20 Small But Awesome Details You Never Noticed In Fallout 4

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 expanded on the universe created by Black Isle Studios. Your primary focus may be recovering your kidnapped son, Shaun, but it’s easy to get off-track. The main quest is important, but there are hundreds of side quests to explore. During these quests, you’ll learn more about the settlers and factions residing in the Boston area. However, you are not restricted to urban areas. There are multiple maps to explore; from the Commonwealth and Far Harbor to the Nuka-Cola amusement park, players had a significant amount of content to explore.

Not all of the secrets are buried within the map. Your companions may also surprise you. Since Fallout 4 doesn’t take place long after the events of Fallout 3, you’ll find several references to the previous games. You may have ignored the children of the Capital Wasteland, but now some of them have a more important role in the story.

The developer is composed of several employees and everyone had a fun Easter egg to insert into the game. From nods to their favorite authors or movies, there are hidden secrets scarred all around the Commonwealth. They’re incredibly easy to miss unless you know about them in advance or previously read about it online.

No matter how you enjoy playing Fallout 4, it’s difficult to catch every single reference and Easter egg hidden in the game. We’ve compiled a list of some of the small details you won’t want to miss on your current or next play through of Fallout 4. Fair warning, there are some spoilers within, so read at your own risk.

20 Commemorative Seat Still Remains Centuries Later

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Though the game takes place two hundred years after the Great War, it's easy to forget that there was a more peaceful time of family picnics and sporting events. In 1946, a major record was set within Fenway Park. Baseball player Ted Williams hit the furthest home run ever at 502 feet, which was memorialized within Fenway. If you travel into "The Great Green Jewel" Diamond City, you'll notice this small detail was captured in Fallout 4. Below the billboards for Joe's Sandwiches and Galaxy News Radio, and above the giant pile of tires, you'll spot one bright red chair among the broken brown seats. Though the region was affected by the nuclear bombs, the chair memorializing the home run remained for future generations.

19 Familiar Priest Seeks Your Assistance

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What do Fallout and The Walking Dead having in common? They're both long-running series with large fanbases. It's only natural that there are fans of both, including within Bethesda's headquarters. Travel to Union's Hope Cathedral, and you'll witness a lone priest fighting off several feral ghouls. Feral Ghouls aren't like other ghouls you may encounter in the Commonwealth. Like zombies, they only exist to attack and eat other living beings. The priest calls out to you for help. After the battle is finished, you'll learn his name is Father Gabe, which is eerily familiar to another priest from The Walking Dead named Gabriel Stokes, or Father Gabriel. Though this is unconfirmed by Bethesda, the similarities are too close to be a coincidence.

18 Remnants Of Space Remain On Earth

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During your adventures in Fallout 4, you'll have the option to join different factions. Join the Brotherhood of Steel, and you'll receive several mini-quests to either eliminate hostile enemies from various buildings. Doing these missions will increase the Brotherhood's trust in you.

In "Quartermastery," Scribe Haylen will request that you bring her Flux Sensors in exchange for caps. Examine any Flux Sensor, and you'll notice "CM-88B 180924609" printed on the back. If you're an Alien franchise fan, these letters and numbers will sound familiar to you. CM-88B is the model of the ship USCSS Nostromo featured in the film. 180924609 is the registration number of the USCSS Nostromo. Though the reference is lost on most players, hardcore fans of Alien will immediately recognize it.

17 Ruins Of A Battle Against A Great White Shark

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Not only is there trouble in land in the Commonwealth, but also in the waters. The waterfronts not only contain threats of Mirelurks but also of sharks. Luckily, the only shark-like creature you'll see is already dead. Travel northwest of Diamond City, and you'll find a drifting boat on the water.

Upon boarding, you'll immediately witness the aftermath of a deadly battle. A mutated dolphin shark that resembles Jaws is lying on its side by the remains of a fisherman. On the remains are a blue shirt, blue bandana, and a machete, similar to the shark hunter Quint. Hop into the irradiated waters, and you'll find another Jaws reference. By the boat is a diving cage, which holds remains similar to Matt Hooper, the young oceanographer who tried to learn more about the great white shark.

