Smite Goes Meta With Its Latest Nintendo Switch Ad, Includes One Of Those Rooftop Parties We All Get Invited To

SMITE is coming to Nintendo Switch on the 24th, and its launch trailer pokes fun at the Nintendo tradition of millennial rooftop parties.

SMITE, the MOBA that puts players in command of the gods themselves, is coming to Switch, and its launch trailer pokes fun at the craze that's sweeping the nation: Nintendo Swtich rooftop parties. You know, those gatherings where a bunch of hip twenty-somethings engage in highly-social gaming on Nintendo's revolutionary go-anywhere console. That's totally a thing, and soon you'll be able to do it with an online multiplayer game just like you've always dreamed.

SMITE will be available on Switch starting on January 24th. Players will have the choice to jump in for free with a limited selection of characters and no skins, or pay for the Founder's Pack and instantly unlock every available character as well as some exclusive skins. The trailer, however, skips over this obviously irrelevant information. Instead, it promises gamers the best in life.

Like many other trailers for Switch games, the SMITE ad makes it a point to show a young man playing at home only to suddenly decide to undock his Switch and take the game on the go. Never mind the fact that SMITE is an online multiplayer game. Forget that you can't really just pick up and leave mid-match, or that there's no internet connection to play with on a bus. Maybe the guy in the trailer is using his phone as a hotspot with impossibly amazing results. Yeah, that's probably why the young woman gives him a playful smile. She's all about that stable connection.

via: Titan Forge Games

The trailer culminates in the most relatable of situations, the millennial rooftop party. Much like the scene of the guy playing on the bus, we're confronted with the baffling notion that someone would play an online multiplayer game, in tablet mode, in the middle of a party. And everyone just eats it up. Clearly someone forgot to make a good playlist.

It's here that one realizes the trailer is all a meta joke. Titan Forge Games, one of SMITE's developers, left this comment on the video's YouTube page.

via: reddit.com/user/alluvicqueen

SMITE will be available for Nintendo Switch on January 24th. Pre-ordering the Founder's Pack will get you all sorts of cool skins to show off at your next rooftop party.

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