Sony Announces Upcoming Iron Man VR Game For PS4

Sony announced a new Iron Man game for PlayStation 4 called Marvel's Iron Man VR during the inaugural State of Play live stream on Monday.

The VR title will put players in Tony Stark's cool suit (or his helmet, at least) via a virtual reality headset and will provide them with the experience of soaring through the skies and making things explode.

The project is being undertaken by developers Camoflaj, the team that brought us 2013's Republique and its VR port. While there isn't much to go on at the moment, Camoflaj director Ryan Payton has written up an introduction of sorts in a blog post.

"I’m honored to finally introduce Marvel’s Iron Man VR, a game we’ve been building over the past two years with one simple (and daunting) principle: deliver the ultimate Iron Man fantasy game exclusively for PlayStation VR," it reads.

It's also confirmed that F.R.I.D.A.Y, the personal assistant who replaced J.A.R.V.I.S after he evolved to become Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, will be around to offer combat and mission support.

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The trailer, which can be viewed above and was released by PlayStation's YouTube channel, starts off with Stark speaking to Friday on a plane before their chat is interrupted by a mysterious hacker and the side of the aircraft is blown up. Stark is sucked out of the plane, but Friday sends his suit to him, allowing him to gear up and fly through the clouds in search of his attacker.

It appears that the game will hand players a full first-person experience without the usual cutscenes, and players will be able to look all around through the PSVR headset to keep track of attacks as they come from every direction. As for combat, punches and repulsor blasts are all that we've seen so far.

Iron Man VR is a bit different from Sony exclusive Spider-Man, as players will be seeing things through Stark's eyes. The web-slinging experience, albeit in third-person, still makes users feel like they're in the thick of all the action, so just imagine how a VR Spider-Man title would come across.

We can expect Iron Man VR to launch this year and, although it hasn't yet been confirmed, it will likely be another PS4 exclusive given that Sony Worldwide Studios is on board.

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