Sony Confirms The PlayStation 5 Will Be Backwards Compatible

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will be backward-compatible with PlayStation 4 games.

It's hard to believe, but the PlayStation 4 has been in our lives for five and a half years. That's why as time progresses, we continue to hear more and more talk about what to expect from the next generation of Sony console. Up until now, very little has been revealed about what we should expect. Sony even remains tight-lipped on the name, although history dictates that it will probably be called the PlayStation 5.

In an unexpected turn up for the books, Mark Cerny, one of the lead architects on the PS4, revealed a number of details about Sony's next-gen console to Wired. Perhaps the most exciting revelation from Cerny was the long-awaited confirmation that the PS5 will be backward-compatible. However, that news is both great, and also remains a little frustrating.

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First of all, let's focus on the good. The PS5 will be backward-compatible with PS4 games. Since the next console and the current one will share much of the same architecture, that was apparently a much easier feature to include than it was during the transition from the PS3 to the PS4. It was also hinted that many titles released closer to the arrival of the PS5 will be made available for both generations of the console.

Now for the frustrating part. There have been rumors that the PS5 will be backward-compatible with all of Sony's previous consoles. Not only was that not confirmed beyond the PS4, but talk of the difficulty of making the PS4 backward-compatible with PS3 games suggests that those rumors will prove to be unfounded. You never know though, and we can remain hopeful.

Back to the positives. Even though the PS4 was not, we are lucky that the PS5 is going to include any backward compatibility at all. That wasn't all Cerny confirmed during his interview, either. He also revealed that Sony's next console will support an 8K resolution and hinted that Death Stranding could well be one of the first titles to be released on both the PS4 and PS5.

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