SDCC 2019: Sonic's Guest Appearance In OK K.O.! Should Erase The Cats Trailer From Our Memories

It's been a bad year for CG animals. First, Sonic spindashed out of the darkest crevices of our collective imagination with a much-maligned trailer. Then, Cats married our worst waking nightmares with a glimpse into what Midwest FurFest might look like in the distant future. And now, The Lion King asks the question, "what if you watched the same movie again, but it was somehow worse this time?"

Thankfully, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes is here to bleach our eyes and restore order to the world of cartoon animals. At least, that's our takeaway from the show's newly announced crossover with Sonic The Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower.

In the clip, revealed at San Diego Comic-Con International, K.O. wants to go out and protect his town. However, his pals are in bed, exhausted from an all-night binge session of gaming - a big mood, to be sure. But no sooner does K.O. voice disappointment than do Sonic and Tails come bounding through the door - accompanied by suitably cheesy rock taken hewed from the beloved Adventure games.

Not many details have been unveiled aside from this, but for many, Sonic's inclusion is more than enough to get excited for.

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In comics, Sonic crossed over with the Mega Man franchise, and he's guest-starred in more video games than we can count - including the hit rhythm game/anime girl collecting extravaganzaLove Live. However, to date, this is the first time that Sonic's crossed over with another animated series of any kind. His own animated excursions, from DiC's extremely mixed American offerings to TMS's remarkably solid Sonic X, have remained self-contained until now.

It's worth noting that this crossover probably stems from Cartoon Network and Sega's partnership with Sonic Boom, a CGI television series that's done pretty well for itself over the past few years. Despite its tie-in games not going over so well with some fans, the series is still going strong thanks to clever writing and the involvement of franchise voice actors. In all likelihood, CN and Sega are probably happy enough with the production that they want to test the waters of putting Sonic in other things.

Does this mean Steven Universe's Sanic figurine might come to life someday? We wouldn't hold our breath, but hey - stranger things have happened.

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes will cross over with Sonic and Tails on August 4th.

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