Smash Ultimate Tier List, March 2019: The Best Fighters According To Top Players

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has entered its third month of release, and it's doing exceptionally well. Everyone is having fun playing the large cast of characters. The competitive scene is also thriving. GENESIS 6 recently happened, and in August, Ultimate will be present at EVO. It's a great time to be playing.

Like for all big fighting games, players have dedicated time to putting together tier lists for Ultimate. Tiers are based on a number of factors. They are not facts, but opinions based on character data, potential, and results. For this article, we'll be taking a look at seven characters considered to be the best in the game. The data will be compiled from some top players, including ZeRo, MkLeo, Leffen, ESAM, Samsora, Dabuz, VoiD, and Tweek.


Starting off this list is the first newcomer to Ultimate: Inkling. It's between her and Fox for this spot, as some top players, including ZeRo, MKLeo, Samsora, and Dabuz, have Fox a couple of spots above her. However, VoiD and Leffen list Inkling drastically above Fox. ESAM also agrees that Inkling is a little better, and Tweek has her one spot above Fox.

Arguably, the primary thing that makes Inking a notable threat is the roller move. If this attack lands, the opponent is stuck in the ground. If this move lands on opponents with high percents, the kill is pretty much guaranteed. Unlike King K. Rool's ground throw, which you can button mash out of even at high percents, Inkling has a true kill confirmed. Her attacks also come out fast, and she has good combos. Her recovery is also one of, if not the best in the game.


Pikachu is an interesting case. Early in Ultimate's release, this character was considered the best by many players. But, general opinion now agrees that Pichu is superior. ZeRo notes that Pichu does pretty everything Pikachu does - but better. Despite this, Pikachu is still rated highly by many top players. This Pokémon has great damage output, and a very useful recovery. Pikachu does have the advantage of being heavier than Pichu, meaning that it will take more to kill him. That's an important thing to remember if you dislike playing light characters.


Lucina is considered by many players to be the best sword-fighter in the game. Dabuz claims that Lucina excels in pretty much every category. She has low percent grab combos, and her attacks have a massive reach. It was hard for a character like Mario to fight Lucina in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U; now it's even worse. It can be challenging for close quarters characters to attack Lucina. Her side-b attack is still incredibly useful. Also, it can be dangerous for opponents trying to get back to the ledge. Lucina can hop off the stage and use a quick aerial attack that can KO an opponent with a high percent, or those with a bad recovery.


Of all the characters on this list, Wolf definitely has the worst recovery. Despite that, many top players consider him to be one of the game's best. ZeRo notes that Wolf's damage output is outstanding; his attacks and combos do a large amount of damage. Both ZeRo and Dabuz note that Wolf's attacks have incredible hitboxes, meaning that his attacks have a great reach in comparison to other characters. Wolf also has a very handy blaster, and his reflector will come in handy against tricky projectile characters like Dark Samus and Pac-Man.


He's a tricky character to master, but the rewards can be high. Olimar primarily uses his Pikmin to battle, and they are extremely annoying to deal with. ESAM notes that Olimar is fantastic at camping. It can be intimidating to approach Olimar when he can throw Pikmin, and slowly build damage. You're constantly having to adapt to an onslaught of Pikmin damage, and it can be easy to fall into a defensive mindset. ZeRo claims Olimar may have the best neutral play of all the characters in Ultimate.


Pichu has come a long way since his Melee days. Once considered a joke character, Pichu has arrived in Ultimate as a top threat according to players. Both ZeRo and Leffen have Pichu ranked as the best character in the game. According to ZeRo's analysis, Pichu has a fantastic neutral, and great combos (Avoiding Pichu's combo into lightning is pretty tricky.) Although Pichu is light, he's also probably the smallest character in the game, meaning that it can be harder getting attacks to work on him in comparison to taller characters.


Hailed by a number of top players as being the best, the princesses have a lot of notable options. First, Peach has a guaranteed down throw to back air combo that works on percentages as high as 60 (and higher). According to Dabuz, Peach has almost everything you could want in a character. VoiD claims that Peach may have the highest damage output. Simply put, she can deal a lot of damage. Her crown attack can be extremely deadly if the opponent isn't careful. Her vegetable projectiles are also good for mix-ups and messing with an opponent's recovery.

Tier lists will vary to some extent between players. For example, Leffen claims Piranha Plant has no value, while VoiD places it in the high tier category. But, typically speaking, the above seven characters can be found in the top spots in many major tier lists. Don't feel constrained to follow them however, as Ultimate has done a solid job featuring a roster that is well-balanced overall.

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