don’t get caught. But as it turns out, pick-pocketing can become very handy when you’re facing a Forsworn Briarheart. These enemies are notoriously a pain to beat, but you can defeat them easily by stealing their hearts. And no, we don’t mean that metaphorically.

Simply sneak up behind one and pickpocket it: you’ll have the option to steal its heart right out of its chest, along with its other items. Gross, but efficient.

18 A Mod That Lets You Become Link

via forums.nexusmods.com

Sure, if we start getting into mods, there are many, many wild things that you could do, from the Chicken Mod to that mod that turns spiders into Spider-Man or the one that turns horses into battered old car. One mod that struck us as particularly impressive, however, is the one that lets you become Link from Legend of Zelda. These kinds of cross-franchise shenanigans just make the game so much better, and we’re very grateful mods like this one exists.

17 Put Pots On NPC’s Heads

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I’ve mentioned pickpocketing before, and, for many players, it’s quite a big part of the game. Skyrim doesn’t discourage this, but, of course, if you get caught, there will be consequences. You can either get good at stealth or get creative. We can’t quite believe the game allows players to get away with this, but you can simply place a pot on an NPC’s head then steal all his belongings in front of him. Not that I’m speaking from experience, of course.

16 Use Villagers As Giant Fodder

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Giants (or mammoths) are difficult enemies to deal with. Early on in the game, especially, a face-off with a giant can prove extremely dangerous… but not necessarily for the player. One (slightly sadistic, if you ask us) thing you can get away with in the game is attacking a giant or a mammoth, then making sure it follows you and leading it to the nearest town. The townspeople will attack it…or try to. Meanwhile, you can quietly watch all the NPCs get destroyed.

15 Become A Vampire

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The possibilities are truly endless in Skyrim. The game has many, many supernatural creatures, from the infamous draugr to dragons to werewolves and, yes, vampires. What’s wild is that the game allows you to actually become a vampire (or a werewolf, for that matter.) Every time a vampire attacks you, you have a chance of contracting vampirism.

So really, all you have to do is let vampires attack you until you become one of them. Curing vampirism is harder, though, so be careful what you wish for.

14 Steal Clothing Off People’s Backs

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This is quite possibly one of the funniest things to do once you’ve played a while. Once your stealth level is high enough, you can unlock a special skill that will allow you to steal items even when they’re equipped. That includes clothing, meaning that you can go up to a guard, start by stealing his sword, then steal the clothes and armour off his back, and leave him wandering around in his underwear. Do this to all the guards for maximum hilarity.

13 Climb Walls With Your Horse

via funnyjunk.com

Skyrim may have vampires and werewolves and dragons and magic spells, but we swear some of the most magical creatures of the game are actually the horses. They completely defy the laws of physics.

For instance, you can pretty much fly on your horse. Or you can climb a wall or slope at a ninety degree angle. Be careful not to fall, however, because that would absolutely be fatal. We can’t quite believe the things that horses in Skyrim get away with.

12 Blacking Out

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If you’ve played the game a lot, you probably remember the quest I’m referring to. It’s called "A Night To Remember," it's one of the strangest quests in Skyrim, and, surprise, surprise, it involves getting very intoxicated. We can’t believe that players get away with half the wild things they do in that quest. Of course, all the mead and wine makes it hard to remember, but it involves an interesting drinking competition, and stealing a giant’s goat. We strongly advise you not to recreate this quest in real life.

11 Steal The Keys Of Everyone In A Town

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Poor, poor NPCs. Players can get away with putting them through a lot, and we mean a lot. I’ve already mentioned putting pots on their heads and stealing the clothes right off their backs, but another “fun” (for you, anyway) thing you can do if you’re good enough at pick-pocketing is stealing the keys of every inhabitant of a town. Then, once night falls, watch them wander around aimlessly. Why you would do this, we’re not sure, but you can do it.

10 Play Cabbageball

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Cabbage sports is not something I’d ever thought I’d write about, yet here I am. You may have been told not to play with your food, but in Skyrim, anything goes. You can’t play soccer, but with some vegetables and a bit of creativity, you can play cabbageball to amuse yourself.

