SNES: 15 Awful 90s Games Everyone Played (And 10 Classics Nobody Did)

The Super Nintendo had such a larger roster of games that most gamers naturally played a few duds back in the '90s.

Some people think that the Super Nintendo is one of the greatest consoles of all time, that it brought so many brilliant games to the world that we couldn't live without. However, they often forget that the console was the start of the video game boom, meaning that there were as many games that were absolutely terrible. We wanted to give people a look at some of the absolute worst games on the SNES that we've all try to forget. Sadly, we all played these ones when we were younger!

However, people shouldn't despair as we're also going to take a look at some of the SNES classic that people sadly missed out on, the ones that slipped through the cracks. Not only will people be able to go back and try them out, they may have been lucky enough to try them back in the day!

So, we think it's about time that we got started, that we gave everyone a collection of bad memories that they likely tried to forget, as well as give them an idea of the sort of classics they may have missed out on in the past! Well, if everyone is ready, it's about time that we all got started!

25 Everybody Played: Ballz 3D

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There was a while when fighting games ruled the world, which is why so many of them ended up coming out. However, once the arcades shut down and it was all about the home consoles, it became harder to market the games to a wider audience, with only the niche crowd getting in on the action. It's this reality that makes it so surprising that a game like Ballz 3D not only existed, but that it was bought and played by so many people! There was nothing here for anybody, whether they were looking for a fighting game to get them into the scene, or they were already a seasoned fighter.

24 Nobody Played: Secret Of Evermore

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If somebody was to pitch an RPG these days that starred a young boy and his shape-shifting dog, we know for a fact that everybody would be all over it, and yet when the Secret Of Evermore first came out it failed to meet the sales quota they were looking for. Despite the fact that a lot of reviewers at the time felt the gameplay was interesting enough to warrant some attention, it just so happened that people ended up overlooking this one, instead going for games that had a much larger share of the advertising space paid for by the publisher.

23 Everybody Played: Mario's Earlier Years: Fun With Letters

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We don't think that there has ever been an education game that was worth playing, so it should come as no surprise that we've included this game on the list. We're sure there are some people out there that found it easier to learn if they were able to play a video game while it was happening, but all we found when we were handed a game like this was that we were annoyed we weren't just playing a video game! If anything, these things put us off ever wanting to learn as they made it more annoying than anything else.

22 Nobody Played: Tetris Attack

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It's funny to think that there was a time when people would just throw their intellectual property onto a game, even if that game had nothing to do with it! As people can probably tell by the name, this is a puzzle game that was all about trying to get rid of the blocks as fast as possible by moving them around until they matched. Believe it or not, but Nintendo just slapped Yoshi onto what was already a great game in the hope that it would get more people to buy it, and sadly not enough people did buy it in the end! This one is still fun to play now!

21 Everybody Played: Super 3D Noah's Ark

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Whenever a developer comes out with a groundbreaking game, one that defines an era in video gaming and maybe even helps create an entirely new genre that we've never seen before, it's not long before people start to copy it. However, it's even worse when a group that has otherwise no interest in video games decides that it's a good way to get people interested! Yes, this was a religious game that aped Doom of all things, in the hope that people would be fooled and join their cause. We hope that it failed in every way possible...

20 Nobody Played: Goof Troop

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This game has found somewhat of a resurgence due to the fact that some prominent YouTube stars have decided to play it, but it was already pretty great in the first place and yet nobody played it when it first came out. We think it was quite a joyful thing to sit down with a friend or sibling and try to play this one together without turning everything into a fight. To this day, we think two adults would be reduced to tears if they actually tried to play this game all the way to the end without being allowed to vent the rage that it brought up.

19 Everybody Played: Shaq Fu

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If the modern world has taught us anything, it's that no franchise is ever truly over, which is exactly why we somehow managed to gain a spiritual sequel to this mess of a game! Nobody is denying that the animation wasn't slick, because it really was, but nothing else about it made it a good fighter. Despite this, it almost became a joke among the internet that this game ever even existed, as it had nothing to do with Basketball and followed Shaq as he took on various enemies in a battle to the end. Seriously, why did any of us actually play this?!