16 Run On Over For Some Power Noodles

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Similar to Fallout, Blade Runner takes place in an alternate future. Replicants replaced humans like Synths replace humans in the Commonwealth and Capital Wasteland of Fallout 3. There is a reference to one of the characters, Takahashi, who owns a noodle bar. In Fallout 4, a Protection with the same name owns the restaurant Power Noodles. Both characters similarly politely greet the protagonist in Japanese with "May I take your order?" The robot only understands "Yes" as a response, which you can discover is due to the limitations of its programming.

Another Blade Runner reference can be discovered on the roof of the Mass Fusion Containment Shed building. You'll find a dead Raider and dead Synth in the same position as Deckard and Roy in the infamous "Tears in Rain" monologue scene.

15 The Snakes Still Remain The Best

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If you've played Fallout 3, you'll remember several annoying characters. In your first home, Vault 101, you'll face Butch and his gang, the Tunnel Snakes. Though you can leave and never return, you'll always have memories of the old-school group. During your journey, you are forced to interact with the children of Little Lamplight. You'll have to deal with the foul-mouthed leader of the colony named Mayor MacCready.

Fallout fans were shocked to see him return as a companion in Fallout 4. Older, wiser, and trying to cut down his use of explicit language, MacCready has changed when meeting the Sole Survivor. But, he still remembers his time in the Capital Wasteland. Travel with MacCready in any tunnel, and you might catch him yell "Tunnel Snakes rule! I heard that somewhere." MacCready may have left the Capital Wasteland, but a piece of it remains with him.

14 A Familiar Transcendentalist Pond

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There are several small ponds in the Commonwealth. In the area of Concord, you can discover a direct reference to writer and philosopher Henry David Thoreau. Beside the lake is a small cabin that was used as a gift shop before the Great War. Inside, you'll find various mugs, toys, and random books. The tourist site was maintained by the nearby robotics manufacturer General Atomics International.

When you discover the site as the Sole Survivor, the building is damaged. The water is highly irradiated and is dangerous to drink. Around the cabin, you'll find a working intercom, which gives an automated tour of the area. Even the raiders are aware of the historic site. Move close enough, and you'll overhear two raiders in a nearby drainage pipe discussing “transcendentalism” and how they wish they could read more about it.

13 A Quarry Holds A Paranormal Secret

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The Dunwich Borers quarry is hard to miss in Fallout 4. In the middle of the Commonwealth, you'll notice bright white rock in the middle of the brown grass. Raiders have taken over the area and will become immediately hostile when you get too close. The name of the quarry may seem familiar if you've played Fallout 3. In the Capital Wasteland, the Dunwich Building had paranormal activities, similarly to the quarry.

Dunwich locations in both games are meant to be references to H.P. Lovecraft's short story "The Dunwich Horror." Enter these sites, and you'll see flashbacks from before the Great War happened. You'll notice people working hard in the quarry, yet in reality, their skeletal remains and tools will remain on the ground.

12 Raiders Still Care For Their Own

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The Commonwealth has a plague of raiders threatening settlements, robbing innocent people, and causing mayhem. They're usually immediately hostile and don't hesitate to shoot at you and your companions.

Travel north of the Starlight Drive-in, and you'll see a rare sight: a raider mourning someone. The raider is sitting beside a freshly dug grave plot. If you can Sneak close enough, you'll hear a bit of dialogue. He talks about how much he misses that person. If you reload or start a new game, the gender of the raider may change, but the dialogue remains similar.

Though the Sole Survivor may be used to raiders being bloodthirsty killers, it's a rare, humanizing sight that makes you wonder what happened to make Raiders so aggressive.

11 The Mysterious Stranger's Number One Fan

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Nick Valentine is a Synth and private detective. His memories originated from a Detective living in Chicago. After leaving the Institute, Nick traveled across America until he found his home in Diamond City. As a Synth, he can't die of old age and has solved several cases thanks to his high intelligence.