Get yourself some empty bottles to serve as pins and you could play cabbage bowling, too. My grandma always did say cabbage was versatile, but I still can’t believe Skyrim lets you use these veggies like that.

9 Hurt Someone With a Cabbage

via kotaku.com

Talking about cabbages being versatile… that’s right, if you put your mind to it and throw hard enough, you can use cabbage as a weapon. Better be careful next time you play cabbage bowling, because if you hit someone with your cabbage, they could end up getting seriously hurt. It’s incredible that you can use cabbage, of all things, as a projectile. At the same time, it is quite funny to see how creative players can get with the objects they find in game.

8 The Enemy Of My Enemy…

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This is quite rare, but in some instances, if you get rid of an NPC, rivals NPCs will be grateful. In fact, some (again, rare) generous characters will give you a reward if you get rid of a fellow NPC that they dislike. What’s wild here is the level of detail in the game and the interpersonal relationships between characters. Minute details like this are what makes Skyrim a game that people will play for hours and days on end.

7 Using NPCs As Target Practice

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Will you look at that: another way to abuse NPCs. This is especially fun with the annoying ones that never seem to stop talking. If you feel like practising your aim, you can just throw tomatoes at your least favorite NPC! Avoid using cabbages, though, for the reasons I’ve mentioned above. It really is wild, the number of things you can put NPCs through. For extra fun, you could steal an NPC’s clothes, put a pot on their head, and then throw tomatoes at them.

6 Make Pixel Art With Vegetables

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Here’s a less violent (and more NPC-friendly) way to use up your vegetables. You can make pixel art with them! I’m not saying you’ll become some virtual Arcimboldo in-between two dragon fights, but if you’re feeling creative, making a vegetable mosaic is a fun, peaceful option. Or you could come up with yet more ways to torment the non-playable characters in the game. I’m not judging. It really is impressive how many things you can do with vegetables in Skyrim, though!

5 Steal Someone’s Chair Before They Sit Down

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This is probably as close as you’ll get to Skyrim musical chairs. Using a spell to slow down time, you can simply sit in a character’s chair right before they sit down in it. Are there better things you could be doing with time spells? Probably. Is stealing characters’ chairs more fun? Well, maybe not, but it’s entertaining when you’re getting bored of defeating draugr and dragons. And we can’t believe you can get away with using this spell like that.

4 Fight Two Dragons At Once

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Talking about dragons… I can’t say I’d recommend doing this, but you can do it if you’re feeling very brave. If you’ve played so much that one dragon just isn’t enough of a challenge for you anymore, you could always find two dragons and fight them. At the same time. After all, you’re a hero, right? Nothing scares you. Dragons are so notoriously difficult to fight, it’s amazing the game allows you to fight two at once, and yet, it’s possible.

3 Use Spiders As Weapons

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Arachnophobes and arachnid lovers alike might want to skip to the next point. In Skyrim, there are a lot of things you can weaponize, including spiders. Yep, that’s about as frightening as that sounds. You can experiment with spiders and turn them into throwable spider bombs of sorts.

From flammable spiders to exploding spiders and poison spiders, there are plenty of possibilities! All you need to create a spooky eight-legged weapon are some gems and spider pods, and you’ll be all set.

2 Fight A Poultrymancer

via youtube.com (emchartreuse)

Necromancers are one thing, but I was flabbergasted the first time I encountered the poultrymancer. We can’t believe the game actually gives you the option to fight this, um, very specialized magician. The poultrymancer (or poultry reanimator or poultry wizard, whatever you want to call him,) can be found trying to bring five chickens back to life. He’s a bit hard to find, but it’s probably one of the funniest fights you’ll get in the game. Next time you see a guy surrounded by five glowing chickens, beware!

1 Defeat A Dragon…With Your Fists

via gamesradar.com

You’ve been playing forever, and your character is now ridiculously powerful. Do you feel like you’ve done all there is to do in the game? Are you looking for a new challenge? Is defeating a dragon too easy for you?

Have you already triumphed over two dragons at once? Congratulations: your next challenge is defeating a dragon with your bare fists. It’s not something the game asks you to do, but, incredibly, it’s something you can technically get away with if you’re powerful enough. Good luck, you’ll need it.

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