18 Nobody Played: The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja

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People who play video games like Yakuza will know that there are many franchises out there that Japan won't bring to the West as they don't believe that it will sell well enough, so it's not worth their effort. This is one of the only games in this series that actually got brought to the West, and seeing as a lot of people didn't actually end up buying and enjoying this brilliant game on the SNES, it would seem that they were right to think that it was a waste of time to bring this game to us. We are clearly not very worthy by the looks of things!

17 Everybody Played: Lester The Unlikely

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Despite the fact that this game has some of the absolute worst gameplay in it, perhaps on this entire list, so many of us played it back when it came out on the SNES. We would like to think that most of us would understand these days that a game with this name and with this sort of main character is definitely not the sort of thing we want to be playing. Judging a book by its cover is not something we like to do, but there's something to be said for using some common sense to make sure that we end up staying away from bad games like this!

16 Nobody Played: Cybernator

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Playing a game that allows us to pilot a mech, taking on various people also piloting mechs, is genuinely a dream that we've had since we were a child. While games like Titanfall have managed to make that dream a reality in the modern world, we had to make do with games like this in the past, which was genuinely great to play through. However, this clearly wasn't something that a lot of other people wanted from their video games as nobody bought and played this one, most likely due to the fact that it didn't get the advertising it deserved.

15 Everybody Played: Mega Man X2

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There's a reality in this world that it can be hard to bring it all together in order to make a great sequel to a great piece of entertainment. The first Mega Man X was absolutely fantastic, essentially reimagining what a Mega Man game was and has brought in some topics and tropes that continue to be a mainstay of the series to this day! However, while some people do like this second game, a lot of people agreed that it didn't manage to live up to the brilliant piece of art that is Mega Man X. It's a shame to think what this could've managed to be!

14 Nobody Played: Metal Warriors

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Yes, we obviously had to include another mech game, as that's just how much it meant to us when we were younger, but it doesn't change the fact that this one was absolutely brilliant to play through as well. Not only did the mech fly around and take out other giant machines with guns, it also had a lightsaber that could completely obliterate human beings in a single sweep! Yes, we know that this sounds amazing, which is exactly why people should be upset that they got to play it when they were younger and on the SNES!

13 Everybody Played: Mario Is Missing

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Nobody thought that Luigi needed more of the spotlight back in the day than us, and it is a travesty that the man didn't get his first good solo game until Luigi's Mansion, but this is quite possibly one of the worst games of all time. Not only does it not have any fo the trademark gameplay that made the Mario games so much fun to play, but it essentially sense the player on an inane scavenger hunt that make literally no sense. Without a walkthrough, we can't believe that anybody was able to make it through this mess!

12 Nobody Played: Blackthorne

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The cinematic platformer is a type of game that we don't really have anymore, but there was a time when some of the greatest games out there, of all time, were cinematic platformers. While it may not have done too well now, just as it didn't back in the day, it continues to be a fun and engaging game that people should be giving a try these days. Anybody that is interested in seeing what this game has to offer, whether they really were missing out on something, it's free to be downloaded on the internet as of 2013!

11 Everybody Played: Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures

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We cannot believe there was anyone in this world that played the first Pac-Man, a game that is so good due to its simple design and easy to understand gameplay, before going on to think that the best thing for the next game was to turn the franchise into an adventure series. Who decided that? At what point did somebody bring the idea up in a meeting and why wasn't that person immediately fired for making the ridiculous suggestion. To this day, we still can't understand how this game got made and why so many people ended up playing it.

10 Nobody Played: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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While there is definitely something to be said for sitting down and enjoying a game on our own, we will always have time for sitting down with someone else to enjoy one as well! For some reason, the video game industry has been moving further and further away from this sort of couch co-op gameplay, instead going for online gameplay instead. However, we think that this sort of game should make a comeback in a big way, as one of the best things about a console is that it lets friends get together to play games with each other like they used to do at the arcade!

