Which SNES Classic Edition Games Are Exclusive To Japan?

There will be three different versions of the SNES Classic dropping depending on your region and some gamers are a little jealous of the lineup of Japanese games, as compared to the European and States included library.

The SNES Classic promises the same package as the NES Classic; a standalone console that features games built in, no cartridges required. After gamers voiced that the Japanese and European SNES Classic was aesthetically superior, some are starting to voice that they may want to switch their region’s game library with the comparably superior Japanese one.


The Japanese SNES Classic will feature a few standout titles including the actual Final Fantasy 4, not the butchered Western release that we in the states know as Final Fantasy 2. It’ll also include a few other titles that differ from the U.S. and European roster, including Fire Emblem: Mystery Of The Emblem, Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers, Panel de Pon, Super Formation Soccer, and The Legend Of The Mystical Ninja. Obviously these are mostly Japan-only or Japanese version releases of games that were later ported to the west, although some gamers still can’t help but feel that the U.S. and European game libraries are a bit lacking in comparison.

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Although both game libraries include some classic titles that’ll take Nintendo fans back to the heyday of their favorite game company, the Japanese game library does feature games that western gamers would love to get their mitts on. All SNES Classics will come shipped with the unreleased Star Fox 2, as well as a few more games in common, no matter how well they've aged.

Although Nintendo says they’re making more of the SNES Classic as compared to the NES Classic that had game shop employees scared to pick up the constantly ringing phone, it’ll still probably take some time to get one if gamers aren’t quick in scooping one up ASAP. The SNES Classic will be a limited run like it’s predecessor, meaning that once Nintendo stops making them, interested parties will have to seek out scalpers, meaning a hefty price tag can be expected.

Good luck finding an SNES Classic when they’re released September 29th.

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