The Best Time To Be Alive, If You're A Sniper Elite Fan: SE 5 And More Are Coming

Fans of shooter series Sniper Elite have plenty of reasons to get excited. With Sniper Elite 4 now two years removed from its launch, they must have been thinking it's about time a new game dropped.

Fortunately, Rebellion happens to be on board with the notion and has revealed -- in a developer update -- that Sniper Elite 5 is in the making. That's not all either; there are also several other Sniper Elite games in production as well.

Sniper Elite V2 has been remastered and is set for release on Xbox One and PC at some point this year. The game will come with multiple improvements and will also provide players with the opportunity to assassinate Hitler in 4K with HDR support. It's set to include all of the DLC from the original game and a few new playable characters will be available, along with a photo mode.

Meanwhile, Sniper Elite 3 will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as an Ultimate edition and another standalone title is poised to be released as a VR.

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Rebellion did not reveal much about SE5, simply claiming that it will be "following in the footsteps of the widely acclaimed Sniper Elite 4" and that it's "being worked on now." More details have been promised for 2020 and it is hoped that the game will be made available then too.

Fans will still have their hands full in the meantime, though, with SE V2 Remastered set for release in 2019. The VR game -- the name is unknown at the moment -- won't be a VR version of a previous game, which is also great news.

Rebellion's development of the above titles is being assisted by Just Add Water and another British studio known for its work on The Oddworld and Gravity Crash series.

Strange Brigade, a co-op adventure spinning off Sniper Elite, somewhat, is the latest game to come from Rebellion. However, given this fresh announcement, there's apparently quite a bit ahead.

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