Sonic Mania Devs Wanted To Do The Same For Darkwing Duck - And You Can Play Their Demo Now

The developer behind Sonic Mania has released a demo featuring “the terror that flaps in the night.”

Disney fans now have the chance return to the golden era of afternoon television adventures, as the developer behind Sonic Mania has released a demo featuring “the terror that flaps in the night.”

Headcannon Studios has released a demo for a proposed Darkwing Duck game based loosely on Capcom's game originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1992.

Headcannon’s Simon “Stealth” Thomley created the demo as a way to pitch the game to publishers after speaking with some Capcom USA representatives who seemed interested by the idea at E3 2018. Unfortunately, after being given the run-around by Capcom, Thomley was “told by a credible source that Disney wouldn’t even be interested in that sort of thing right now anyway.”

Although a complete Darkwing Duck game from Headcannon (or any other company) may never come to fruition, the good news is that the studio has made the full demo available as a portfolio piece for anyone to download and play.

The game utilizes the music and sound effects from the original Capcom game. The gameplay itself is familiar as a standard platformer. Players take control of Darkwing Duck and defeat enemies through the use of his iconic gas gun. Reciting Darkwing’s one-liner of, “Suck gas, evildoer,” is entirely optional.

Headcannon included the additional tool of a grappling hook to Darkwing’s arsenal, allowing players to swing through the level at their leisure – an ability that did not exist in the original game. Also new to the game is a gun meter that needs to be recharged any time Darkwing shoots or uses the grappling hook. Headcannon added this element as a way to increase the game’s difficulty level.

The demo is a fun romp down memory lane for those of us who spent countless hours watching Disney’s slew of afternoon cartoons. Headcannon’s idea for an updated Darkwing Duck game is great, but seems a little unlikely considering The Disney Afternoon Collection – which includes the original Darkwing Duck game, amongst a handful of others – was released on Steam in April 2017.

At any rate, the free demo is certainly worth checking out. Download it here, and let’s get dangerous.

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