We Made The Sonic Chili Dog Protein Shake So You Don't Have To

The Sonic chili dog protein shake recipe is pretty nasty, so of course we had to try it.

Various characters from video games have trademark foods and drinks that they like to enjoy. Mario wolfs down mushrooms to make him big and strong, and even to grant him extra lives. Nuka Cola is the signature drink of Fallout. For Sonic the Hedgehog, it's chili dogs. Not the weirdest food in the world to enjoy, until you realize a hedgehog is the one who's eating them. Plus, it was recently revealed that Sonic blends up his chili dogs and combines them with protein powder when training for competitions.

When it comes to competitions, they don't get much bigger for Sonic than the one coming to Nintendo Switch on November 8, 2019. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. The latest installment in the crossover franchise is set to be the biggest and best yet. Not only will it include more events than ever before, but players will also be able to use two-dimensional versions of the characters from Emerald Hill and the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Back to how exactly Sonic prepares for an event as big as the Olympic Games, something the hedgehog revealed on his Facebook page earlier this week. As hinted at above, its Chilli Dog Protein Shakes. According to the post, Sonic and the gang are currently drinking three of them a day to prepare themselves to compete against Team Mario in Tokyo. There's even a list of ingredients should players want to make the shakes and prepare along with them.

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If you don't fancy doing that, we don't blame you. It's a pretty disgusting concept. Lucky for you, we made the Chili Dog Protein Shake and tasted it so you don't have to. We started by cooking the chili and the hot dogs and then leaving them to cool in the refrigerator. Once cooled, we added the scoops of protein powder and blended it all together. The result was a pretty thick paste rather than a shake, so if you are out of your mind and willing to try this for yourself, we'd recommend adding water until you get the desired consistency.

After that, we poured the concoction over ice and topped it with the shredded cheese garnish. Now for what you're all here for, how did it taste? Honestly, not as bad as you might think. Despite having the word shake in its name, there's no milk or ice cream in the recipe. It was like drinking cold chili which we're sure everyone can relate to as it's something we all do every single day...right? If we were to do one thing differently (apart from never making it and drinking it in the first place) we would replace the cheese layer with a dollop of sour cream.

One thing we didn't do was calculate the caloric value of Sonic's savory shake. We'd hazard to guess it's pretty high, and someone like Sonic has no trouble burning off those calories as he's running everywhere. For your average joe, whether training for the Olympic Games or not, we'd recommend steering clear of Chili Dog Protein Shakes. We're also fairly certain drinking them won't make you better at Mario & Sonic Tokyo 2020, but since the game is still a month away from release, we cannot confirm that.

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