Slay The Spire Studio Gives An Update On Console Ports

The wait is nearly over and Slay the Spire will be available May 21 for the PS4, while those wanting to ascend the tower on the Nintendo Switch will need to wait a bit longer. The popular roguelike, deck-building game by developer Megacrit left Early Access on Steam in January of this year.

via: Nintendo Life

While the PS4 has received a firm launch date, developer u/SneakySly explained why the Nintendo Switch may not have a simultaneous release. Although the teams are working diligently to aim for that same-day launch, there have been unexpected bugs in finishing the port. Although the project is nearly complete, they are withholding a firm commitment for the Switch until they are certain about when it will be ready.

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The news is welcome by fans of the game after the initial tweets regarding a port. Players of the game on Steam all know that the developers have always been open in communicating plans, and today’s news coincides nicely with their post from one month ago, where they promised, and followed through, on having a launch date announced by late April. As stated in previous announcements relating to the porting process, the highly-popular mods created through the Steam Workshop will not be present in any of the console versions, which may be a crucial point that keeps some players on their computers. Likewise, the point leaderboards for daily runs and achievements will remain separate between console and PC. While the lack of mods may keep some people away, others will likely relish the opportunity to play the game on the go with their Switch. For those who do not have either console, the plan remains still to release later this year on mobile, though no estimated date has been given as of yet.

The game cannot arrive soon enough, as there is a definite lack of similar games for either console. Hearthstone, Pokémon TCG, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Shadowverse, Gwent, Faeria, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and others remain notably absent from the console systems, which is a bit of a mystery considering how profitable they are to their developers. Although distinct in its single-player campaign, console fans of deck-building games and TCGs will soon be able to delve into Slay the Spire.

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