Smash Ultimate: The Best Accessories To Make You A Pro

No franchise has managed to balance hours of practice with beginner's luck quite as well as Super Smash Bros. If you have dared to venture online since playing Smash Ultimate then you will know it is not for the faint of heart. Just because you often have the beating of your friends does not mean you can take on the world, trust us. In the same breath, you may also know how it feels to be beaten by your nine-year-old cousin who has never played Smash before in their life. No, that analogy is not taken from something that actually happened to us. Mind your business!

Whether its players from the opposite side of the world schooling you or members of your own family, you should not be standing for it. If you want to be better at Smash, give some of the below products a try. They've helped us out immensely and believe us when we tell you, we needed the help.

YTEAM GameCube NGC Controller Adapter For Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and PC

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BUY IT NOW: $16.98

Before you venture online, how about we focus on honing your skills against those pesky friends and family. If you have a big family or you are having people round, it's all well and good letting people take it in turns, but it isn't ideal. There may also be arguments over who gets a GameCube controller while someone else is stuck with a joy-con. Pick yourself up one of these adapters and all your problems will be solved. Get yourself two and eight people can play Smash at the same time, all with their own GameCube controller if there are enough to go round. Be warned though, eight-player Smash is absolute anarchy.

PowerA Wired Controller For Nintendo Switch

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BUY IT NOW: $24.99

If the adapter sounds right up your alley but you are a normal human being so don't have a house filled with GameCube controllers, we have you covered there too. Let's be honest, with the GameCube, Nintendo really got it right when it came to its controllers. Specifically when it comes to the playability of every Smash game since. Almost everyone wants to play Smash with a GameCube controller because almost everyone is better at Smash with one. Trouble is, the real thing courtesy of Nintendo is a tad expensive. This wired alternative from PowerA is basically the same thing. We certainly couldn't tell the difference and it will cost you half as much.

Piranha Plant Amiibo

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BUY IT NOW: $32.88

We can suggest all the gadgets and controllers we like to help you improve your Smash game. However, if you don't know which character you truly excel with, then you will never reach your Ultimate peak. If you are still uncertain as to who "the one" is among the crowded roster, we would suggest giving Piranha Plant a whirl. The newest addition to the Smash roster was part of Ultimate's DLC and if you don't already have it, why not get it in Amiibo form? Not only will you get a cool and unique memento, but you'll have what we consider to be one of the best characters in Ultimate. If nothing else, that crazy, helicopter-like recovery move is going to help you massively.

As you can see, if you have a little bit of money to spend, there are ways you can enhance your Smash Ultimate experience even further. Like we hinted at above, we thought it might well be the best game ever until we dared to play strangers and discovered that we are actually terrible at the game. Some of the above extras will help but be warned, none of them will perform miracles.

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