SNES Classic Launch Revealed By Xbox Survey?

A Microsoft survey may have just spilled the beans on the launch of the SNES classic.

Following the success of the NES Classic last holiday season, it seems that Nintendo is gearing up for this Christmas with another retro console release in the SNES Classic, and we seem to have learned about it from a very unlikely source.

In a smooth move to Xbox Live Reward Members, Microsoft sent a survey asking a bunch of questions about the upcoming E3. One of those questions asked members what console announcement they were most excited about, listing off the PS4 Pro, Xbox Project Scorpio, Nintendo Switch, or the Nintendo SNES Classic.

That last one raised a few eyebrows, as while rumours and reports of a SNES Classic being under development are running fast and furious, there hasn’t been anything official from Nintendo. With this survey it seems that Microsoft may have stolen a bit of Nintendo’s thunder.

The survey goes on to quiz Live Members about the Nintendo Switch, asking questions on how they feel about the Switch’s price, controller, and catalogue of games. It’s not unusual for a company to hold focus groups or contract an industry specialist in order to get information on their competitors, but asking loyal customers how they feel about another game company may mean that Microsoft is seeing Nintendo as a growing threat to their bottom line.

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According to the NDP Group, the NES Classic actually outsold both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 in April of this year, so maybe those concerns aren’t entirely baseless.

All of this can be mere assumption on the part of Microsoft given the fact that reports of the SNES Classic have been making the rounds online for some time now, or it could be that Microsoft has insider information on E3 events.

However, it would make a lot of sense for Nintendo to have a new retro console out just in time for the holiday season. Last year’s NES Classic sold over 2 million units with demand vastly outstripping supply, causing Nintendo to actually boost production over the winter months. Many considered the decision to discontinue the NES Classic last Spring when there were still so many people clamouring for the nostalgic device to be utter lunacy. Now, with the impending announcement of the SNES Classic, the discontinuation of the NES Classic makes a bit more sense as they wouldn’t want to have both retro consoles competing with each other.

With this leak, only two questions remain: when will the SNES Classic launch, and how many will they make?


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