Why The Sonic Movie Should Be Delayed Until 2020 For More Than Just Hedgehog-Tweaking Purposes

Paramount could well benefit from delaying the release of Sonic the Hedgehog until next year for a number of reasons.

We have now had more than a week to digest what was the very first trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, a live-action movie based on the iconic gaming franchise. As you will have undoubtedly heard by now, the trailer has not been well received. The nightmares we had been having since the release of promo materials for the movie were very much realized.

Most of the criticism has been reserved for the design of Sonic himself. For some reason, he has fur, his face looks nothing like video game Sonic's, and he has human teeth. The trailer also suggests that the famous hedgehog is fast enough to easily avoid being hit by about 100 missiles, but was caught out by one solitary tranquilizer dart.


The backlash has been so fierce that the movie's director has claimed Sonic's design will be revamped prior to its November release. However, Forbes has pointed out why it would be in Paramount's best interests to push back the movie's release until 2020. For starters, it is highly likely that a complete overhaul of Sonic will cost a lot of money. It could also result in animators being overworked as they hurry to get things done in time.

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Paramount should know from experience that throwing money at a movie to make it better in a short space of time isn't a good idea. Look no further than Justice League for a perfect example of this. It's not even as if Paramount is relying on Sonic the Hedgehog to boost its 2019 revenue. Providing Rocketman and Terminator: Dark Fate do well, its 2019 numbers should be fine.

Last but not least, Sonic the Hedgehog's potential competition. Frozen 2 will be released this November. Like it or not, the highly anticipated Disney movie is going to dominate the children's market that month and heading into Christmas. If Paramount were to wait until the Frozen hype has died back down, it could stand a better chance at the box office while also giving itself time to make Sonic the Hedgehog a much better movie.

Let's be honest, there is much more at play here than a poorly designed hedgehog.


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