Smash Ultimate: Huge Piranha Plant Glitch Corrupts Save File If You Play In All-Star Mode

Right after release, Smash Bros. Ultimate players are reporting that using Piranha Plant in All-Star mode can corrupt your save file.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players are super excited to play as new fighter Piranha Plant, but a glitch involving the hungry herb has some thinking twice. Reports are coming in that using Piranha Plant in All-Star Mode can corrupt the player’s save file, erasing their progress in the game.

Nintendo dropped Ultimate version 2.0.0 in a surprise Tuesday update, which included the release of Piranha Plant. Fans were abuzz as they tried to figure out the toothy terror's combos and quirks, as well as what single-player modes accommodated the bloom of doom. They found that Piranha Plant gets its own Classic Mode path and even a new Palutena’s guidance. Several players, however, got a nasty surprise when they took Piranha Plant into All-Star Mode.

It seems that using Piranha Plant in All-Star Mode has the potential to corrupt the player’s save file. A post at the top of the Smash Bros. subreddit also has users claiming Classic Mode causes corruption as well. While some users reported that the corruption just slowed their game down, others found their copies of Ultimate wouldn't load at all. Their only choice was to delete the corrupted save and start fresh. That meant losing unlocked fighters, World of Light progress, everything.

If you’re a player who just got Piranha Plant and would like to keep your save data, the community has some tips for you. First of all, avoid the Games & More section for the time being. Single-player content is what seems to trigger the glitch. Second, if you have a Nintendo Switch Online account, activate cloud backup for your Smash Ultimate data. Should you suffer the glitch, you might be able to restore your save from the cloud.

It’s worth noting that this glitch is not 100% guaranteed to happen. Many players have cleared All-Star and Classic with Piranha Plant and saw no change. Some are even saying the data corruption is more likely to target owners of the digital copy of the game. Even so, every player should take the above steps to preserve their saves until Nintendo issues a fix.

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