The 10 Worst Followers In Skyrim Of All Time, Ranked

If you've grown bored of your lonely adventures through the province of Skyrim, you might be on the look out for a suitable companion to join you in your battles. There are plenty to choose from in Skyrim, but it's important to make the right choice.

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Some companions are actually capped to only reach a certain maximum level, and won't serve you that well after. Others have weak skillsets or are otherwise annoying to deal with. Without further ado, we're here to introduce the ten worst followers in Skyrim, so you'll know which ones to avoid when you finally make the choice.

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10 Ingjard

Ingjard is actually not a bad follower, mainly because she's among the few that don't have a level cap. However, what places her on this list is the fact that she's often in the thick of the fight and can get in the way as you try to battle your enemies.

This makes her vulnerable to your own attacks, which is incredibly annoying. If you still want to recruit her regardless, you can find Ingjard in Fort Dawnguard, which is accessible in the Dawnguard DLC.

9 Stenvar

Stenvar is a seasoned warrior that you can hire in Windhelm if you visit Candlehearth Hall. He's pretty strong in combat and will serve you well in that regard. However, he likes to get in front of you a lot and tank the enemies, which means you might end up whacking him in the process as well - and he can die.

Luckily, he also has a hunting bow that he can use, but his main talent lies in two-handed combat. On the bright side, he's among the few characters in the game that actually have something to say and come off as something more than just paper-thin personalities.

8 Talvas Fathryon

Talvas is a Dunmer who becomes available in the Dragonborn DLC. Once you've completed his quest he can be taken along as a companion, although he'll permanently be at level 25 no matter what.

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As a mage, Talvas will use Conjuration spells to his advantage, but he's nothing remarkable in combat. With so many other better mages and spellcasters available, like Brelyna, Onmund and Marcurio, he simply pales in comparison.

7 Adelaisa Vendicci

Adelaisa is an Imperial residing near Windhelm. She works for the East Empire Company, and once you visit her there, she'll give you a quest that leads you to an island to fight a bunch of pirates. After that she can be taken along as a companion, but is extremely weak with very little skill.

She's fairly good at Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing, but at everything else, she's sub-par to say the least, with her level capped at a measly 25. With so little to offer, you're better off finding a better warrior.

6 Ria

Ria is a member of the Companions. After you've fully completed the faction's quest line, she can be taken along as a follower. As a character she's pretty much paper thin, with very similar dialogue as Lydia, one of the blandest characters in the game.

Skill-wise, she's fairly accomplished with Heavy Armor, but will have light armor equipped for some reason. As a warrior, she's capped to level up until 25, after which just about any other sword-wielder in Skyrim will serve you a hundred times better.

5 Njada Stonearm

Njada is the one mean girl in the Companions who many of us probably hoped we could have taught a lesson or two. That being said, if you still fancy getting her and her whining attitude on board, you can take her as a follower after completing the faction's quest line.

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She's a decent one-handed warrior, but surprisingly, many of her skills are close to a thief's skillset. Unfortunately, Njada is also capped at level 25 and will be virtually useless after that.

4 Agmaer

Agmaer is another follower available for those who own the Dawnguard DLC. As you're on your way to Fort Dawnguard you're likely to run into him, as he's an aspiring member of the faction. After completing the quest A New Order, he can be taken as a follower, however he'll only level up until 25.

It's implied in his dialogue with Isran that he's not the best of fighters, using an axe in battle. Skill-wise, he's best with one-handed weapons and light armor, but can also use two-handed weapons decently.

3 Torvar

Although most Companions come off as rigorous and disciplined, Torvar seems to be the biggest exception. He hates training. After completing the main quest of the Companions, he can be taken along as a follower, but will cap at level 25.

You can also simply drop armor in front of him, and he'll ask if he can have it. If you give it to him, he'll become available as a companion. He's an okay one-handed fighter, but he's not the best option out there in terms of skills.

2 Sven

Sven is a lumberjack living in Whiterun, in love with Camilla Valerius, just like Faendal. If you help him in his quest to win Camilla's heart over, he can be recruited as a follower. The game considers him more of a citizen than a professional combatant, which is why his skills are more focused on Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing rather than combat.

His best combat skills are Archery and One-Handed, but given that he can only level up until 20, he's not at all worth taking along, due to how fragile and talentless he is.

1 Roggi Knot-Beard

Roggi's a miner in Kynesgrove, and can be recruited as a follower after you've found and retrieved his ancestral shield. Much like Sven, however, Roggi is not marked a combat-oriented character, but rather a citizen. Therefore his skills are limited to Alchemy, Enchanting and Smithing, with a bit in Two-Handed and One-Handed.

His leveling is capped at 20, and he has an incredibly low health pool, around 200 HP at the most. He definitely takes the cake as the worst companion, with how weak and vulnerable he is.

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