E3 2019: Smash Ultimate's Next DLC Is Four Dragon Quest Heroes In One

Dragon Quest Heroes

The next hero to come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be the Hero from the Dragon Quest series.

Nintendo had a tough time with Dragon Quest. Not because it wasn’t a world-renowned game franchise with tons of awards and fans across the globe--it most certainly is all that and more. The problem is that Dragon Quest never names its protagonist. The player writes in their own name at the beginning of each game (much like with every Pokémon game), so Nintendo didn’t have any name to write in their introductory video.

The latest trailer video from Nintendo’s E3 direct revealed that Dragon Quest is joining the Smash Bros. fray with a character that’s more like 4 characters in one. The trailer shows the hero from Dragon Quest XI come to Link’s aid but is eventually overwhelmed by the massed forces of mind-controlled video game heroes.

But then he’s saved by the arrival of the heroes from Dragon Quest 3 (known as Dragon Warrior 3 in North America), Dragon Quest 4 (aka Dragon Warrior 4), and Dragon Quest 7: Fragments of the Forgotten Past.

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At the very end, it looks like even more Dragon Quest games will be represented in this one hero, which makes him kinda like the Koopa Kids in the current Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Or that could just be the Final Smash attack bringing the entire Dragon Quest roster into one deadly swipe of their sword.

In terms of moves, he looks to be yet another sword and shield user to go along with the various Links and Fire Emblem characters, although Mr. Dragon Quests’s special moves appear to be a little more unique.

Dragon Quest’s Hero arrives sometime later this summer and will be available for purchase separately or as part of Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Fighter Pass for $24.99.

And if Dragon Quest isn’t your thing, Nintendo also announced the arrival of Banjo & Kazooie later this year. Banjo is particularly noteworthy as the IP is owned by Microsoft, which means that this is the first Microsoft IP to be represented in Smash Bros. Could this mean Master Chief is on his way?

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