Sonic The Hedgehog's Live-Action Appearance Has Leaked, And It's Not So Bad

Not too much has been officially revealed about this year's Sonic the Hedgehog film. There was the teaser poster released by Paramount, and a supposed poster found in some theaters. Now, we may have a full look at the title character. This was first leaked on the ResetEra forums, with Sonic fan-site TSSZ later confirming the images were from a Hollywood marketing company called Hamagami/Carroll. Everything points to this being real.

Via tssznews.com

The images, according to TSSZ, are from a film style guide created by Hamagami/Carroll. The marketing firm has done branding work on various videos games, including Skylanders, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and Star Wars: Battlefront. According to TSSZ, a deleted portion of a page on Hamagami/Carroll reads: "Our approach was to create a system that was versatile and modular, so that various Sonic IPs including Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, Film Sonic, Animation Sonic, and other events could be integrated seamlessly within the baseline packaging look." In the image above, you can see a section called "blister card." Presumably, that's a mock-up for how merchandise packaging could look.

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Simply put, it appears Hamagami/Carroll is doing branding for the upcoming movie, such as renders and designs for merchandise. Although not officially revealed by the company or Paramount, it looks like this is how Sonic will appear in the movie. A full character render was also posted on TSSZ, and through two anonymous sources, the website verifies it as accurate as well. Below is the render alongside the first officially released poster.

Via TSSZnews.com, IMDB.com

This lines up with the style guide images, as well as what was seen in the past. Some fans still hate the design, while others come away with the thought of it not being terrible. It is obviously different from the source material. It is unlike Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic. It is more similar to the Boom redesign, which also featured a taller Sonic, and blue arms instead of beige. The film version is much furrier however, and the eyes are a little different. Overall, Sonic is still easily recognizable. It may not be what fans were hoping for in a Hollywood adaption of the character, but it's far from the train wreck that was expected from the first official image. If the script is good, and the characters accurate to their in-game selves, the film could actually end up being a surprise hit.

Sonic the Hedgehog stars Jim Carrey as Dr. Eggman, James Marsden, and Tika Sumpter. Ben Schwartz is providing the voice of Sonic. The film is scheduled for release on November 8th, 2019.

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