Check around Nick's bed at the Valentine Detective Agency, and you'll discover one case he's been following for decades. He has been researching the Mysterious Stranger and will reference sightings of him at Shady Shands, a reference to the first Fallout game. He will also comment on the Stranger's stylish appearance since both wear trenchcoats and vintage fedora hats. If Nick is your companion and you have the Mysterious Stranger perk, Nick will call out in excitement whenever the Stranger appears.

10 Extraterrestrial Life Remains A Fallout Tradition

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The Fallout series has always included a reference to aliens. Fallout 3 had an entire DLC storyline dedicated to the space creatures called Mothership Zeta. Though there is no similar DLC for Fallout 4, you can still find a crashed UFO southeast of Oberland station.

The UFO will appear after hearing sounds of a plane that's lost control. You'll discover the crash site surrounded by smoke and fire. Activating relay tower 1DL-109 will give you an early clue with the signal "garbled radio beacon," a distress signal sent out by the alien. Though you can't enter the UFO, you will find the alien in a nearby cave. The alien will be injured and will turn immediately hostile towards you. Killing the alien will net you its weapon: an Alien Blaster Pistol and blaster ammo.

9 Loud Toys Hold Memories Of The Past

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Enter one of the abandoned buildings in Fallout 4, and you’ll spot a creepy monkey banging a pair of cymbals. They may be placed sporadically just to scare you or to alert foes of your presence. In Fallout 4, they are most commonly used as a cheap motion-detector. The cymbal-banging monkey isn’t just a crazy looking toy to haunt your dreams. They are a reference to the 1955 film Rebel Without a Cause starring James Dean. In the movie, Dean is shown lying on the ground, drunk, and holding the monkey toy.

The cymbal-banging monkey wasn’t the only reference to popular toys of the 1950s. Giddyup Buttercup, a toy that Arthur in the Slog requests your help finding parts for, is also a reference to an older toy.

8 The G.O.A.T. Exam Wasn’t Exclusive To Vault 101

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When you first play Fallout 4, you’ll get a visit from an upbeat Vault-Tec salesman who speaks of how amazing and safe the vaults are. Unfortunately for your family, agreeing to become a vault dweller caused you to be put into a cryogenic sleep for over 200 years, your spouse to be killed in front of you, and your child to be kidnapped.

Not all of the Commonwealth residents knew that the vaults were used to experiment on people. Some found them safe places to live where everyone had a useful job. Travel into the Compound, and you’ll find posters you may remember from Fallout 3’s Vault 101. The Generalized Occupational Aptitude Test or G.O.A.T. are on different concrete pillars around the building. Though they can’t be interacted with, they’re a fun reference to Bethesda’s previous Fallout installment.

7 A Menacing Game Reference To An Arcade Donkey

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Fallout 4 added mini-games that can be played on the Pip-Boy or most terminal devices. Published by Vault-Tec Game Studios, The Red Menace was anti-communist Chinese propaganda. The game is a nod to the original 1981 Donkey Kong arcade game, where Jumpman attempts to save Pauline from the meaning gorilla. The evil character was briefly seen in Fallout 3 but made its official debut in Fallout 4.

In The Red Menace, users take control of Vault Boy as he tries to rescue Vault Girl. The moving Chinese Flag will attack Vault Boy by throwing down barrels and bombs. Besides from reducing Vault Girl, you are challenged by traveling as high as possible before being killed or saving her. There is a single Power Suit power-up in the game, which is similar in game play to the hammer in Donkey Kong.

6 A Feline Fanatic’s Dream Home

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The Fallout series has often focused on a single protagonist wandering the lands with a faithful canine companion. Variants of mutated dogs, such as Wild Dogs, Mutant Hounds, and Attack Dogs also roam the Commonwealth. Fallout 2 stated that cats easier to hunt for food, and in Fallout: New Vegas, Mr. House claims that cats are extinct.

