Solo Streamer 1v3s Shroud's Whole Squad In Apex Legends

In a piece of rare footage, a streamer goes up against Shroud and his whole squad in the final 2 during a game of Apex Legends and absolutely embarrasses them. The streamer, completely solo, outplays the squad by dipping, juking, and masterfully executing some amazing shots.

It's pretty uncommon to catch Shroud unawares, and far more likely see everyone else suffering the wrath of Shroud "The Human Aimbot." But with the first competitive series underway, Shroud's days of walking through every game Terminator-style might soon be behind us, if this clip is any indication.

In the clip, streamer ImMadness comes upon Shroud's team, SynceDez and WiKeDm, in the lower annex of Slum Lakes recovering with shield cells and med kits mere seconds after finishing off the 3rd place team. There is still Bangalore smoke wafting through the air from their last engagement when ImMadness tosses a grenade inside to initiate the fight.

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ImMadness follows the grenade with a half-charged Peacekeeper shot through the blinding smoke, chipping 75 shield off of SynceDez. He immediately swaps to the r99 and unloads a full purple magazine into Shroud, who never even has a chance to pull his gun out as he is caught healing-up in the smoke.

Madness ducks inside to pursue the weakened SynceDez, but something triggers his spider-sense apparently, because he whips around to find WikeDm pushing in behind him. Madness unloads 25 rounds into Synce with near perfect accuracy before swapping to the Peacekeeper, landing 2 point blanks shots into Synce's face and downing him while spouting "Let's f***ing go!"

In the fight, SynceDez dropped ImMadness down to 10 health, luckily he's able to snag a white armor from the ground right in front of him, bringing his health total back up to 60. He reloads and ducks out of the room while taking a couple hits from WiKeDm, dropping him down to around 35 health.

The two poke at each other through the building momentarily before ImMadness goes all in, sliding through the smoke towards WiKe with his Peacekeeper ready to go. He whiffs, but lands a second shot for 38 before turning tails and running. WiKe lands a hit on Madness as he voids away.

With less than 10 health between living and losing, ImMadness runs around the larger building and climbs up onto the roof, dropping back down to loot a gold death box. He quickly grabs a blue armor, but unfortunately, the armor is half damaged: SynceDez dropped this armor and switched it for his victim's purple right as ImMadness first showed up. ImMadness run to SynceDez and finishes him, taking the purple armor he knew he was wearing.

ImMadness uses a health kit, saying "hold" before stepping out of cover and emptying his r99 expertly into a distant WiKeDm, draining all 200 of his health and winning the game. It's an incredible sequence to watch and proves that no one, not even Shroud himself, is unbeatable.

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