SNES Classic Goes On Sale In September, Pre-Orders Begin In August

Nintendo is opening the SNES Classic up to pre-orders in late August, with the console going on sale on September 29th.

After nearly a month of speculating, of waiting, of hammering the refresh key on my keyboard, the day has finally arrived.

Nintendo has just announced that the SNES classic will be available for pre-order later on this month.

The announcement comes from the official Nintendo Facebook account, so you know this time it’s genuine. Many gamers eager for a piece of Nintendo history were shocked and dismayed last week when Walmart began taking pre-orders for the hotly anticipated mini console, only to cancel them all a few days later. According to the company, a website error caused the SNES Classic to go on sale before they actually had any in stock, forcing them to cancel everyone’s order. At first, it seemed they were only canceled those with maxed out credit cards, but now there are confirmed reports that the cancellation hit everyone.

However, this latest announcement seems to confirm that the manufacturer has got their business sorted out, and will be able to ship consoles very soon.

Nintendo’s announcement on Facebook unfortunately left out a lot of the details we’ve been waiting for, such as when exactly said retailers will have pre-orders go live. That’s sort of something you’d expect in an announcement such as this, but at least we won’t have another Walmart situation. Hopefully.

via The Verge

That last part of the announcement seems to be aimed at concerns that the SNES Classic will have the same logistical problems the NES Classic did, ie. not having enough for everyone who wanted to buy one. Despite the fact Nintendo produced 2.3 million consoles over the course of its production run, many fans were left empty handed when Nintendo inexplicably announced they’d be discontinuing the NES classic at the end of April.

This time Nintendo hopes to stave off the waves of consumer anger that struck after their discontinuation of the NES Classic by producing more units of its successor, the SNES Classic. Will they do the math right this time to ensure that every Nintendo fan will go home with a mini-console on launch day? Only time will tell.

The SNES Classic officially launches September 29.

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