In the Commonwealth, cats can be found in most settlements. Travel Southeast of Walden Pond, and you'll find one resident who was obsessed with the feline creature. You'll immediately notice many cats swarming outside of the cabin. Enter it, and you'll also be greeted with cats. You'll also witness something more adorable. On the walls, there are paintings of various cats playing with other kittens or with toys. A cute cabin filled with cats is a rarity in the Fallout series, which makes it easy to miss.

5 Covenant Grills You With A Familiar Exam

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When you grow up in Fallout 3, you're forced to take the G.O.A.T. exam. The questions each poses an imaginary scenario, and each answer corresponds to a skill. At the end of the test, your skills are calculated, and you are given a work position within Vault 101. The test will also give you a particular skill, ranging from Small Guns to Bartering.

In Fallout 4, the test returns outside of the Covenant settlement. Before you're allowed in, you have to answer a similar set of G.O.A.T. questions. These questions may seem annoying and long at first, but they are important to the Covenant. The residents want to know if you're a Synth. Most Synths do not remember a majority of their past, which is easier for others to call them out.

4 A Synth's Best Friend

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Nick Valentine retained the helpful, hard-working personality of the man his memories originated. Just like he has helped others during his career as a private detective in the Commonwealth, he likes when the Sole Survivor helps others. If you choose to travel with the Synth, he'll fight any enemy that is hostile towards you. Though these enemies may keep shooting at you when you're alone, they may stop when they notice your companion.

Near the bridges outside of Diamond City, you'll encounter some hostile raiders. When they spot Nick, they will stop shooting and say they wouldn't have attacked if they knew it was him. They will even allow you to barter with them. Once you walk away from them, Nick will be disappointed the boys he once knew grew up to be raiders instead of something more helpful.

3 Plants Of Tamriel In The Commonwealth

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The Elder Scrolls and Fallout are two of Bethesda's most popular IPs. Both series are widely loved by fans worldwide. With fans of both series paying attention to each new game, it's no surprise that Bethesda might want to include references to the Elder Scrolls in Fallout.

Travel upon the Brotherhood of Steel's Prydwen, and you'll find a bio lab area. The lab is growing an "experimental plant" which resembles Nirnroot from The Elder Scrolls series. Besides from a similar glowing appearance and unmistakable vibrating noise when approaching it, both plants also grow near water.

The discovery of Nirnroot even brought up rumors that Fallout and Skyrim existed in the same universe. After being questioned about it, Bethesda denied the connection.

2 Companions Share Their Condolences

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Once the Sole Survivor leaves Vault 113, there are few reasons to return. You may want the locked gun, but there are several other powerful weapons in the Commonwealth to choose instead. If you do return with a faithful Companion, you can take them back to the cryopod room where you, your spouse, and Shaun were frozen for two centuries.

Your companions will immediately recognize the dead body with a gunshot wound as your spouse. Except for Dogmeat, they will all express their condolences for your loss. Though some companions may act tough outside the vault, all of them are apologetic for the death. They will state they don't mind waiting around if you need time to grieve. The Sole Survivor can also interact with their deceased spouse and vow revenge for their death.

1 Even The Commonwealth Remembers The Holidays

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In Fallout 4, days and nights may quickly roll together as you’re battling Super Mutants and helping Preston secure another Minuteman settlement. You may not notice, but there are still specific days and months in the universe.

Although most holidays aren’t celebrated, you’ll want to return to Diamond City on October 31st, or Halloween. The settlement will be decorated with plastic pumpkin containers and artwork of dancing Jack-o-Lanterns. Make sure to go back on December 25th, which is most commonly known as Christmas Day. Instead of the standard brown and gray scenery, you’ll find that colorful lights decorate signs within Fenway Park. A few Christmas trees are also placed around the settlement on roofs and near Takahashi’s Power Noodle restaurant. Approach the Diamond City guards, and they will also say holiday-related comments.

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