Snoop Dogg Is Putting Out A Limited Edition Gaming Headset Because Why Not

In partnership with LucidSound, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg will be releasing a limited edition gaming headset.

In partnership with LucidSound, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg will be releasing a limited edition gaming headset. Although a collaboration with Snoop Dogg might be enough to sell this accessory alone, the headset is surprisingly advanced and would make a great gift for serious gamers.

LucidSound will only be manufacturing 3,500 LS50X Snoop Dogg limited edition headsets, but those who pick up a pair won't be disappointed. The headset sports a beautiful white color and a glimmering chrome finish, making it look like something Snoop Dogg would actually use while gaming. On top of that, Snoop's name can be found on the top of the headset. There is much more here than just the design, though.

The headset will also come loaded with voice prompts from Snoop Dogg himself. Yes, that means while you're playing an online game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you'll occasionally hear the voice of Snoop Doggy Dogg letting you know that your battery is low. Snoop Dogg also had a hand in designing the headset's EQ settings, ensuring that his fans get the best quality product possible.

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On top of these features, the headset will also contain on-ear controls, 50mm speakers, seamless device switching, seamless source mixing, a removable boom mic, and a 20-hour battery life. Along with that, there will be five EQ modes to choose from: signature sound, bass boost, movie mode, music mode, and flat EQ.

Snoop Dogg is obviously most famous for his hip-hop career in the early-to-late '90s. With albums like 1993's Doggystyle and 1996's The Doggfather, Snoop eventually established himself as one of the biggest voices in the west coast rap scene, collaborating with the likes of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Tupac. The rapper has evolved past his music career since though, becoming a household name as a media personality and entrepreneur.

Snoop hopes to progress his career as an entrepreneur even further now, with the upcoming release of his exclusive headphones. The LS50X Snoop Dogg headset will only be available through GameStop and Lucid Sound's online stores, and pre-orders will begin on November 19th. Once again, there will only be 3,500 models released, so if you're a serious gamer and a fan of Snoop, be sure to reserve your set!

Source: LucidSound

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