The Sonic Movie's Twitter Bio Said It's Been Delayed Again - But Then Backtracked

Earlier today, a change in the Sonic film's Twitter bio said the movie was delayed again, but then the account switched back to February. Sonic the Hedgehog was hit with a delay back in May, after director Jeff Fowler said the team was going to be making changes to the title character's design.

Unfortunately, pre-hype buzz for Sonic the Hedgehog has not been positive. The first poster was criticized by fans. The first trailer was released in April, and to say reception was negative would be an understatement. The trailer has over 300 thousand more dislikes than likes, which is never a good sign.

It is interesting that Paramount is addressing one of the chief complaints of the film: Sonic's design. Although it has not been revealed yet, producer Tim Miller believes fans are going to be "pleased" with the redesign. Of course, a better design is not going to fix any script problems, so it remains to be seen if Paramount is interested in making sure the writing is 100% on point. There would certainly be more time to do that if the film is actually delayed another month.

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The official Sonic the Hedgehog film Twitter updated its bio earlier to read, "March 2020." This would signify the film was delayed from its February 14 release. Check out a screenshot (via @Wario64) below.

Amusingly, before today, the Sonic film's Twitter apparently never updated its header - it still read November 8, 2019. However, the Twitter account later updated the bio and header. The bio now reads, "Speeding into theaters February 2020!", and the banner was also fixed to read "February." Interestingly, the date doesn't specify February 14, perhaps meaning it could come out later in the month.

Via Twitter.com/@SonicMovie

What could have happened here? It is certainly possible that someone in the social media department made a mistake, and realized once it started gaining traction online. However, there's also the possibility that the film is indeed going to be delayed until March, but there wasn't supposed to be an official announcement yet. Plus, it is odd that the Twitter account doesn't state February 14, but instead the more ambiguous "February." It remains to be seen if Sonic the Hedgehog will still arrive for date night on Valentine's Day.

Although delays could be disappointing, if it means the product is better, then almost everyone would agree they are worth it. With audiences warming up more to video game movies thanks to the decent success of Detective Pikachu, hopefully Sonic the Hedgehog will keep the momentum going with or without a delay.

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