Smash Ultimate: Winners And Losers Of The 2.0.0 Patch, Explained

Dominant characters like K. Rool and the Inkling were nerfed in the latest patch for Smash Bros Ultimate, and some characters saw powerful buffs.

The ver. 2.0.0 patch is now available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which has finally made Piranha Plant playable, added multiplayer support for the Spirit Board, and made it easier to perform short hops (they now get their own button press!).

The most exciting aspect of the 2.0.0 patch, though, is that it brought some badly needed balance changes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in the form of buffs and nerfs for different characters.

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We are here today to see which characters have been influenced the most by the latest patch for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. 

King K. Rool (Nerfed)

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King K. Rool has been hit hard by the latest patch, but perhaps not hard enough, as his crown is still OP and needs changing.

The 2.0.0 patch has shortened the length of K. Rool's vacuum attack, meaning that it can't be used to edgeguard from a safe distance, which is a huge game changer.

K. Rool's recovery move has also lost some of its vertical lift, making it far less safe for him to leave the stage, while the burial duration of his down throw has been decreased at lower percentages.

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The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate online modes have been filled with K. Rool mains since the game was released, and it's good to see him taken down a few pegs in terms of power.

Jigglypuff (Buffed)


Jigglypuff has always been a difficult character to master, and an easy one to send flying. If you can figure out Jigglypuff's floaty jumps and sleep-inducing moves, then you may have a strong character on your hands.

Jigglypuff has seen several buffs to his attack power and speed in the ver. 2.0.0 patch. The speed buff to Jigglypuff's back air will be especially useful, due to how effective that move can be when attacking opponents further away from the stage.

Duck Hunt Duo (Nerfed)


Duck Hunt badly needed some buffs, but Masahiro Sakurai decided to kick the dog while he was down and take some stuff away.

Not only is the Clay Pigeon more punishable than before, but the hitstun time for when it hits has been reduced, making it a lot harder to chain together Clay Pigeon shots, which was one of the few benefits of playing Duck Hunt in Ultimate. 

One benefit that the Duck Hunt Duo gained from the latest patch is that they can more quickly act out of using the Trick Shot, but that move is already far less effective in Ultimate due to how the game is much faster and it's easier for other characters to avoid the can's trajectory.

Bowser (Buffed)


Bowser saw an increase in speed in Ultimate, which has made up for his lack of ranged moves and turned him into a truly competitive fighter.

Bowser didn't really need any more buffs to his strength and launch distance, but the creators of the game felt he needed some, so several of Bowser's physical attacks are better and his recovery move is more likely to hit multiple times.

Luigi (Nerfed)


The changes to Luigi's throw in Ultimate led a lot of fans to believe that he had been nerfed in the jump from 3DS/Wii U, but it didn't take long for a 0% to KO combo to be discovered, which involved knocking the enemy into the ground when they hadn't taken any hits yet.

Luigi's down air no longer has meteor qualities, which was meant to remove the 0% to KO combo. Some fans who have discovered other ways of accomplishing the combo, but it's not as reliable as it was before the patch.

Sheik (Buffed)


Sheik saw some nerfs in the jump from 3DS/Wii U to Ultimate, and her combo game wasn't as good as before.

It seems that the Ultimate team has realized that they may have taken away too much from Sheik, as the 2.0.0 patch has increased the range & speed of some of her physical attacks and made a few of her aerials and specials safer to use.

Peach & Daisy (Nerfed)


Daisy and Peach were pegged for being two of the best characters in Ultimate by professional players who were impressed by their amazing aerial and combo game.

The recovery move used by both Daisy and Peach in Ultimate (the Daisy Parasol and Peach Parasol) now has a shorter launch distance for repeated attacks, which has weakened one of their best aerial KO moves, even though it can still be effective when only used once.

Chrom (Nerfed)


Chrom is a divisive character among Ultimate pros, with some loving the incredible speed and safety of his attacks, while others think he is trash because of how vulnerable he is off the stage.

Chrom has lost one of his match-stealing moves: dragging down the enemy into a suicide move with his up special will now always result in Chrom losing a stock first, which prevents him from using the move to win when both players are on their final stock.

Rosalina & Luma (Buffed)


Rosalina & Luma was one of the most feared characters in 3DS/Wii U, or at least they were until the DLC characters pushed them down a few spaces on the tier list.

Rosalina & Luma took a hit in Ultimate, but they have been brought back up to speed with the latest patch, improving almost all of her moves. Rosalina and Luma may be the most improved character overall.

King Dedede (Nerfed)


King Dedede had been improved in the jump from 3DS/Wii U to Ultimate, but he's still outclassed by the other heavies in the game (most notably Donkey Kong and King K. Rool), so Dedede could really have used some help.

The developers of Ultimate seem to have felt differently, as King Dedede's Gordo now has a smaller hitbox, which has made his best stalling/off-stage attack less effective in a game where it was already too easy to reflect.

Mii Brawler (Buffed)


The official patch notes for the Mii Brawler were frustratingly vague when it came describing the buffs it received, as the Mii characters have a selection of moves to choose from and the patch notes didn't specify which ones were made stronger.

The Mii Brawler has seen several benefits in the latest patch, such as the Head-on Assault dealing a lot more damage to shields, the Feint Jump Kick is more powerful, the Exploding Side Kick being safer and easier to act out of, and its now easier to grab the ledge after using the Soaring Axe Kick.

Inkling (Nerfed)


The Inkling has been the terror of the Ultimate online mode largely thanks to the Splat Roller's powerful burial effect. In the latest patch, the burial time has been significantly reduced at lower percentages.

The Inkling is still a fearsome character, even with a weakened Splat Roller, but at least one of their moves is now far less frustrating than before.

Incineroar (Buffed)


Incineroar has some cool gimmicks, but his lack of movement speed in such a fast-paced game and his poor recovery have made him a very vulnerable character to choose in Ultimate.

The 2.0.0 patch has strengthened Incineroar's up smash and up throw, but the real benefit to Incineroar's arsenal is that his recovery move has its horizontal and vertical reach extended, which will make him much safer to use in off-stage situations.

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