Sony's E3 2018 Presentation: The Trailers And Highlights

The Sony PlayStation is the current king of the console market in terms of sales and brand recognition. The problem with being on top is that it can make a company grow complacent, so all eyes were on Sony to deliver at their E3 conference.

Microsoft knocked it out of the park during their conference, while the rumor mill has been hyping up the upcoming Nintendo conference. Did Sony manage to paint a bright picture for the future of the PlayStation 4, or was it a total debacle like the Square Enix conference?


The Last Of Us Part II


The PlayStation E3 conference opened up with an extended look at The Last of Us Part II. 

An older version of Ellie is shown hanging out at a dance, where she is clearly romantically involved with a woman named Nina. The fact that Ellie may be gay was revealed in the Left Behind DLC of the first game, as Ellie kissed her friend Riley before they were interrupted by monsters. It's good to see that Ellie's sexuality has remained in the more high-profile sequel to The Last of Us and wasn't something that was glossed over or retconned.

The trailer then showed us our first look at the gameplay of The Last of Us Part II. We see Ellie shifting between stealth and combat as she hunts down a group of soldiers. These combat sequences looked exhilarating, but we can't help but feel that the entire sequence was heavily scripted and wasn't actually reflecting the real gameplay experience.

New Game Plus Is Coming To God Of War

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There was a brief intermission between The Last of Part II presntation and the rest of the Sony show. It was during this intermission that we were treated to some brief interviews that revealed a few interesting tidbits about upcoming games.

It was revealed during the intermission that a New Game Plus mode was being added to God of War at some point in the future. This feature is currently being worked on, but no release date was given.

Ghost Of Tsushima

We were shown an extended trailer for Ghost of Tsushima, which had previously been revealed during the Paris Games Week event of 2017.

Ghost of Tsushima is an action/stealth game that is set in ancient Japan. The story follows several samurai warriors, who are defending the island of Tsushima in a losing battle against the invading Mongol Empire.

The gameplay of Ghost of Tsushima was very reminiscent of the old Tenchu games, with the protagonist switching from sneaking around to precise swordplay in combat at a moment's notice.


Sony debuted a brand new game called Control at their E3 conference. Control appears to be a third-person action game, with a focus on the psychic powers wielded by the main character.

We were only given a brief taste of the story and world of Control, but what we saw reminded us a lot of the amazing visuals of Inception, which will be interesting to see played out in a video game.

Control was given a release date of 2019.

Resident Evil 2 Footage!

Capcom has finally put the Resident Evil fans out of their misery, as they gave us a trailer for the highly anticipated remake of Resident Evil 2. 

We were only shown some pre-rendered cutscenes of Resident Evil 2, but what we saw confirmed a few new details about the game. It seems that Claire Redfield's outfit has been redesigned, while Ada Wong seems to be wearing more appropriate clothing for the weather.

We saw Leon's conversation with the wounded police officer from the start of Resident Evil 2, which now has high-quality voice acting, instead of the B-movie shlock of the original. We were also given a brief glimpse of the T-00 Tyrant, which is just as terrifying as it was in the original.

The remake of Resident Evil 2 will be released on January 25th, 2019.

Trover Saves The Universe

The creator of Rick & Morty is responsible for this next game, which is called Trover Saves the Universe. 

Trover Saves the Universe is a PlayStation VR game which appears to be an action/platformer, though it is hard to tell for sure, as we were only given a brief glimpse of the gameplay.

Those of you out there who love the catchphrase comedy of Rick & Morty will likely adore this title for its writing. If you don't like Rick & Morty, then you may want to steer clear of this game.

Kingdom Hearts III

It's funny how people's reactions can change so quickly. Square Enix fans have been begging for any kind of Kingdom Hearts III footage for years now, and it has been shown off so much at this E3 that we are all kind of sick of seeing it.

We were treated to some new footage of Kingdom Hearts III (unlike the trailer from the Square Enix conference that was almost entirely recycled from the one shown at Microsoft's conference) which showed us the Pirates of the Carribean world, which looks absolutely gorgeous.

The Pirates of the Carribean world will feature ship-to-ship combat, as well as incredible facsimiles of the characters from the movie, who have somehow managed not to clash with the cartoonish designs of the regular Kingdom Hearts cast.

Death Stranding

We have seen several trailers for Death Stranding and each one left us with more questions than the last. The time had finally come for Kojima Productions to step up and actually show us some gameplay footage of Death Stranding, as we had no clue what kind of game it was up until today.

We were finally shown some gameplay footage of Death Stranding and we can't help but feel underwhelmed by the experience. The gameplay footage of Death Stranding consisted of characters moving slowly across large, empty landscapes, without any kind of creatures to interact with.

There was a cool scene where Norman Reedus' character had to try and sneak past some dark spirits with large umbilical cords, but this just looked like a stealth section out of any other game in terms of the gameplay on offer.

Death Stranding has been building up an aura of mystery for years now, but there had to be a point where we finally received some tangible information about the game. That day has come and we can't help but feel a little let down by what we saw.

Nioh 2


We were given a very brief glimpse of Nioh 2, with a trailer that showed a samurai warrior being slain by some fiery demons and becoming a fiery demon himself. The two horns in the logo are the same kind that appeared on his head.

Nioh was an excellent game and a sequel is very much welcome, but we can't help but feel that it may be overshadowed by From Software's upcoming Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which is a similar kind of game.


We were shown an extended trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man game, which was followed by a lot of gameplay footage.

The Spider-Man trailer showed the titular hero fighting off hordes of his old enemies during a prison break, which had been facilitated by Electro, who seems to be sporting a new set of gear that enhances his powers. Spider-Man has to battle five members of the infamous Sinister Six, which includes Elector, the Vulture, Rhino, Scorpion, and Mister Negative. A sixth member was hinted at but was not shown on-screen.

The gameplay of Spider-Man looks absolutely stunning, with Spider-Man acting as a far more agile version of Batman from the Arkham games.

Once the PlayStation conference had ended, we were shown some of the open-world parts of Spider-Man where you could freely swing around the city, which only made us more excited for the game, as this is something that a lot of previous Spider-Man games seemed to screw up.



Once the PlayStation conference had ended, we were shown a brief trailer of a previously unannounced From Software game, called Déraciné.

Déraciné is a PlayStation VR game that seems to be set in Victorian England and deals with the belief in fairies and other supernatural creatures. We were only shown a brief prerendered trailer, so we didn't learn much about what kind of game Déraciné will be.


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The Sony conference at E3 2018 was a mixed bag. The footage of Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part II, Resident Evil 2 and Spider-Man was incredible and paints an amazing picture for the 2019 lineup. The rest of the reveals were meh at best, with a few of the intriguing new games not showing us enough information to become truly excited. The lack of new game reveals also hurt the Sony conference, as well as a few notable absentees, such as the Final Fantasy VII Remake and any kind of information about the PlayStation 5.

Will an above average E3 conference hurt the PlayStation in the long run? Not likely, but the incredible showing of Microsoft means that Sony should really start to plan ahead and prepare something incredible for the next E3, so as not to lose their place at the top of the console market.

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