Smash Ultimate Tier List, March 2019: The Worst Fighters, According To The Best Players

Tiers will always be a hot topic in the world of fighting games. It's no different in Super Smash Bros., where many players have dedicated time to formulating opinions on who the greatest characters are for competitive play. Last time, we talked about who the best fighters were in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate according to top players. Today, we'll be looking at the opposite.

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Like last time, we'll be looking at tier lists from some high ranking players, including ZeRo, MkLeo, Leffen, ESAM, VoiD, Dabuz, Samsora, and Tweek. The below seven characters can be found on a number of tier lists toward the bottom. As always, it's important to remember that tiers are not facts, but opinions based on things like character data, potential, and results.

Piranha Plant

Starting off this list is the first DLC character. Piranha Plant is interesting to discuss. A number of players consider it to be bottom tier. Samsora, for example, lists the plant as the third worst character in the game. Likewise, ZeRo had almost nothing positive to say - according to him, Piranha Plant just "falls apart" in neutral play. However, VoiD ranks Piranha Plant as high tier, saying that it is a "good zoner."

Piranha Plant is still new, so general perception could change if it starts getting good results. Pac-Man, for instance, was ranked low at the onset of Ultimate's release, but thanks to good results, players are starting to rank him higher.


The fan favorite Animal Crossing character has never been considered to be super tough by many players. She is similar to Villager, but most players agree that Villager is just better. ZeRo's opinion is that Isabelle is forced to rely on camping, and her edge guarding isn't as good as Villager's bowling ball. ESAM says that Isabelle generally doesn't have much to offer - her damage output is low, she lacks neutral play, and doesn't have major combos.

King K. Rool

For a little while after Ultimate's release, King K. Rool was extremely popular. He had some super armor, a far-reaching recovery, and a throw that puts the opponent in the ground. Despite all this, the character is now ranked low by many players. A big problem is that he is easy to combo - expert Wolfs, for example, can combo King K. Rool quite a bit.

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The character was also nerfed, with his down throw being downgraded - it is possible to button mash out of it even at high percentages. ZeRo makes the claim that as Ultimate's meta continues to develop, King K. Rool's results will continue to sink.

Bowser Jr.

The son of Bowser has not been treated too kindly by a number of players. Tweek and VoiD rank Bowser Jr. very low. ZeRo has him as the fourth worst character in the game, saying that while he has kill power, he has no setups that lead to that kill. ESAM says Bowser Jr. has linear gameplay, meaning that you'll be doing a lot of the same things, making him predictable.

Mii Brawler

Miis weren't popular in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and they are arguably even less so in Ultimate. Samsora has Mii Brawler ranked as the sixth worst character in the game, and Leffen believes this Mii has no value. ESAM claims that a player has to work especially hard for Mii Brawler to get kills. Although it's rare for Mii Brawlers to be ranked high, Dabuz has Mii Brawler ranked as "fantastic," so it's not unheard of. Miis can certainly be unpredictable due to not many players using them. If they can get consistent good results, general perception of them could change.


The pink puffball has been ranked consistently on the lower end of the spectrum by players. Leffen, for example, has Kirby in his "no value" section on his tier list. ESAM notes that Kirby has incredibly low air speed. Although ZeRo puts Kirby a little above the low tiers thanks to solid combos, he does say that Kirby suffers against characters with projectiles and reach. Kirby does not have a wide range, meaning that it will be hard for him to get consistent attacks against a character like Lucina.

Little Mac

Little Mac was a popular character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U online, as he caught newcomers off guard with his super punches and armor. Still, his recovery was bad in Wii U, which prevented him from being known as a viable character competitively. That poor recovery returns in Ultimate. Although Little Mac can still be tricky to face on ground, the super armor just isn't enough according to players. Both ZeRo and Samsora rank Little Mac as the worst character in Ultimate. ZeRo notes that Mac has no aerial game. Out of over 70 characters, his recovery is probably the worst. This is going to hurt his ranking because there isn't much he can do once he's off stage.

There is some division when it comes to who top players consider the worst. MkLeo has Mii Swordfighter toward the bottom, while ZeRo ranks this Mii as high tier, as an example. Meanwhile, some tier lists rank Mr. Game and Watch toward the extreme bottom; ZeRo has him ranked as the second worst character in the game. So, a list like this can vary. Of course, don't feel discouraged if you see your favorite character ranked low, or feel like you have to switch because others say the character isn't that good. Ultimate is a game where just about every character can be great with the right hands.

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