There's Something Strange In Planet Coaster - Ghostbusters DLC Announced

Frontier has just announced that "there’s something strange" in Planet Coaster, as a new Ghostbusters-themed DLC pack is coming soon. The pack is said to feature a unique story-driven scenario, as well as new gameplay mechanics, features, themed rides, and iconic Ghostbusters-inspired content.

The trailer is brief, but sparks an incredible amount of nostalgia, as we see ECTO-1 drive into shot after an unseen force starts throwing litter around. The music will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has followed the franchise, with the pack said to be primarily inspired by the original 1984 movie.

From the few details we have so far, the pack appears to be incredibly in depth and is said to offer a new experience to players.

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Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters will see Dan Aykroyd return to voice his original character, and Raymond Stanz, in a role which sees him mentor players as they explore the new campaign. Ghostly issues are afoot in your park, and this new pack will see you tackling some supernatural specters as you build a Ghostbusters-themed park.

The campaign is a fully-voiced narrative campaign, which features some much loved classic characters. William Atherton also returns to his role as antagonist Walter Peck, joining a host of other fan-favorite characters including Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Alongside the campaign, players can expect to see a new interactive ghostbusting ride, The Ghostbusters Experience. This ride offers a new way to play, as you take on the role of a Ghostbuster and use your particle thrower to log a high score. There is also a new Slimer-themed kidder coaster called the RollerGhoster.

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Finally, there are some authentic scenery pieces and sounds taken straight from the original movie. These include the Ghostbusters HQ, Spook Central, and ECTO-1 as well as the classic Ghostbuster’s theme.

Frontier says that the pack “provides everything players need to create the most authentic Ghostbusters entertainment park seen in a game.”

There is no current release date for Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters, but according to the Planet Coaster website it will be available to purchase on Steam or the Frontier Store for $14.99 (£12.99).

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