Sonic The Hedgehog Creator Is Making An "Original Action Game" For Square Enix

Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka is now working with Square Enix in a collaborative effort on an "original action game."

As a general rule, people frequently look to cover every corner of their field of work. The same rule applies to Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka, who is now working with Square Enix in a collaborative effort on an "original action game," according to the programmer's Twitter account.

Having worked on the series and been involved with it heavily until 2006's Sonic Riders, Naka took to Twitter on his 54th birthday to rhetorically ask how many games he would be able to make by his retirement and, furthermore, went on to mention the original action game he is currently working on with Square Enix.

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"Thank you for your birthday message," the tweet started. "Today I'm 54 years old. How many games will I be able make by the retirement age, including the original action game that I'm currently making at Square Enix? I'd like to work hard to develop a game that everyone around the world can enjoy," his tweet concluded.

The photo posted on Twitter shows Naka in front of game company Square Enix's headquarters in Tokyo.

As for what game is currently being worked on by Naka and Square Enix together, it's anyone's guess. One of the biggest games in the pipeline for the company right now is Marvel's Avengers, which is the first in its own possible series. As such, Naka could be working on Marvel's Avengers, which is very action-heavy. Yet, the Avengers property isn't an original one and is based on the line of Marvel comics, so the likelihood that Naka is referring to Marvel's Avengers is very small.

Naka's last effort to come out was Legend of Coin for mobile devices. Before that, his work had largely been StreetPass-related. Clearly, he is a man with a diverse resumé, so it will undoubtedly be interesting to find out what he has been working on with Square Enix.

In the meantime, the Sonic the Hedgehog film is coming out in early 2020, so gamers can continue to speculate on how poorly the movie will perform following its release. Hopefully, it will be better than much of the Sonic the Hedgehog game series entries we've received thus far.

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