Smash Ultimate Glitches: Isabelle Is Spawning Infinite Waluigis, And She Breaks The Game With Villager

In Smash Ultimate, Isabelle's fishing rod can clone assist trophies, and her and Villager using their 'Pocket' ability can break the game.

Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch Isabelle Header

In Smash Ultimate, Isabelle and Villager are causing some incredible glitches.

Come on now, Sakurai. We know that you’ve been working 50-hour days to get Super Smash Bros. Ultimate finished, but clearly, you weren’t working hard enough. These hilarious and ridiculous glitches are NOT okay.

So, yes. As we all know, a little Nintendo Switch title called Smash Ultimate is now out in the wild. Legitimately, that is, following those unfortunate leaks in the weeks prior to launch. All around the world, Switch owners are feverishly unlocking characters, or else battling to get into (and stay in) that VIP area they call Elite Smash.

Are you hurrying to unlock everything, or are you taking your time to savor the experience? Ultimate was a long, long time coming, after all. You’re totally within your rights to enjoy the game at your own pace.

Maybe you’re just messing around in regular matches and have barely made a dent in the extensive single player campaign, World of Light. On the flipside, maybe you’ve 100% completed the map, seen the true ending and everything. There’s no wrong way to play. Have it your way, as Burger King like to say.

All that really matters is that you don’t break the darn game in the process. When you play with Isabelle and Villager, don’t get too pocket-happy, lest you crash the game or even bring a tide of infinite Waluigis down upon you.

That’s right, friends. Two new glitches have been discovered. The first of them is fairly simple, and revolves around Isabelle and Villager.

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Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch Isabelle

Here’s how it works: with one player controlling Isabelle and the other as Villager, fire your slingshot with a forward air and have the other ‘catch’ the projectile with their B special move (Pocket). It doesn’t matter which character is the thrower, just do this and then throw and catch the same projectile between you. If you repeat this a couple of times, as GameXplain demonstrates, the game will register an error and dump you back on your Switch’s home screen.

That’s not all, though. That dastardly Isabelle isn’t done messing with us yet. The second glitch also centers around her, and that dang fishing rod (seriously, that move is not cool) of hers. This time, you need two Isabelles on the field. When an assist trophy spawns, Nintendo Life explains, they both need to try and hook it with their fishing rods within moments of each other.

When done correctly, the Isabelle who manages to hook said assist trophy will spawn endless copies of whichever character it contains. As you can imagine, depending on the character, this is either hilarious or horrifying.

These glitches are sure to be patched out of the game sooner rather than later, but they gave us a snarky laugh, and that’s what really matters.

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