10 SNES Games We Hope Get A Remake Soon

There are so many classic, underrated gems on the SNES yet to receive the remake they deserve, and here are the top 10 on our wishlist.


Let's preface this by saying SNES games are already perfect and don't need any remaster of any kind. Yeah, maybe a weird way to start a list that's supposed to be about remastering SNES games, but it's true. The 16-bit graphical style of SNES games has aged incredibly well with modern titles like Shovel Knight, Hyper Light Drifter and Undertale doing pixel-art justice.

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Regardless, it's not like there aren't a few games that would be fun to see re-imagined in a way like the recent Link to the Past. Seriously though, brush those cobwebs off your SNES or pick one up one at your local flea market because these are some of gaming's best. Or, hold your breath for an unlikely remaster, because it is Nintendo we're talking about here.

10 Mario Paint


This list is in no particular order, but let it be known that there is no better time to remake this underappreciated classic than today. Mario Paint might not seem it, but it was a pretty revolutionary game back in the day. While it was a traditional painter -- a type of game that was quite popular in the early internet age -- it also gave players the freedom to mess around with their favorite characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Nintendo isn't the type to give their fans freedom to create and mess around with their properties (until recent with Mario Maker) so this was quite the treat.

9 Chrono Trigger


This is the first of the SNES games that are questionable for a remake, because, you know, this game's pretty dang fantastic already and it'd be hard to improve anything at all. Though it does fall on this list because Square Enix, publishers behind the cult-classic RPG, tried to give this game an HD remaster and failed spectacularly. The graphics were inconsistent, disjointed pixels all over the place and showed little respect to the source they were remastering. So maybe this is proof that a lot of SNES classics need to be left alone, or maybe Square Enix just botched the whole thing, it wouldn't be the first time.

8 Yoshi's Island


You know a game's good when someone brags it off as "dude, this game was my childhood." It might not seem like much, but anyone who's anyone knows this is one of the greatest accomplishments a game can receive. And it should go without much saying that there aren't too many games with the girth to tote this statement around. If your a 90's kid you almost have to reserve a spot for Yoshi's Island to be that game. Before Mario 64 this was the introduction so many got into this fantastic franchise -- bring it back Nintendo.

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7 Super Mario World


Super Mario World is the Citizen Kane of 2D platformers. Obviously Mario had been doing the platforming thing for a while at this point, but Mario World took everything to the next level. In past Mario games there was a clear barrier between you and the game that prevented you from entering the world, but this time everything didn't just feel more immense and detailed, but fully lived in as well. Every level breathes and it makes the game so much more exciting. If you've enjoyed games like Donkey Country Tropical Freeze or the recent Rayman games you can thank Mario World.

6 Zombies Ate My Neighbor


Zombies Ate My Neighbors was for video games what Courage The Cowardly Dog show was for cartoons -- both extremely great in their own right -- and while both targeted for kids, sometimes felt somewhat inappropriate. Many might not admit it, but ZAMN was terrifying, especially when you ran into those psycho babies (I swear I still see those in my nightmares). Plus the game was hard as nails and is tough to complete even if you're an experienced gamer. The game has been all but forgotten in 2019, so it would be pretty neat to bring it back and that means a nice 2D/HD remaster. Keep that 3D at home.

5 Donkey Kong Country 2


Man was the SNES a treasure trove for 2D platforming. Donkey Country 2 is another contender in the "best platformer" of all time category and it was one of the system's best titles. Just like Super Mario World it brings 2D platforming to it's absolute best and still feels distinctly different from all other platformers that came before it. The franchise is obviously doing fine today with games like Tropical Freeze and Returns doing more than enough justice to this respected series. But if there ever had to be a game to bring back, especially with K. Rool's addition in Smash, it would be this one.

4 Super Metroid


If you've ever heard the term "Metroidvania" and wondered "huh," well, here's your answer. Super Metroid and the OG Castlevanias incorporated 2D platforming, but they were so much more than just squashing your enemy and progressing through the level. You'd have to backtrack, solve puzzles and consistently power-up to access different areas. Super Metroid doesn't need a remaster, it's a perfect game already, but, it could be a perfect fit for a Link to the Past treatment. Completely redo the game and make it something new entirely -- it would keep fans of the original happy without giving the game a needless HD remake and would be something fresh for younger fans.

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3 Fire Emblem Games


Surprising enough the Fire Emblem series is one of Nintendo's oldest series. Up there with the Kirby and Metroid franchise, Fire Emblem made it's official debut in 1990 and didn't get popular until recent years. The GameCube games were slept on, the Gameboy games barely made any noise at all and the SNES games existed to a small percentage of a nearly nonexistent community. It's like getting into the new James Bond films and then realizing there were 20+ movies you have to catch up on to know the full history. The OG Fire Emblem games are the perfect titles to remake, especially with their newfound popularity.

2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time


Ahh beat'em ups, they were a once saturated genre full of classics and great games, one of them being TMNT: Turtles in Time. Nowadays a TMNT game would likely be some horrifying 3D shooter (They'd find a way to justify it) and it would be full of micro-transactions and different skins to place on your favorite turtle heroes. Ok, maybe it wouldn't be that good, but it certainly wouldn't come close to Turtles in Time. Especially now that the beat'em up genre is essentially dead with Castle Crashers being the last significant addition. So this game could be brought back worry-free and maybe revitalize a once-great genre.

1 Super Mario RPG


The Paper Mario games may be the spiritual successorsbut there's still only one Super Mario RPG. This was such a weird flex for Nintendo -- a company that to this point was making platformers, racing and long-form puzzle games in the Zelda series -- decided to dip their toes into the role-playing genre. And sure, Zelda games aren't too far from a traditional RPG, but making a game like this and using Mario characters, it was preposterous, and it worked. This game really deserves some sort of treatment, a sequel, a remake or maybe just put freaking Geno in Smash. Whatever it is, give this series some love.

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