9 Everybody Played: Bubsy

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This was such a bad game, along with its follow up sequel, as well as being a mascot that pretty much nobody cared about, that Bubsy has now become somewhat of a joke within the internet community. While we're sure that there were a lot of different rubbish mascots on the SNES that were just never able to live up to the likes of Mario or Sonic, mainly due to the fact that they weren't given the chance of being placed in a good game, for some reason this is the one that ended up sticking in people's heads for a very long time!

8 Nobody Played: Shadowrun

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While we're sure that a lot of people will have heard of this series now, what with it having so many different iterations and spin-offs at this point, there was a very small amount of people that have actually played the original that came out well over a decade ago at this point. Not only that, but so many different people didn't play it that it didn't get recognized for how brilliant it was for a very long time, displaying the sort of interesting narrative gameplay that a lot of other people wouldn't be trying until a few years after this game came out!

7 Everybody Played: Actraiser

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It's insane to think that somebody sat down one day to think of two video game genres that they could push together to create something new, and the combination they came up with was god management and platforming... To this day we will never understand why somebody did this, or how it was possible for them to get so many different people to play this mess of a game. We will admit that it is technically playable, that it isn't as bad as some of the game's we've included in this list, but it still isn't worth a look, even for a laugh!

6 Nobody Played: Illusion Of Gaia

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One of the things that we found quite interesting about this game was the fact that it didn't have the same sort of experience meter that so many other RPGs had at the time, instead having people progress by offering them jewels, jewels that then gave them a permanent stat boost rather than just moving them up a level. The way that the player got the jewels was by taking on every single enemy in a room before moving on, meaning that they were always being challenged and then rewarded, something that a lot of games still get wrong to this day!

5 Everybody Played: Rise Of The Robots

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For some reason, there are some people out there that are willing to forgive gameplay as long as what they're playing looks good, which is something that we've never been able to understand ourselves... A lot of people were fooled into playing this game as it looked much better than a lot of the stuff that was coming out on the SNES at the time. However, the gameplay was absolutely terrible, to the point where the whole thing was almost impossible to play. Apart from how it looked, there is literally nothing positive that anybody could say about this game!

4 Everybody Played: Pit-Fighter

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This fighting game actually started out in the arcade, like so many before it, but it also used digitized figures long before games like Mortal Kombat did. Despite it starting a trend that would end up being used by many more popular fighting game franchises in the future, the difference was that this game had no interesting gameplay to it... Another interesting consideration is that this fighting game allowed three players to take each other on at the same time, something that not many other games would do for a long time!

3 Everybody Played: Home Improvement

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Video games are a medium unlike any other, allowing people to experience a narrative and be entertained in an interactive manner that no other medium can manage. Despite that, it would seem that every single television show and every single film out there has had a video game adaptation at some point, which explains why Home Improvement managed to get their own video game. We know that this was just a shallow attempt for somebody out there to make a lot of money, but even by those low standards, it is a BAD game...

2 Everybody Played: Captain Novolin

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Look, we know that this game was made for people who need to be taught about a problem that they have with their body, but we just struggle to take it seriously at all! This is a game in which the player takes on the role of a character that has Type-1 Diabetes, a superhero, that is tasked with saving the world from evil aliens... This convoluted narrative is all thrown together by a developer that is trying to get the player to learn about how to properly medicate themselves against Diabetes. Yeah, so not the most interesting video game ever!

1 Everybody Played: Drakkhen

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This is one of the first video games that made its way onto the SNES, meaning that pretty much everyone saw a preview of it and ended up playing it. However, this was not a good thing as people very quickly realized that it was one of the worst games that ended up on the SNES in the first place. Let's be honest, there was a lot of trouble with making 3D games on the early consoles, which is why this one never managed to make it to the heights that it possibly could've done if it had the technology that it needed to make it genuinely interesting to play.

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