Smack Talk Showdown Is The Wrestling Version of Cards Against Humanity

Being a great talker is a key part of any pro wrestler's repertoire, and now fans can see if they have what it takes with Smack Talk Showdown.

Being a great talker is a key part of any pro wrestler's repertoire, and now fans can see if they have what it takes to deliver a decent promo right in their own home.

Being a professional wrestler requires so much more than having the ability to perform a choreographed fight. Wrestlers need to look the part, act the part, and talk the part. That last one might be the most important element of all. If a wrestler can't talk fans into the building or talk up a match successfully, then the rest of their skill set is immaterial.

All of us would like to think we can cut a promo like the best of them. In front of a mirror behind closed doors, all wrestling fans are The Rock, or Stone Cold, or CM Punk. However, when that red light is on, and it's time to do exactly that in front of millions watching around the world, 99.9% of us would freeze up, never to be seen in that environment again.

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Thankfully, Double Turn Games has provided fans with a happy medium. It's called Smack Talk Showdown and the best way to describe it would be labeling it Cards Against Humanity meets WWE. The first edition of the card game enjoyed a successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2017. Two years later, the 2018 Tabletop Game of the Year nominee is back.

The second edition version of Smack Talk Showdown is once again available on Kickstarter, but there's a twist. This time around, there's the added option to also purchase the Lewd ADDitude expansion pack. While wrestling is for all, and the base game is suitable for anyone 10 and up, the expansion pack is described by its creators as NSFW and definitely not child-friendly.

The second edition of Smack Talk Showdown and the Lewd ADDitude are available to back on Kickstarter right now. Wrestling fans can pledge $25 in order to get the base pack, $10 if you only want the expansion, or $30 if you're keen to get your hands on both. Considering the success of the first edition of the game, chances are this won't be the last we see of Smack Talk Showdown.

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