Sony Reportedly Handing Out Refunds For Anthem On PS4 With 'No Questions Asked'

PlayStation 4 owners who are having issues of any kind with Anthem can request a refund from Sony and get it in the space of a few minutes with "no questions asked."

That is according to some Reddit users, as many have taken to the platform to complain about the BioWare release, with the latest of those pointing to a bug that causes consoles and PCs to totally shut down.

Since the game's release on February 22, numerous issues have surfaced. But the complaints were swirling even prior to that as a demo was made available in the lead up to the launch.

Players have claimed that the game can either prompt a system error on PS4, send them back to the main menu or even the dashboard, while others note that the console shuts down completely. It's pretty much the same for Xbox One and PC.

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There are also concerns over these crashes having a lasting effect and gamers fear that their systems could be bricked simply due to them playing the game.

Some are of the belief that Sony is aware of all the issues players have been experiencing with Anthem and, despite their strict policy pertaining to digital downloads, are giving customers who purchased the game through the PlayStation Store refunds.

A Redditor going by the handle SoundAndFury 87 is claiming that the company is offering a complete refund with no questions asked and that it takes no more than five minutes.

"Sony is aware of the issue and is offering a complete refund on Anthem no questions asked," his post reads. "Took me 5 minutes."

Another user said that getting a refund was quite easy, although there was a wait of 10-15 minutes in the queue. After telling support that his/her PlayStation 4 had crashed multiple times while playing the game, a refund was quickly issued.

Not all players who have tried getting refunds have been successful, however, and it isn't exactly clear what gamers have to say or avoid saying to get their requests for a refund approved.

It should also be noted that Sony allows one "goodwill" refund to every PSN account for digital purchases so it's also possible that this isn't at all specific to Anthem.

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